Photo by Linden Hudson (amateur photographer), taken in 2003 while Linden was working with a film crew, in Norway (near Stavanger).

Who is Linden Hudson?

CLASSICBANDS DOT COM said: “According to former roadie David Blayney in his book SHARP DRESSED MEN: sound engineer Linden Hudson co-wrote much of the material on the ZZ Top ELIMINATOR album.” (end quote)

(ZZ Top never opted to give Linden credit, which would have been THE decent thing to do. It would have helped Linden’s career as well. The band and management worked ruthlessly to take FULL credit for the hugely successful album which Linden had spent a good deal of time working on. Linden works daily to tell this story. Also, the band did not opt to pay Linden, they worked to keep all the money and they treated Linden like dirt. It was abuse. Linden launched a limited lawsuit, brought about using his limited resources which brought limited results and took years. No one should treat the co-writer of their most successful album like this. It’s just deeply fucked up.)
(see full story at Linden’s website: )
Hear the original ZZ Top ELIMINATOR writing/rehearsal tapes made by Linden Hudson and Billy Gibbons at:…
LICKLIBRARY DOT COM (2013 interview) ZZ TOP’S BILLY GIBBONS SAID: “the Eliminator sessions in 1983 were guided largely by another one of our associates, Linden Hudson, a gifted engineer, during the development of those compositions.” (end quote) (Gibbons admits this after 30 years, but offers Linden no apology or reparations for lack of credit/royalties)
MUSICRADAR DOT COM (2013 interview with ZZ Top’s guitarist Billy Gibbons broke 30 years of silence about Linden Hudson introducing synthesizers into ZZ Top’s sound.) Gibbons said: “This was a really interesting turning point. We had befriended somebody who would become an influential associate, a guy named Linden Hudson. He was a gifted songwriter and had production skills that were leading the pack at times. He brought some elements to the forefront that helped reshape what ZZ Top were doing, starting in the studio and eventually to the live stage. Linden had no fear and was eager to experiment in ways that would frighten most bands. But we followed suit, and the synthesizers started to show up on record.” (once again, there was no apology from ZZ Top or Billy Gibbons after this revelation).
TEXAS MONTHLY MAGAZINE (Dec 1996, By Joe Nick Patoski): "Linden Hudson floated the notion that the ideal dance music had 124 beats per minute; then he and Gibbons conceived, wrote, and recorded what amounted to a rough draft of an album before the band had set foot inside Ardent Studios."
FROM THE BOOK: SHARP DRESSED MEN – ZZ TOP (By David Blayney) : "Probably the most dramatic development in ZZ Top recording approaches came about as Eliminator was constructed. What had gone on before evolutionary; this change was revolutionary. ZZ Top got what amounted to a new bandsman (Linden) for the album, unknown to the world at large and at first even to Dusty and Frank."
CNET DOT COM: (question posed to ZZ Top): Sound engineer Linden Hudson was described as a high-tech music teacher on your highly successful "Eliminator" album. How much did the band experiment with electronic instruments prior to that album?
THE HOUSTON CHRONICLE, MARCH 2018: "Eliminator" had a tremendous impact on us and the people who listen to us," says ZZ Top’s bass player. Common band lore points to production engineer Linden Hudson suggesting that 120 beats per minute was the perfect rock tempo, or "the people’s tempo" as it came to be known.
FROM THE BOOK: SHARP DRESSED MEN – ZZ TOP by David Blayney: (page 227): "…the song LEGS Linden Hudson introduced the pumping synthesizer effect."
(Search Linden Hudson in the various ZZ Top Wikipedia pages which are related to the ELIMINATOR album and you will find bits about Linden. Also the main ZZ Top Wikipedia page mentions Linden. He’s mentioned in at least 7 ZZ Top related Wikipedia pages.)
FROM THE BOOK: SHARP DRESSED MEN – ZZ TOP By David Blayney: "Linden found himself in the position of being Billy’s (Billy Gibbons, ZZ Top guitarist) closest collaborator on Eliminator. In fact, he wound up spending more time on the album than anybody except Billy. While the two of them spent day after day in the studio, they were mostly alone with the equipment and the ideas."
FROM THE BOOK: BEER DRINKERS & HELL RAISERS: A ZZ TOP GUIDE (By Neil Daniels, released 2014): "Hudson reportedly had a significant role to play during the planning stages of the release (ELIMINATOR)."
FROM THE BOOK: ZZ TOP – BAD AND WORLDWIDE (ROLLING STONE PRESS, WRITTEN BY DEBORAH FROST): "Linden was always doing computer studies. It was something that fascinated him, like studio technology. He thought he might understand the components of popular songs better if he fed certain data into his computer. It might help him understand what hits (song releases) of any given period share. He first found out about speed; all the songs he studied deviated no more than one beat from 120 beats per minute. Billy immediately started to write some songs with 120 beats per minute. Linden helped out with a couple, like UNDER PRESSURE and SHARP DRESSED MAN. Someone had to help Billy out. Dusty and Frank didn’t even like to rehearse much. Their studio absence wasn’t really a problem though. The bass and drum parts were easily played with a synthesizer or Linn drum machine." (end quote)
FROM THE BOOK: "SHARP DRESSED MEN – ZZ TOP" BY DAVID BLAYNEY: "After his quantitative revelations, Linden informally but instantly became ZZ Top’s rehearsal hall theoretician, producer, and engineer." (end quote)
FROM THE BOOK: "ZZ TOP – BAD AND WORLDWIDE" (ROLLING STONE PRESS, BY DEBORAH FROST): "With the release of their ninth album, ELIMINATOR, in 1983, these hairy, unlikely rock heroes had become a pop phenomenon. This had something to do with the discoveries of a young preproduction engineer (Linden Hudson) whose contributions, like those of many associated with the band over the years, were never acknowledged."
FROM THE BOOK: ​SHARP DRESSED MEN – ZZ TOP (By DAVID BLAYNEY) : "The integral position Linden occupied in the process of building El​iminator was demonstrated eloquently in the case of song Under Pressure. Billy and Linden, the studio wizards, did the whole song all in one afternoon without either the bass player or drummer even knowing it had been written and recorded on a demo tape. Linden synthesized the bass and drums and helped write the lyrics; Billy did the guitars and vocals."
FROM THE BOOK: "TRES HOMBRES – THE STORY OF ZZ TOP" BY DAVID SINCLAIR (Writer for the Times Of London): "Linden Hudson, the engineer/producer who lived at Beard’s house (ZZ’s drummer) had drawn their attention to the possibilities of the new recording technology and specifically to the charms of the straight drumming pattern, as used on a programmed drum machine. On ELIMINATOR ZZ Top unveiled a simple new musical combination that cracked open a vast worldwide market.
FROM THE BOOK: "SHARP DRESS MEN – ZZ TOP" BY DAVID BLAYNEY: "ELIMINATOR went on to become a multi-platinum album, just as Linden had predicted when he and Billy were setting up the 124-beat tempos and arranging all the material. Rolling Stone eventually picked the album as number 39 out of the top 100 of the 80’s. Linden Hudson in a fair world shoud have had his name all over ELIMINATOR and gotten the just compensation he deserved. Instead he got ostracized."
FROM THE BOOK: ​SHARP DRESSED MEN – ZZ TOP by DAVID BLAYNEY: "He (Linden) went back with the boys to 1970 when he was working as a radio disc jocky aliased Jack Smack. He was emcee for a show ZZ did around that time, and even sang an encore tune with the band, perhaps the only person ever to have that honor." (side note: this was ZZ Top’s very first show).
FROM THE BOOK: "SHARP DRESSED MEN – ZZ TOP" BY DAVID BLAYNEY: "Linden remained at Frank’s (ZZ Top drummer) place as ZZ’s live-in engineer throughout the whole period of ELIMINATOR rehearsals, and was like one of the family… as he (Linden) worked at the controls day after day, watching the album (ELIMINATOR) take shape, his hopes for a big step forward in his production career undoubtably soared. ELIMINATOR marked the first time that ZZ Top was able to rehearse an entire album with the recording studio gadgetry that Billy so loved. With Linden Hudson around all the time, it also was the first time the band could write, rehearse, and record with someone who knew the men and the machines. ZZ Top was free to go musically crazy, but also musically crazy like a fox. Linden made that possible too."
FROM THE BOOK "ZZ TOP – BAD AND WORLDWIDE" (ROLLING STONE PRESS, BY DEBORAH FROST, WRITER FOR ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE): "… SHARP DRESSED MAN which employed Hudson’s 120 beat-per-minute theory. The feel, the enthusiasm, the snappy beat and crisp clean sound propelled ELIMINATOR into the ears and hearts of 5 million people who previously could have cared less about the boogie band of RIO GRANDE MUD."
ULTIMATECLASSICROCK DOT COM: "This new melding of styles was encouraged by Hudson, who served as a kind of pre-producer for ​EL LOCO … … Hudson helped construct ZZ Top drummer Frank Beard’s home studio, and had lived with him for a time. That led to these initial sessions, and then a closer collaboration on 1983’s ​ELIMINATOR.
FIREDOGLAKE DOT COM: "I like Billy Gibbons’ guitar tone quite a lot, but I lost all respect for them after reading how badly they fucked over Linden Hudson (the guy who was the brains behind their move to include synthesizers and co-wrote most of their career-defining Eliminator record)."
EMAIL FROM A ZZ TOP FAN TO LINDEN (One Of Many): "I write you today about broken hearts, one is mine and one is for you. I have been a ZZ Top fan since I was 6 years old. I purchased ELIMINATOR vinyl from Caldors in Connecticut with the $20 my grandma gave me for my birthday. I will spare the #1 fan epic saga of tee shirts, harassing Noreen at the fan club via phone weekly for years, over 40 shows attended. Posters, non stop conversation about the time I have spent idolizing this band, but more Billy G, as he has seemed to break free of the Lone Wolf shackles and it became more clear this was his baby. In baseball I was Don Mattingly’s #1 fan, Hershel Walker in football, Billy Gibbons in music. What do these individuals have in common? They were role models. Not a DUI, not a spousal abuse, not a drug overdose, not a cheater. Until I read your web page. I read Blayney’s book around 1992 or so, I was in middle school and I was familiar with your name for a long time. I didn’t realize you suffered so greatly or that your involvement was so significant. It pains me to learn my idol not only cheated but did something so wrong to another being. I now know this is where tall tales and fun loving bullshit and poor morals and ethics are distinguished and where I would no longer consider myself to look up to Billy. I love to joke and I love credit but I have always prided myself on ethics and principles… I hold them dear. I wanted to say, the snippet of UNDER PRESSURE you played sounded very new wave and I may like it more than the finished product. Well that’s all. You have reached ZZ Top’s biggest fan and I can let others know. Bummer. Cheers and good luck. James."​

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Why Hire a Professional Matchmaker?

Why Hire a Professional Matchmaker?

Success in the world of business is one of the greatest achievements you can attain. How do you create success in love as you have in business? By delegating this job to a love hunter. Those who know how to delegate jobs and surround themselves with professionals, become really successful. You can’t do everything yourself, it will take forever. In today’s modern world, professional matchmaking is a necessity to outsource to find most compatible choices. Do you think you will loose spontaneity? Just the opposite. You will gain much more excitement from dating by getting more quality choices to choose from.

Unlimited number of choices of well rounded, attractive, emotionally and financially stable singles will bring fun and enjoyment in to your life, guaranteed. Smart people are selective with their choices. They appreciate privacy, personalized attention to their needs and time efficiency. Hiring a matchmaker is like having a family doctor or long term accountant because they are someone you can trust! You can paint a house yourself, but what kind of quality will it be and how long will it take you? You can write a legal contract yourself, but you could end up in trouble.

When you hire a matchmaker, you gain the upside of their expertise. Matchmakers have years of experience working in field of relationships; learning different screening techniques, conducting research with multiple types of personalities, studying psychology; not judging but being compassionate, and passionate about making people happy. Rule number one to having drama free dating – to have access to a lot of people who are compatible with you. This way you don’t have to compromise. And that is one of the great benefits of hiring a matchmaker.

You can find singles everywhere. But you may want ask yourself a few questions. Do you want to make it work or pleasure? Do you want to be frustrated or to have fun? Do you want to limit your expectations or expand your options and to be “the lucky guy”?

A Professional Matchmaker:

• Represents many eligible, successful, attractive pre qualified individuals.
• Personally meets and pre-screens every member.
• Constantly introduces and coordinates dates to matches, that meet your requirements and shares your values/interests.
• Focusing on your strengths and highlighting your best qualities, when introducing you to prospective matches. Just as your Hollywood agent!
• Provides valuable feedback from dates & insight on next steps.
• Markets you to a well-defined targeted community.

You don’t have to spend countless hours browsing through online profiles, wondering where’s the hotspot to go to meet people and how to meet quality, same minded singles. You don’t have to put yourself in an awkward position approaching women in public places or when a promising prospect doesn’t show up for a date. Your matchmaker takes care of all the details for you, gets to know YOU and based on your unique personality, lifestyle, likes, dislikes and values, understands exactly who will be a suitable and rewarding match. You’ve made smart decisions to become successful in life, now you can do the same to become successful in love!

Svetlana Novikova has a decade of experience as the premiere relationship expert. She offers counsel, guidance and advice as well as an elite approach to matchmaking which connects two people into becoming life partners.
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Relationship And Dating Recommendation From A Professional!

Relationship And Dating Recommendation From A Professional!
Throughout our expertise working with long distance relationship couples, we have a tendency to had discovered that there are lots of issue that we tend to should do and with refrain from doing in order to survive the relationship. Learning the way to capitulate can be one among the simplest skills for your relationship. In a very love relationship, we don’t have to invariably consider our partner, or maybe see things the exact same way.
Over the course of a long term love relationship there are occasions when the most effective issue to do is attempt it the opposite person’s preferred way. Do you recognize how we often try to alter the person we have a tendency to are with in an exceedingly relationship? Along those lines, here are three things you’ll do on a daily basis to keep the connection alive in your relationship.
Do regular maintenance on your relationship affiliation to create positive you’re doing the items consistently that every of you would like to remain connected. My belief is if you take action on and use simply one of those suggestions in the coming year, you only may like the “new” relationship you’ll be able to create.
Establish an efficient communication channel The terribly first factor that you need to do during a long distance relationship is to determine an effective communication channel.
Succumb to negative inquire into LDR Couples in distance relationship perpetually build a blunder by believing that LDR do not work. I’m saying that you are doing have to take responsibility for your part in the connection in order to be a good spouse. Now in no manner am I saying that you have to require the blame for everything to be a smart spouse.
If you are doing the required things to recover, the connection can very well turn out to be higher than before. Resolve to make your relationship THE important thing. Here are seven tips for a way to get nearer and create your relationship higher and better.
In your relationship, modification some of your steps within the dance for the better, and see what happens. “But we have a tendency to’re simply friends” are four of the foremost dangerous words for a relationship. Where in the globe did we get the concept that in order to have a successful relationship two individuals should assume exactly alike.
Do you recognize how some folks believe that you just in order to induce along you have got to assume just like the other person? A much a lot of mature approach, and one that bodes far better for an enduring commitment, is to urge married not when you’re feeling like you can’t live while not someone, but to contemplate marriage and commitment when you may live without the person, however you would a lot of rather live with them. If you are in a very relationship with a partner who is jealous, be certain you aren’t giving them a reason to feel that way.
If you are in a relationship with somebody who is very jealous, you discover that together with the jealousy sometimes comes control. Bear in mind that true friendship is the basis for any lasting relationship. No, I don’t mean leaving this relationship to begin a replacement one, that is typically just a geographical change anyway.
And however we have a tendency to therefore often let our egos get in the means of a nice relationship. Resentments are held – Recent grudges, hurts and resentments are sort of a cancer in the link that eats away at the closeness of the couple. Couples begin to take every other without any consideration – A shut cousin to letting life get within the manner, taking each other as a right slowly eats away at any association a pair would possibly feel.
In an exceedingly love relationship, after we begin to take somebody with a pinch of salt, we are not drifting apart, we are rushing apart. Being proactive involves making a acutely aware effort to stay the love light-weight burning by using relationship enhancing behaviors.

Coye Price has been writing articles on-line for nearly 2 years now. Not solely can this author target Relationship
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The Need for Availing Professional IT Services and Support

The Need for Availing Professional IT Services and Support

Information Technology or IT as it is popularly called is an ever-evolving and never-ending thing. Every now and then, new technologies, programmes, software, hardware, and application systems are introduced. Most businesses incorporate the latest technologies into their business to reap maximum benefit out of them. Advanced technologies make business operations smooth, hassle-free, and effective. This has eventually led to a growing need for professional IT services and support.

The providers of IT services and support handle the connectivity, networking, and application issues within a business organisation. IT support professionals ensure that the technology that their clients have chosen is integrated well within their business model and that they are able to utilise it efficiently.

Companies that offer IT support and services have highly qualified and experienced IT professionals. Their IT professionals are well-versed with various data management systems and software, server hosting, data security, and Internet security protection. Whether one needs IT support and services for a newly set-up business or wants to upgrade the existing business technology, IT companies of repute can handle it all.

Depending on the nature of one’s business and the IT services and support needs and requirements, one can have full-time IT support services or avail them as and when required on contractual basis. Most IT companies these days also provide remote access solutions and services, including technical support services, computer upgrades, software installation, network configuration, back-up and disaster recovery, Internet security protection, server hosting and many other IT services that a business requires for seamless functioning. For home-based businesses and companies that cannot find reliable IT services and/or support in their area, remote IT services and support are of great value.

By working with a good IT support company, a business can not only reduce its stress and inconvenience, but can also improve its business performance and productivity. While the IT support professionals would ensure that you are able to run your resources and operations effectively, you and your employees can focus on your clients and their needs instead of wondering why a particular technology or network solution is not working properly.

While selecting an IT service provider, make sure that the company is professional and is highly experienced. IT is a broad field and requires a vast array of skills to provide you the support that you require. Choose the company that understands your business model and your specific IT needs and promises to offer you support and services that are in-line with your business model and your network, data protection, Internet security, and other IT needs.

For the best IT services and support, please visit

Ryan is a famous writer who writes about IT services and support including internet security protection and remote access solutions.While selecting an IT service provider, make sure that the company is professional and is highly experienced.

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Video cables

Video cables

Video and sound cables on telestudio in plugs, blue toned

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EOS 1DmkIII – New Accessories

EOS 1DmkIII - New Accessories

In combination with the EOS-1D Mark III, Canon expands the professional EOS system with the following accessories:

Speedlite 580EX II – When connected to the EOS-1D Mark III, the Speedlite 580EX II allows for weather resistant flash shooting and flash control via the camera’s menu system. Replacing the Speedlite 580EX, it offers faster, silent recycle times and a more durable build quality. A new Off-Camera Shoe Cord, Compact Battery Pack and Speedlite Bracket (also released today) maintain moisture and dust resistance for off camera shooting.

Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E2 – Smaller, lighter and more versatile than its predecessor, the unit enables wireless image transfers to computers and remote FTP servers. Support for HTTP means that picture editors can connect to the EOS-1D Mark III over the internet – allowing them to view, select and download images from the camera’s memory card moments after capture. PTP connection mode enables two-way communication between the EOS-1D Mark III and a computer for wireless remote shooting with the supplied EOS Utility software.

Original Data Security Kit OSK-E3 – Like the Data Verification Kit DVK-E2, the Original Data Security Kit OSK-E3 can detect whether an image has been changed since it was captured by the camera. In addition to data verification, Original Data Security Kit OSK-E3 supports image encryption for protection of critical images.
EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM – Superior image quality

Canon’s engineers have completely redesigned the optics on the EF 16‑35mm f/2.8L II USM to deliver higher contrast levels and improved resolving power. To ensure corner-to-corner sharpness and contrast throughout the focal range, the lens includes three types of aspherical lens elements (ground, replicated and glass moulded). Two UD lens elements virtually eliminate chromatic aberration, while Super Spectra lens coatings suppress flare and ghosting.

Rapid auto focus is driven by a virtually silent Ring-type Ultrasonic Motor (USM) incorporating Canon’s latest auto focus algorithms. Full-time mechanical manual focus override is also provided. As with all L-series lenses, the EF 16‑35mm f/2.8L II USM is weather sealed to protect against dust and moisture.

A new 82mm Protect filter for the EF 16‑35mm f/2.8L II USM has been released to coincide with today’s launch.

Speedlite 580EX II – Increased durability

The Speedlite 580EX II improves on many of the specifications of its predecessor. Recycling is silent and up to 20% faster. Weather seals ensure that when attached to the EOS-1D Mark III, the Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E2 achieves the same level of dust and moisture resistance as the camera itself. A redesigned metal flash foot plate and connector pins allow more stable communication between the camera and flash, while a quick release mechanism minimises wear and tear on both units. The flash head zoom covers the range 24mm to 105mm and an integrated diffusion panel allows extended wide-angle coverage to 14mm.

The new Off Camera Shoe Cord OC-E3, Compact Battery Pack CP-E4 and Speedlite Bracket SB-E2 also allow sealing against dust and moisture, giving photographers a complete system to achieve off-camera lighting effects in difficult weather conditions.

Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E2 – Faster workflows

Responding to feedback from Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E1 users, Canon has expanded the functionality of the Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E2 to also support two-way communication via peer to peer (PTP) and HTTP protocols. Remote users can trigger the shutter button or download images from the camera via an internet browser window, dramatically reducing the time it takes from capture to publication. The Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E2 offers users a greater degree of security by allowing up to 4 types of WEP encryption as well as WPA2-PSK, which supports high security AES encryption.

USB host functionality means photographers can shoot directly to external storage media on longer shooting assignments. The unit also supports recording of GPS data – when connected to a portable GPS device, the location and time of capture is automatically added to each image as EXIF data.

Requiring no additional batteries, the Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E2 fits neatly onto the side of the EOS-1D Mark III and offers the same degree of weather resistance as the camera body.

Original Data Security Kit OSK-E3 – New encryption feature

The Original Data Security Kit OSK-E3 supports advanced image encryption when used with the EOS-1D Mark III, answering a need in the market for a secure way to transmit electronic images. The system works by writing captured images to a standard CF memory card, while the SD card slot contains the Original Data Security card (supplied with the kit) which acts as the encryption key. Encrypted images can be decrypted only by a computer with the same encryption key, allowing photographers to send images over public networks – such as wireless LANs or the internet – with the assurance that only the intended recipient can view them.

The Original Data Security Kit OSK-E3 is capable of detecting the slightest (single bit) discrepancy in image data. For images shot with the EOS-1D Mark III and a GPS-connected Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E2, it can also be used to verify that GPS data recorded at the time of capture has not been altered – an increasingly important consideration for news publications.

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Professional CD/DVD Duplication and Replication Services let you to have Ultimate Perfection

Professional CD/DVD Duplication and Replication Services let you to have Ultimate Perfection

These days, we know that burning CD or DVD is not a tough thing to do. All of us do it every now and then; but for only a personal use. However, when it comes to a serious sort of utility such as promoting a business or creative work, you cannot take it as a simple thing. It is an utter imprudence trying its own your own because it wouldn’t give you the exact sophisticated look. Moreover, you would end up spending more instead of cutting back on your expense!

Why do you actually need professional help in duplicating CDs? Have you ever thought about it? Well, when you can achieve something with perfection and that too, without spending a lot on it, anyone would give a thought to it. Only an expert can give you the perfection and precision. The replication companies have advanced equipments which allow them a smart replication or duplication process. Especially, when you have a larger order, you are benefited in more than one ways.

For example, if you are starting with a small product and you want to provide a presentation of it, CDs or DVDs can help you to a greater extent because this is the cheapest way to promote the product. In this case, what would you prefer? Is it easy for you to burn CDs in your home PC one by one? Not actually, you need professional help as they get your CDs done with such perfection that would appeal anyone! Therefore, go ahead, you can find a number of CD/DVD replication companies out there and they can be a huge help for you in every manner.

What is more, when you approach any CD replication company for replication of your own CD or DVD which you have created for business purpose or carrier development idea, this can help you immensely because the disc will be pressed from a glass master and the artwork will be directly printed onto the duplicate disk. Therefore, you may not worry about the artwork. As you know, art work is an avoidable part in professionally usable CDs. You cannot just distribute a plane CD or DVD. You do not need to spend additional amount for artwork as some of these companies offer you art work as an add-on service. So check out with the company whether they provide you art work or not.

If you are in a hurry and want to get your DVDs done quickly, there is always a way with these companies. They are punctual and get your CDs replicated or duplicated within the time frame only. This is another benefit of approaching the experts mainly because they are organized and are doing their business by valuing the time and quality. These are the reason why people always prefer CD/DVD replication or duplication services from professionals.

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Arcteryx Switchblade Backpack: The backpack for the Urban Professional

Arcteryx Switchblade Backpack: The backpack for the Urban Professional

The Arcteryx switchblade backpack is what “Arc’teryx” themselves call an “Urban commuter” backpack. It is, in my opinion, the best laptop / business backpack that I have ever come across.

Firstly, this backpack comes loaded with many pockets for storing items of many different sizes. It even comes with a key clip for well, your keys.
The Outer shell is made of a durable 420D nylon fabric and a water-resistant PU coating to ensure that everything inside is protected from inclement weather. All the walls of the backpack are padded. One of the most brilliant design features of this backpack is the suspended laptop sleeve. That’s right, suspended. The sleeve is designed to house up to a standard size 15″ laptop. The suspended sleeve protects the computer from all the bumps in the road that you would encounter during your daily commute.
All the different pouches are very well laid out which give you easy access to your phone, your wallet, passport, or any other document you see fit to store in the ample space provided. Extra zippered compartments are provided for storing your cables, laptop power supply, etc. This backpack could easily be your complete office in a bag.
The shoulder strap itself is very well padded and comes with adjustable webbing for the perfect fit. The shoulder strap can easily be removed and connected in various ways to conform to your style of wearing the backpack. Along with the should strap there are also two side mounted handle straps and a top mounted strap for easy handling.
The backpack itself, weighs in at 32 OZ, and can carry up to 11L. It is available in two colors: black, deep dusk.
Arc’teryx themselves have been in business since 1996, and operate their own manufacturing facility located in Canada. They have developed a complete line of athletic wear and accessories which include: Jackets, pants, shirts, gloves, sweaters, climbing gear, and of course, backpacks. They are committed to the highest quality of product. The fact that they run their own manufacturing facility gives them the ability to closely monitor quality control. You can be assured that you are getting a top of the line product from Arc’teryx.
All in all, this is a fantastic backpack. As I said at the beginning of this review. I have not come across a better backpack for day-to-day use then the Arcteryx Switchblade backpack. Check it out yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Terry Bennett is a freelance writer who specializes in sports and outdoor activities. You can check out his latest website at Arcteryx Backpack, where he provides unbiased reviews and buying advice for a range of backpacks.

CD/DVD Replication Services ? Need for a Professional Communication

CD/DVD Replication Services ? Need for a Professional Communication

With development of any new storage medium, there emerges the need for related infrastructure/services; CD copiers enable us to leverage the strength of CDs (Compact Discs) for effectively communication. Being initially developed in late 1980s to exclusively store music, CDs have come a long way and are currently used to store a variety of media such as pictures, text and videos. Starting out as an expensive media, CD prices have declined over the years and it has emerged as a much cheaper means than tradition communication/storage media.


Within this space, there has been a technical evolution. DVD (digital video disc) discs can be called as next generation CDs. DVD has the similar size and shape as a CD but can store up to 7 times more than the former. However, both these technologies coexist and can be used for different purposes based on space requirement and more suitability for a particular communication (for instance, people typically tend to use DVDs in case of a long video communication)


So, how can a business leverage the power of this technology? These days CDs/DVDs are increasingly used for marketing communication and replacing paper brochures. These discs help you effectively strengthen your communication as you can show videos, sound and three-dimensional illustrations effectively which is not possible on paper. If you are reaching out to a larger audience say 1000 people, you need to avail services of professional CD/DVD reprographers. It is very important to choose right vendor for CD and DVD duplication as professionals would help you effectively leverage this medium. A good CD/DVD duplicator would advice the best suited media for the communication (either CD or DVD) and would provide right options of blank discs used. One should always go for better quality and reliable blank CDs and should not cut corners here. Before starting CD replication for a bigger batch, it is important to test a few sample to ensure it conforms to the right quality. Also, while replicating CDs, one should consider the format used. It is advisable to use popular and common formats, which can be run easily on most (if not all) systems. Some CD replication vendors also provide other value added services such as CD cover design and printing. One can also evaluate these options to further strengthen the impact.

This article is written by a technical writer, working at a leading DVD duplication firm. We have years of experience as a CD replication company and offer CD Packaging services to worldwide clients.

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The Frozen Desert

The Frozen Desert

Yesterday was an interesting day down in the desert. About 4 or 5 times every winter there is a dusting of snow up in the mountains around Phoenix, but I have never seen snow actually in Phoenix. That happened yesterday.

This is the first time I have ever seen saguaros with snow on them. I was up around Cave Creek and Bartlett Lake, which unfortunately had about the least amount of snow in the entire valley. I should have stayed around the Superstition Mountains in the east which got a ton of snow. Oh well…

Practically every part of the valley had some snow, hail, or gropple. Whatever the hell gropple is. I never heard the word until yesterday. In fact, my spell check is underlining it, so I guess my computer hasn’t heard of it either. But. All the newscasters kept using the word gropple yesterday.

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