Addiction Treatment Pay Per Calls #webdesign #seo #leadgeneration #leadgen #ppc #exclusiveleads #sales #internetmarketing #marketing

Addiction Treatment Pay Per Calls #webdesign #seo #leadgeneration #leadgen #ppc #exclusiveleads #sales #internetmarketing #marketing

Addiction Treatment Pay Per Calls
Over the years Delray Computers has established itself as a leading internet marketing service provider. Our range of services vary from web design, to search engine optimization, but our main specialty has always been pay per call campaigns. And when it comes…

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When all works fine, there is no matter to think that our lifes will be colorful for eternity… but, be carefull about speck of dust in gears.
And the question was… "Do i miss all what i have got in the HellDD ?!! …including my pictures 🙁

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Marriage Counseling – Working Through Relationship Problems – Tips

Marriage Counseling – Working Through Relationship Problems – Tips

All marriages take work but with good marriage counseling you can begin the process of working through relationship problems. Marriage counseling can also help you evaluate your situation and finally decide if Separation is in your best interest.

If their are children involved you shouldn’t wait, you should get marriage counseling as soon as possible. Arguing in front of the kids will only stress them further and could lead to their own relationship problems in the future.

Marriage is not easy, no two people will get along 100% of the time it’s just not human nature to live with someone and not disagree some of the time. Lasting marriages require compromising and picking your battles wisely.

My parents have been married 50 years and now that I am older I look back and can remember the many compromises they made, they rarely fought in front of us but I saw when one parent absolutely would not budge on something the other would give in. These compromises are necessary to keep the peace and stay together. It cannot be one sided, in other words one person can’t be right ALL of the time and never budge. There are little annoying things you just have to “live” with, you cannot completely change another person. Generally speaking there should be more good than bad things and those are the reasons you married your spouse in the first place.

There is a reason you married your partner – maybe you couldn’t imagine your life without them and decided to take the plunge and make it official. Or you knew you wanted to grow old with them.

Marriage should not be entered into lightly or exited lightly either. Effective marriage counseling can help remind you what you love about your partner and rekindle your love for one another. You owe it to yourself and your spouse to at least try working through relationship problems first.

It’s not easy to see the problems from inside a marriage, your blinded by your anger and hurt over what your spouse did or said to you, I know we’ve all been there. Try to step back from the situation and seek neutral advice and support.

If you really want to try working through your relationship problems please visit Save my marriage today and get started on a happy healthier marriage you can be proud of.

Remember when you first met your spouse? The butterflies you felt? You can still have those feelings – Learn how to get that feeling back

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Relationship Problems

Relationship Problems

Those relationship problems never seem to go away. Why is that? Is it possible that problems are a by-product of a relationship?

What is a problem anyway? It is a certain thing, or situation that you are not willing to accept as it is. You want to change it.

What do we want from a relationship? What is a relationship without problems?

There is no relationship without problems! There is no life without problems! For the reason that we always want to change; change ourselves, others, situation. Life is change!

The bottom line is we will always have problems. Deal with it! Learn from it! Laugh at it! Make problems your ally! Change your perception of the problems.

Don’t fear them: fear creates resistance. What we resist will persist. Love them. Love transforms. To love is to understand and accept.

What we are looking for is always right here, right now. We don’t want to accept it; we prefer to expect it. (smile)

Over 90% of all failed relationships result from a lack of honest communication and awareness. Awareness is a key to an honest communication.

Thus, a relationship is a partnership, a friendship where people can support each other in life, being fully aware that they are getting into it out of basic need – survival. Only then true intimacy and honesty can take place in a relationship.

Starting a relationship with the belief that it is for the sake of (emotional) love manifests expectations, which will never be met. On the other hand, being aware of the true motives and acting upon them with humbleness will create moments of unconditional love.

We need a true friend!

“A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths; feels your fears but fortifies your faith; sees your anxieties but frees your spirit; recognizes your disabilities but emphasizes your possibilities.”
–William Arthur Ward

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Integrated townships: Solution to Urban Problems

Integrated townships: Solution to Urban Problems

The limited land availability and the huge unbridgeable gap between demand and supply for individual plots and ever growing population in the metros have triggered the demand and growth of condominiums, apartment complexes and gated communities. Besides, higher disposable income, improving lifestyle, increasing aspiration levels and expanded knowledge on global trends have made the present new-generation property buyers more conscious about the properties they want to invest in.

However, frail urban planning across most of the states, lack of public transport, longer travelling time to workplace and inadequate infrastruct urban planning ure have added woes to the property buyers rather than enabling them for a better living. In most cities, new development areas are not planned properly and therefore; do not act as satellite towns, but merely as suburban residential areas.

However, the solution to this complex issue in key metros and tier I cities lies in integrated townships. Typically, an integrated township has the following key characteristics and elements:

Social infrastructure:

School: A quality school with education up to at least 10th standard is set up within the township, reducing the travelling time between home and school and in turn providing the children with more time for play and studies.
Medicare: A good healthcare facility with at least 50-plus beds and an emergency care is set up within the township, thereby facilitating residents.
Recreation: Adequate space for basic sports such as football, cricket, tennis and badminton, fitness facilities including a gymnasium and swimming pools are set up within the township to enhance social lifestyle.
Community centre: A spacious, well-decorated community centre with a club house and a function hall is set up within the township.

Infrastructure and services:

Road network: A well-planned road network both within the township and connecting to the nearest highway or main road is built, thereby easing communication.
Water supply and management: A well-planned and sustainable water management system is built within the township, providing round the clock water supply to residents as well as treating the waste water generated within the township and recycling it. This also reduces dependence on municipal water supply.
Electricity supply and management: Although an integrated township depends on a public or private utility supplier for basic power supply, it has adequate, if not abundant, back-up power for both homes and common areas during temporary or scheduled power cuts or disruptions by the utility supplier.
Communication infrastructure: Good quality telecom services are also made available within the township and nearby.

Estate management:

Garbage and waste management: Good garbage collection, aggregation, treatment and disposal system is a must for a healthier and eco-friendly township.
Infrastructure maintenance: Proper and regular maintenance of roads, pathways, parks, electrical and plumbing infrastructure, children play areas and common areas including community centre is essential for a well-developed integrated township.
Security: Superior estate security and safety for all residents is a critical element of an integrated township.

Shopping and entertainment:

Entertainment: Quality cinema or multiplex, popular games and kid entertainment facilities should be established within the township.
Shopping: Well-stocked grocery stores as well as shopping centres including branded garment stores, electronic goods should be established within the township.
Food courts: Good quality and hygienic food courts with ample menu options should be established within the townships to cater to the taste buds of all types of residents.

Proximity to workplace:

While the intent of an integrated township is always to have the workplace and the residential dwelling in close proximity, in the current context of double-income families, it is practically impossible to achieve this objective fully. However, it can establish adequate, well-equipped office space infrastructure and offer lower rentals to attract companies, banks and corporate houses and create ample opportunities for residents. Apart from this, to develop communication between the township and the workplace for rest of the residents, the location of the township should be such that it is easily accessible from various parts of the city.


Loknath Swain is a Mumbai based writer. He writes on subjects related to Real Estate in India and Urban Development in India


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Computer Problems and Solutions

Computer Problems and Solutions

If you have a computer or PC, it will surely help in easing most of your problems. But with every computer comes along many headaches and complications, sooner or later. A computer is a machine and every machine breaks down sometime or the other. You do not need to run to the computer technician every time your PC crashes or is attached by a malicious software. If you know some simple solutions to the most common computer problems, it will help you save a lot of time and money. These glitches that can be solved by a common person like you and me in the world of computers.
There are many PC owners who think every time they face a problem with computer, they should contact professional help. True, but not every problem needs to be addressed by a computer expert.
How to Fix Computer Problems?
Problems with computer are divided into two groups, i.e., hardware problems and software problems. The hardware problems are related to the peripheral parts of the computer like the CD drive, hard disk, monitor, keyboard, etc. The software problems are more complicated. These problems include problems like modem problems, Windows not starting, drivers not found, etc. Understand what is causing the glitch and follow the standard procedure to solve the problem. The following are a few common problems and solutions to help you overcome the technical snag.
After Power Outage
Today there are many sudden power outages, voltage problems and spikes that can damage computers. These damages cause many technical and software snags and interrupt your work. This leads to loss of data, damage to the hardware, etc. due to sudden power outage. This is a solution to this trouble is use of uninterrupted power supply (UPS). The UPS can provide a constant flow of energy to the computer, even if you encounter a sudden power outage. This will provide you with ample time to save your data and shut down your PC, if needed.
Computer Performance has Slowed Down
You may notice your computer has slowed down considerably and even a simple command execution takes ages. This is because your computer is loaded with unnecessary files, fragmented data, corrupted registry, spyware programs, services, software, etc. that makes your computer slow down. Thus, you need to manage your programs and delete unnecessary data and software that you do not use or need, clean your registry regularly to help boost at least 30% of your computer performance speed.
No Sound from Speakers
You are in the mood to listen to some groovy music on your PC, but you get no sound from speakers, the solution to is to check the back of the computer and see if all the connectors are properly connected. The speaker or single stereo speaker plug should be put into the socket on the soundcard that has a mark Audio Out.
Computer Monitor Displays Fuzzy Images
A computer monitor is the display unit of the computer that is sensitive to electro-magnetic radiations. These electro-magnetic radiations are transmitted from the TV, radio, microwaves, dishwashers, washing machines, speakers, etc. Mobile phones transmit electro-magnetic radiations that is one of the main cause of monitor displaying fuzzy images. Thus, move away these disturbances away from the monitor and this problem with computer monitor will be fixed.
Computer Freezes with Blue Screen Hijacking Your Display
There are many problems that can cause your computer screen to freeze and blue screen to appear. This screen is called the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). This may be due to a spyware or computer viruses that have affected your computer. You need to update your anti-spyware and scan your computer for any viruses. If your computer is free from any such malicious software, then you may need to update your hardware drive. A hardware drive that is not updated may cause the CPU to lock up and interrupt working of the computer. If you find the problem cropping up even after a hardware drive update, then you may need to increase computer RAM. When you increase the RAM, the computing power increases and you will also be able to avoid the computer freeze. At times, BSOD may appear due to critical errors in the driver, software or registry problems. Windows may have to repair or reinstall missing components. If you do not find any visible cause, it would be wise to call the computer technician.
Computer Reboots Itself Again and Again
Another common problem with computers. In order to fix the problem of rebooting itself again and again, you will need to check the hardware. You may have a faulty power supply, defective or dirty cooling fan, etc., that may cause the computer to reboot again and again. The dust that accumulates on the fan, makes it heat up faster and in order to cool down the computer automatically switches off. Thus, clean the fan and check for power supply. Following these simple steps will help you to solve these problems with computer.
Computer Makes Strange Noises
Noises and vibrations from your computer are a hardware problem. Many electronic parts can make high pitch noises. You need to switch off your computer and unplug it from the power supply. Now remove the case from the CPU and restart your computer. Locate the origin of noise and then switch off the computer and unplug it. It may be a faulty fan, loose wire or screw. This means you will need to call the computer technician to help you solve your problems with computer, regarding these type of problems.
Windows Having Problems in Shutting Down Properly
You may have come across the message ‘Windows Shutting Down’ instead of ‘It is now safe to switch off you computer’. This is because a program has not unloaded itself properly that makes the computer insist to run a scandisk the next time you switch on. You need to close all the programs before your shut down your PC and if it is not done, the computer waits for the program to close. It may happen you get the message ‘Do you want to shut this program down or wait’ or you may not. When you don’t get such a message it results in what we call the hanging of the operating system. The solution is not to install Direct X whenever you install a game. Most games have their version of Direct X that makes the files out of sync. Thus, install the latest version of Direct X and not the games version. You may need to also check USB devices, task scheduler, virus scanners, etc. and reinstall them if necessary. This will lead to correct installation and the problems with computer may reduce.
Computer Gives Error Messages on Start-up
Many times when you switch on you computer you see error messages on your screen. These messages may appear such as, missing or damaged – press any key to continue. If you see this message, you need to press keys for about 8 to 10 times, before Windows actually resumes. This happens when you delete a program instead of actually un-installing it. If you wish to get rid of any program, go to Control panel —> Programs —> Programs and Features. Here, you will find a list of programs installed on your computer. Select the specific you wish to delete and click on Uninstall. The program will be removed from your system and next time you switch on your PC, you will not get any error messages saying a link is missing.
Low Virtual Memory
Do you keep getting an annoying message that says ‘system running low on virtual memory’? If yes, it means your computer is running short of RAM, that is, Random Access Memory. So, to solve this problem, you need to increase the size of your computer memory. Windows 7 users need at least 1 GB of RAM, Windows Vista needs 512 MB of Ram and Windows XP requires minimum 256 MB RAM. Visit your local computer dealer and purchase more memory from him. The dealer may even install the memory for you. This will help you get rid of low virtual memory.
You can avoid these problems if you are aware of the various steps needed for computer maintenance. You should read the manual given with computer before you begin using it. Yes, the manual may sound Greek to you, but it’s always better to know the simple precautions to be taken. The troubleshooting is not an easy task. If you do not understand anything or are still apprehensive about these troubleshooting, then it is a better idea to consult a computer technician. You have many articles on the Internet that help you find solutions to various problems with computer. You do not need to be genius to diagnose and troubleshoot a simple problem. Many times a bit of presence of mind and common sense will help you overcome obstacles of the technical world.

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Dusty computer fan

Dusty computer fan

Dusty cpu (computer) fan on the motherboard

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