Preparing Insightful Quotes and Estimates for Profitable Returns

Preparing Insightful Quotes and Estimates for Profitable Returns


Creating job submittals with competitive pricing lists and correct product information is significant for the plumbing distributor to earn more revenues and profits. But this task can be extremely arduous as finding the relevant information from innumerable manufacturer catalogs and websites is time-consuming and often ridden with obsolete information. If you are a plumbing distributor you know the value of providing prompt and quality customer service. It increases the possibility to impress customers and ensures steady earnings.


When the entire world is taking advantage of advanced technology you too can utilize these tools to give your business the competitive edge and secure a stable position. In the midst of fierce competition you have to cautiously make your decisions so that you can avoid the pitfalls and save your business from detrimental consequences. The plumbing estimating software provides consistent support to help you deliver unmatched performances. All manual and time-wasting tasks are replaced by automated processes that display admirable capabilities.


The software provides a comprehensive and current database with 2.1 million items from over 720 plumbing items’ manufacturers. It assists you in preparing submittals, quoting accurate prices, researching on the products, finding alternatives for the products and creating customized price lists. The internet-based software can be deployed and managed easily with the help of a web browser. It is equipped with a powerful search engine that helps you to search for information quickly. You can easily find detailed descriptions of products and you can also use the cross-referencing facilities to find alternative products.


The plumbing estimating software helps to create a list of frequently used items and creates templates so that you can copy them quickly onto your new submittals. It provides you with a view of the history of the price change concerning each item. The database is always up-to-date with the latest industry news compiled from various sources. The software provides you with high quality images and illustrations of the products and facilitates you with several formatting options to help you to add company logos, job information, headers or footers and numbers to each page. It allows integration with other estimating systems.


The software helps to save costs on paper, printing and shipping by providing the facility of emailing the submittals. It provides you the control to change names, sequences and classify documents. You have the authority to determine who can edit the submittals. The estimating software provides great relief to the plumbing distributor as costs and damages are controlled, and customers are provided with excellent services.


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