High-Class Touch Screen POS

High-Class Touch Screen POS

Motherboard:SMB Intel 1.5G or above CPU, 5.5W low power consumption
Interface: 4 serial ports, one parallel port, 4USB, 1Lan
Memory: 1G (DDRII)
HDD: 160G (serial port)
Power: The Great Wall
Customer Display: 8 digit character 4 groups
Customer Diplay Rotation Mode: 2-axis turning round
Magnetic Card Reader: original built-in dual-track magnetic card reader
Touch Screen: 12.1 inches real color touch LCD display (1024 × 768) (Original New screen)
Monitor rotation mode: Single 4 angled 30 degrees to 60 degrees
Monitor Support by: hanging bracket, easy to assemble
Power Switch lock: Yes (patented)
USB and I / O lock: Yes (patented)
All hidden Line Design: Yes
Host size: ultra-small size design (30cm × 35cm)
Design: machine integration design
Body materials: importing electrolysis plate and high-quality ABS material
Tailgate screws: Anti-off screw
Power security: high
High data security:high
Production standards: GB4943-2001, GB9254-1998
Certification: machine through the China Compulsory 3C Certification, machine through the European CE certification
Packing: color packaging
Accessory Package: Double the power cord, CD-ROM drive power cable, driver disc, two key
Annex: certificate, manual, dust cover

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Advanced POS Terminal(58mm thermal printer

Advanced POS Terminal(58mm thermal printer

Main Board:SMB Intel 1.5xG CPU

Interface:four serial ports
1 parallel ports,4 USB port,1Lan



Customer Display:8 figures,4 group Chinese


Moniter:8.4inch True Color LCD(800×600)

Printer:High-speed,Easy Load,58mm thermal printer

Adapter For Printer:24V

Protection Lock For Power Swich:patented-designed

USB and I/O Protection Lock:patented-designed

Packing:Colorful Environmental Package

Accessory:Double-end Power Cord,CD-ROM,3locks,Certification,Warranty Card,Dust Cover

Cash Drawer:IC-861(3locks,cheque port)


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