Short Love Poems For The Passionate Lover’s Heart

Short Love Poems For The Passionate Lover’s Heart
I know many of you out there who love love. You know who you are. You are the ones who love when you see friends getting together. You love when people fall in love. You almost get a high when you experience love. You crave love words and romantic messages. You love surprises, chocolates and anything romantic. You probably have a lot of passion and flare.

Your relationships also may be fiery with highs and lows. You may find yourself madly in love one moment only to crash and burn the next. You may even be reading this article about short love poems to get your next fix of love. If this is you, you may not yet have the long-term relationship you’ve been looking for. Your relationships typically begin with a flare and then quickly fizzle out in fiery heat.

For you to have the relationship you want, you’ll first need to let go of your need to have your love fixes. It’s almost like an addiction. The addiction comes first before real love shows up. The high highs of love you experience are more due to the fix and the emotion of love rather than real love. And the high can only last so long. Once the fix is over comes the inevitable crash because the highs just aren’t sustainable.

Instead of seeking for fiery passion right off the bat, seek instead to connect with your partner. Seek to serve him. Seek for steadiness and a deep connection not based on the emotional highs. Seek on letting go of whatever you are seeking to be filled from those fiery highs. Let yourself be like the turtle, not the hare.

True love is in every moment. True love is noticing what your partner needs and serving him deeply – every moment. True love isn’t based on seeking for those highs. True love isn’t based on having a continuous string of highs from now until the end of time. True love is about commitment and repetitive moments of serving each other.

Anyway, let me end by giving you a short love poem for the passionate lover’s heart:

I remember the fire burning
I loved how the passion scorched me
Now I feel only a kindling
With no more fuel to ignite

If only I’d saved the logs
And didn’t burn them all at once
I’d have a sustainable fire
And a relationship everlasting

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Endearing Short Love Poems

Endearing Short Love Poems
Writing endearing short love poems means that your recipient feels much closer and much more special to you after she reads your love words. I imagine the recipient would be your spouse. Writing something that makes her feel special is about your partner feeling understood, received, seen and appreciated. It means you get who she is, and most importantly, she feels that you understand her.

That’s the easiest way to write something endearing. And her feeling understood is not based upon your own estimation, but hers. You might think you understand and appreciate her, but if she doesn’t feel that way, then you don’t. Think of the TV show “Tool Time” where Tim Taylor buys his wife some tools for her birthday. He thinks he’s loving her. She doesn’t feel the same. She is the judge of whether she feels understood, loved and appreciated.

To write such a love poem does not require that you be skilled in writing. It just means that you have the intention of understanding her. You have to want to understand her, even if you’re not that great at it. You can’t label her. You can’t categorize her. You can’t analyze her. You can’t try to make her fit into a box of what you know. She doesn’t. The way you understand her is by beginning to pay attention to her feelings. Not so much her words. A big mistake men make is to pay attention to her words. That will get your balls whacked off every time. You gotta pay attention to her feelings. Women speak in feelings. What do her feelings want?

If you do nothing more than put to words the feelings she is experiencing, you will already be more than halfway to understanding your wife and to her feeling like you get her. But again, there can be judgement, no strings attached, no expectations, no ulterior motives. Your intentions must be pure.

If that’s all you do, you’ve hit a home run. Your wife will more than likely feel deeply understood. To seal the deal requires the intention that you have, your intention to understand her as she is, not as you want her to be. As long as your intention remains pure throughout, then no matter what you write, you will have written a truly endearing short love poem.

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Short Love Poems For When It Hurts

Short Love Poems For When It Hurts
Sometimes loves hurts. Sometimes life frustrates you. Sometimes relationships require work. When you’re feeling hurt, broken, overwhelmed or frustrated with love, then support is what you need. After a breakup or a fight or feeling betrayed, all of a sudden you experience a huge vacuum of love where your heart was previously open and receiving love. And now it’s in protective mode. That may be why you’re here reading about short love poems — to fill the vacuum with love words.

When you are hurting, you are at a pivotal point in your life. You know you are going to be OK, you’re going to heal and get over this. But how you do it makes all the difference. You can stay angry at who created the love void. You can do and say things you might regret later. You can binge and fill the void with chocolate. You can close your heart down and shut it off for good. You can choose to burn bridges. You can write off the other gender. You can choose to linger in your pain for months and years and then recreate the pain anew in another relationship.

Or you can choose to forgive the other. You can learn to open your heart again. You can choose to use this experience to learn how to attract a better partner or mend ways with your current partner. You can choose to seek support from close friends and family in the immediate future while you heal.

Your heart is hurting and has retreated into protection mode. Instead of retreating any further, it is time to embrace the love vacuum and the reality that goes with it. Only by embracing the vacuum and opening into the pain can you move through it quicker and return to wholeness.

As much as it hurts, your pain provides all the keys to your healing so you don’t have to return to where you are at right now. You can choose to apply the lessons now or linger with the consequences.

I know it’s difficult as I’ve been there before. So let me offer a poem to bless you on your healing process.

Crash and Burn

I rode my life in the fast lane
I thought everything was fine
Why didn’t I see this happening?
I’m sure there were signs a plenty

I crash and burn on the pavement
My heart lies ripped on the gravel
My scrapes and wounds remind me
To lift myself off the ground

Back to the road I must return
If I desire to love anew
No matter the hurt, no matter the pain
I’ll be ready to ride again

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Funny Short Love Poems In Spanish

Funny Short Love Poems In Spanish
I know many women who swoon when hearing short love poems vocalized in Spanish or some of the other love languages. Whether it’s Italian, French or Spanish the love words in these languages seem to seduce women’s hearts much more than if you heard the same romantic messages in English.

I’m not really sure why, but my guess is because these languages are foreign and they don’t really understand the words. The poems seem alluring and exotic. But my hunch is that once you understand one of those languages, you’re familiar with it, then the love poems become a little less magical.

Either way, if you don’t know a language and you hear any words of that language, the words can sound magical. Even if you’re not talking about anything related to love. For example, take the following sentence in Spanish:

Tus manos son la fuerza que rasga mi cuerpo hasta sangrar en la tierra.
Translation: Your hands are the force that drags my body until it bleeds on the ground.

If I say this sentence in Spanish in a loving and passionate manner, it can make a woman’s heart swoon. I’ve tested a few phrases with my wife before giving her the translation. With that in mind, I decided to write some funny short love poems in Spanish. The poems sound great to begin with, even in Spanish. You’ll just have to see the translations.

These poems just go to show that not all short love poems in Spanish are what they’re cracked up to be. Anything can sound good until you really know what it means. I remember a friend of mine was trying to speak Spanish to someone. He was trying to say “in the face of the people.” So he said “en la vaca de la gente,” which means “in the cow of the people.” After that he was really embarrassed, so he wanted to say, “I’m sorry. I’m really embarrassed.” He proceeded to say, “Lo siento, lo siento. Estoy embarazado,” which means, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m pregnant.”

With that in mind, here’s my rendition of a funny short love poem in Spanish.

Tus ojos son los luceros
Que alumbran mis basureros
Tus manos tienen el toque
Que me dejan matado en el bosque

Tu corazon se rebosa con agua
Que alimenta los cucarachas
Tu alma brilla los rayos
Que queman el piel de mis caballos


Your eyes are the lights
That illuminate my garbage cans
Your hands have the touch
That leave me dead in the forest

Your heart brims over with water
That nourishes the cockroaches
Your soul shines forth rays
That burn the skin of my horses

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Romantic Short Love Poems

Romantic Short Love Poems
I didn’t know at the time that this was going to be the most romantic thing my wife said I ever did for her. I consider myself a romantic, and this was certainly romantic, but I thought other things I did would have been more romantic. Especially since I love writing short love poems and love words. I love doing romantic things for my wife.

But moving my wife’s stuff (my girlfriend then) to her new house I didn’t know would top everything else. What makes my wife feel appreciated above all else is service. Taking care of the practical things. Making sure everything is handled. Only then can she relax.

And all these love poems, surprises, romantic pictures and writings don’t hold a hand to performing service for her and making sure the practical things are handled. Only after those things are handled can she appreciate short love poems and romantic messages.

The more I remember to take out the garbage, be present to her, do the dishes and take care of practical matters, the more she feels loved and appreciated. It was a bummer at first for such a romantic at heart like me, for one who loves writing poems and creating surprises. I didn’t find anything glorious in just remembering to do all the little things every day.

My wife recently told me that she does enjoy all the romantic things that I do. She appreciates the love poems. She appreciates the surprises. She does love the romantic things. But if I didn’t serve her and take care of everything else, then anything romantic would only make the situation worse. But if I handle everything first, then the romantic poems become the cherry on top in our relationship. So if you want to have a wonderful relationship with your spouse and write poems that will mean a lot to her, make sure you take care of everything else first. Without further adieu, here is a romantic love poem for my wife:

Paying Attention to You

I can get lost in the romance
Of planning the perfect surprise
And writing the perfect short love poem
Only to miss the mark of loving you

When I forget to take care of everything else
When I drop the ball in logistical matters
I must always remember how to love you
By serving your heart in a practical way

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Love Poems For An Ex Girlfriend – How To Compose One

Love Poems For An Ex Girlfriend – How To Compose One

If you are trying to compose some love poems for an ex girlfriend, then you need to know that there are a lot of things that you will have to take into account. First of all, you need to know the basics as to how you can write these kinds of letters. You should also decide if the situation will still allow you to give such things.

Generally, it is perfectly fine if you are going to write some love poems for an ex girlfriend. As you already know, this is one of the most romantic ways so that you can express your love. However, this can be rather complicated especially if your former partner already has a new guy.

It is a good thing that it is actually very easy to compose love poems for an ex girlfriend. If you want to try this out, the very first thing that you should do is to write whatever that comes into your mind. Perhaps, you can even just use a small scrap paper. Just jot down everything that you want to say: your feelings for her, how you miss her, and how you want to make up again. You just need to say whatever you wanted to say.

And if you are already going to edit it, you have to make sure that it is really good. You have to check the spelling and grammar. It is also a good idea if you are going to use some rhetorical phrases or any other embellishments. Anyway, it is really not necessary for you to write like Shakespeare. The most important thing is that the letter contains what you think.

It will also do you good if you are going to remember some of the technical aspects of writing. Perhaps, you have to check if you have used a word too often. You should also make sure that they have a good form.

It is not a good idea if you are going to get it computerized. If it is hand written, it can show that you have really put some effort in it.

But the most important thing is that you are sincere with the letter that you have written. This is very essential if you want to write some love poems for an ex girlfriend.

However, you should also know that this is still not a sure sign so that you can make her fall for you again.

Get ready to learn the exact words to say and actions to take on how to get your ex back that has helped over 6000 couples get back together. You may wish to read another useful article on getting your girlfriend back if you are a guy.

Short Love Poems For Rednecks

Short Love Poems For Rednecks
As a self-declared poet, I get to ponder upon words and the feelings, imagery, thoughts and emotions that those words create. Now what images and thoughts arose in your mind when you saw the title, “Short Love Poems for Rednecks?” You probably have certain pictures and feelings associated with short love poems. If you’re a tough guy, you may not like the mushy stuff, but you may think it’s a great way to love your wife. If you’re a heartfelt woman, love words or ‘romantic messages’ may cause your heart to open and you to remember past experiences when you felt that way.

And then the word, ‘redneck,’ has an entirely different context. If you love Jeff Foxworthy, you may be thinking “YEEEHAWWW!” right now. Or if you’re from the northeast, you might think you’ve stumbled upon great comedic material.

The point is that words create different imagery and emotional patterns in our psyche. Automatically. Different words mean different things to different people. On top of that, one method that will create a truly memorable poem is when you interrupt the patterns of imagery and emotion. And a great way to do that is to combine two words that have no related context. Those words then combine to create something entirely new and they interrupt your old pattern of what you were thinking. Pattern interrupt is what causes something to be memorable. I remember a comedy movie where they put together Chris Tucker, a funny African-American actor, with Jackie Chan, a kung fu master. It was a very funny movie.

So without further adieu, here is my rendition of “Short Love Poems for Rednecks.”

Today darlin’ I reckon
I’s gonna show m’love fer you
I’s fixin’ to mow the lawn
And do some service fer you

But I soon come to find out
We’s got tires and mechanical parts
Hidden under it all
So now our John Deere’s busted

Don’t worry, my sweet thing
I still come to save the day
I got Billy to bring his tractor
And he took our John Deere away

I rounded up the neighbors
I told ‘em I need y’all’s help
They cut the grass, removed the tires
And we got the job done fer you

Now git yer dress on, I’m taking you out
You still are my darlin’ you see
Now I’s gonna do some’n special fer you
We’re going to dance and get drunk tonight

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Short Love Poems For Christmas

Short Love Poems For Christmas
Christmas and the holidays are a great time to write short love poems, love words or romantic messages for your partner. Just make sure that special occasions aren’t the only time you do something special. Christmas is great because you get to give gifts, you can surprise her and you can do a myriad of things to make her feel special. Love poems are a great way to make that happen.

Here are some possibilities. And these can all go in conjunction with writing a poem. Write a short love poem and use it hand in hand with a mistletoe. Let your imagination run wild here. You can do the 12 poems before Christmas. You can give her a gift and write a poem that hints at what the gift is. Or the poem can be a riddle. You can take your wife out for a nice dinner, winter activities or do service around the house for her. And then your short love poem will be written about the activity or gift you’ve planned. Or you can write a poem completely separate from all that.

You can write about how you were the Grinch before you met her. Then when you met your heart grew three sizes too big. You can pretend to be Santa Claus and give your wife what she wants. Whatever you do, though, make sure it means something to her. Get in her world. Put your attention on her. What does she like? What’s important to her?

Does she like diamonds? Or does she like a cozy night by the fire? Does she like service? Or does she like gifts? Maybe she just wants to spend time with you. Maybe she loves your poems. Maybe she wants to feel special, loved, and adored. How can you make your wife feel like she’s the most special thing in the world to you? That’s what the intent of your short love poem should be about.

The specific love words don’t matter. Your intent is what matters. If you have the right intent and you place your attention on her, you’ll make her feel special. Especially if heartfelt love poems would mean a lot to her coming from you.

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Love Poems

Love Poems
Poems are a way of expressing thoughts, emotions and feelings in a verse form. Poems are of many types and the poems which are used to express love and affection are sometimes called Love Poems.
Love poems are a typical way of expressing one’s sentiments towards someone or something. They are usually written by the lover and dedicated to the object he loves. Love has been a part of poetry ever since the first verses of poetry were penned down. They show the thoughts one has in their mind about the person they love and the one the poem has been written for. Love poems tend to be deeply sentimental and the evocative qualities may depend on the intellectual level of the poet. Some love poems are ambiguous and abstract, others are straight forward and dont require much imagination to get the true meaning out of them. As such, love poems often present different meaning to every reader. One might witness the love for nature and creation of God in the poem and the others may consider the same poem to be written by a lover for his beloved lady / man. It depends on the personal thinking rather than the verses of poem itself. That is in essence the true beauty of poetry.
Many great poets have written love poems that have amused people since the early ages. They immortalized their love in the form of poetry and have left it for next generations to be amused by it. Some people say love poems are written directly through the heart and there is no better gift than this to your loved ones.
The greatest of poets have been commended for their work in love poems like Chaucer, Dante Rossetti, Shakespeare, John Donne etc, the list goes on. Love poems dont have to be a perfect piece of writing, just to be a good poem but the basic ingredient is that poem should be written in the language of the heart and the person you want to convey your thoughts to should get the message your heart speaks. There a few famous types of love poems that have been followed since long. Some of the famous styles of love poems include the Sonnet, The Sestina, The Villanelle and the Ode.
The poems do not necessarily have to be written to a beautiful girl by his lover or vice versa rather it expresses every form of love there is in this world. For example, the boy writes a poem to his mother on mother’s day thanking him for her care and expresses his love then it also is written in the language of the heart and is classified as a love poem. Finally, love poems are a great way to show how much you care for someone or something and you can freeze those feelings in your diary or on a piece of paper for a very long time! Visit: poemshare.

You can learn more about love poems and other poetry by visiting poemshare, a site which aims to become the authority on all things poetical!

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Epic Funny Short Love Poems

Epic Funny Short Love Poems
The intent of this article is about how to write an epic funny short love poem with any combination of love words you have in your arsenal. The success of your poem won’t be directly because of the words, but the feeling the words create.

The way that any good story, movie, poem, song, journey or play works is that it plays with your emotions from beginning to end. A movie of suspense will begin with some scenes you don’t entirely understand, but that are central to the movie. The rest of the movie will then begin to drop hints and clues to build the suspense. Then there will be twists and turns and you’ll find out someone was lying. Assumptions you made will be turned upside down, and the good guy will become the bad. And all the suspense builds up to a climactic end. But the whole movie is about building the emotions inside, specifically the suspense, until a climactic end.

In the same way, an epic poem builds a story of struggle, heartache, a journey and lots of obstacles that must be overcome. There are times of defeat, times of wanting to give up, times of impossibility. But the hero always forges through in the end.

Anything that has to do with humor is when the story is building towards a climax of one emotion, and you get another emotion entirely unexpected that doesn’t fit with the emotion of the previous buildup in the story. For example, a Chilean girl I once dated told me a phrase in Spanish as she was expressing her love for me, “Tus ojos son los luceros que alumbran mis basureros,” which means “Your eyes are like bright lights that illuminate my garbage cans.”

So an epic funny short love poem is a poem that seems very epic at the beginning and builds those emotions. You can incorporate words like struggle, defeat, battle, overcome, overwhelmed, and so forth. And to make it funny, you just need a climax that is the opposite of climactic that produces an entirely different feeling, like the garbage can quote.

If you can incorporate these feelings into a poem, then you have just created for yourself an epic funny short love poem. Good luck in writing your poems.

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