Cyk V40/S

Cyk V40/S

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Cartridge: 2mm Cyk Sabot
Fire Rate: Semi-automatic
Range: 400 meters
Capacity: 10 rounds/mag
Extras: Any rail attachment, folding stock, 35 round magazine

The Collapse left humanity in ruins. Once great, advanced civilizations are now no more than dust and stories. However, deep within the earth, marvelous technological relics have been discovered. Some believed they were the cause of society’s downfall, others herald them as the saviors of mankind. Cyk, a, cultlike order of technology worshipers rose up to claim and curate the relics. The silent, stoic members of Cyk call themselves monks, and will attack ruthlessly anyone who strays to near. Secretly amassing resources, they have been able to produce weapons with technology once thought lost to the ages.

Their flagship rifle is the V40/S. It is a highly accurate, mid range rifle that makes use of 2mm Cyk Sabot ammunition. Mounted flashlight and infrared LAM help monks defend the relics effectively in the dark subterranean complexes in which they rest. A specialized computer assisted gunsight allows for pinpoint accuracy out to a moderate distance.

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