Addiction Treatment Pay Per Call Leads #webdesign #seo #leadgeneration #leadgen #ppc #exclusiveleads #sales #internetmarketing #marketing

Addiction Treatment Pay Per Call Leads #webdesign #seo #leadgeneration #leadgen #ppc #exclusiveleads #sales #internetmarketing #marketing

Addiction Treatment Pay Per Call Leads
Getting Addiction Treatment Pay Per Call Leads may be quite costly if you do not know whom to ask for help. Luckily for you Delray Computers can be your partner in your Addiction Treatment Pay Per Call Leads generation, and what we offer is not only……

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compacting compact discs

compacting compact discs

So I’m in the middle of re-digitizing our entire CD collection in a nice, high quality ACC format that should be good for a decade or so… In doing so, I’m taking all of the art out of my CD’s and recycling the plastic cases that would just be going into storage anyway. This is the stack of tray cards and booklets of some of our CD’s.

You may or may not like the music… Heck, I don’t anymore in some cases.

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Technology & Nature

Technology & Nature

Dust to Dust.

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mmmkay then. fact time. thank you for tagging me, you devil children ­čśë

*the 30 10 weirdest, wackiest facts i can think of.

1. my favorite color depends on my mood. some days its red, when i’m happier, more energetic. others its blue, when im a little more down, a bit more mellow.

2. my eyes change colors. bahh. theyre normally grey, but sometimes theyre the blue of this picture, others theyre freaking almost black. when i cry or im sad they are this green color that i love, others theyre just this plane, boring gray.

3. when i get bored in class, i sit there and draw on my hands. for example, i was upset during 2nd period today. i wrote anger across my fingertips, </3 hurt across my fingers, below that, tired, below that upset. and wrote UGH on the back of my hand.

4. i will forget just about anything unless i write a reminder on my hand, on my computer, or type it into my phone.

5. i swear im ADD. no matter whats happening, no matter if its dramatic, happy, sad, devastating– i can be distracted by anything. i dust particle floating, a string on my shirt, a tag sticking out of someone’s collar. then people get upset with me because im distracted. woops.

6. im an angry person. no one really knows that. no one understands that. i dont sometimes, either. im just mad a lot. i keep it to myself though, cuz ive got to be strong for others. thats my job. its how i function, sorry.

7. in this picture im wearing my favorite jeans. i realized yesterday that there was a tag in the pantsleg of my jeans with a staple stabbing my side. i had always wondered what it was, finally cut it out.

8. my favorite shoes (these) are not mine. they are my best friends cousins that jo took from her cousin, and i then stole. i wear them all the time. probably tomorrow, too. (just a warning for those of you who see me tomorrow:)

9. i always told everyone on flickr i was seventeen. don’t know why. just seemed a fitting age. sorry, but i’m fifteen. woopsies.

10. the thing that gave me hope today was this: "life is a journey of love and heart ache. risks are taken, dreams are shared. memories are made. through it all we make choices, to open up ourselves to others, knowing full well the risks. we share our hopes, drawing people in, as we attempt to know & be known. The alternative to this journey is ternal solitude, a life without shared experience, without hope of moving the world or shaping the fuuter. It is for the legacy of touch lives that we continue to love others in spite of it all. a price must be paid and it is worth every tear."

— i will put up 10 tomorrow, and ten the next day. i’m too lazy to do this right now

^^why am i still typing the date? im done with my 365. darn it project, you’ve stuck with me. bahhhhhhh :O
sooc ­čśÇ
hahah, my face<3

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More space on the ceiling

More space on the ceiling

I just found out that I didn’t miss a single ODC challenge during the past year; well, actually I reached this milestone last Thursday, but then I didn’t notice.
I thought it might be a good idea to show you all my 366 pictures of that period. However, our house is so full of stuff that there was no place available to spread out and display all the photos.
By coincidence, I looked up and saw the ceiling. Plenty of room there… problem solved. I also decided to place my desk there; it gives much less disturbance by other family members, and less dust ­čÖé

Enjoy the rest of the day and also HSS!

ODC – Theme (29-07-2012): Upside down
HSS (29-07-2012)

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