Dark and Dingy

Dark and Dingy

Quite a creepy room in my house, I took this pic when I was trying to get away from my creepy stalker boyfriend- wannabe, I said that I was just gonna walk around and take pictures and that he must just stay on the computer. It’s a window sill, so the way the light illuminates the dust and spiderwebs adds a lot to the picture.

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Taken APR 2, 2001; posted JUL 9, 2011
Since Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, played polo this afternoon (July 9, 2011) at the Santa Barbara Polo Club in Carpinteria, California I thought this would be an appropriate time to post this photo of souvenirs of our one and only polo game (in the mid 1980s) when we still lived there. The prince’s beautiful bride, Duchess of Cambridge, presented the Tiffany trophy to the winning team, Team Royal Salute. Each player made a $100,000 contribution to the American Friends of the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry for the privilege of participating in this afternoon’s game. Tickets for the event went for $400 to $4,000 including lunch prepared by Giada de Laurentiis.
This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Santa Barbara Polo Club.
About the foundation:
Why does this mean so much to us? My long-suffering wife was born in Santa Barbara and we lived there for twenty years before moving to Texas.

I had dusted off my cap but I didn’t realize how grubby it had become until I saw the picture on my computer screen. I have worn it quite a bit in Texas heat.

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” enchanted ” 28/ 365

so i was tagged again a few days a go by the wonderful "je suis nikki" but didn’t realize it until late last night..
this photo is somewhat nikki’s style ( a tribute to your awesomen-ness nikki!!!) minus the phobias and hair flip 😀 plus adding a little sprinkle of my signature positive "fairy dust" :)))

i’ll also mix it up and do a random top 10 favorite things ( aka guilty pleasure ) list

10. dunkin donuts hazelnut coffee- think i would die without it

9. watching all things on bravo.. project runway- (ok now it’s on lifetime)…top chef, even the housewives..i know it’s coo-coo and so drama driven.. but hey! it’s a lesson in ego madness! 🙂

8. New York City- i adore the city and always wanted to live there..closest i came was hoboken right across the river..still it is my favorite destination for a fun day trip- so much to see and do

7. "the princess bride" movie..oh my sweet wesley! romantic feel good silliness.."so i married an axe murderer" comes in second on laugh-able movies
oh and i have to mention "waking life" as just an all around awesome mind bender

6. pandora.com
how awesome is your own free music stations that you get to design??? favorite artists- jack johnson, ben harper, duncan sheik, jellyfish, rasa, alanis morrisette

5. Flickr… has changed my life… literally ..for the better- creative expression and honing my artistic ability… but..also
maybe not in a good way?!?- rrrrrrr.. i probably spend way too much time here…but it feels very rewarding!!!

4. audible.com
downloadable audio deliciousness! my self awareness resource for awesome inspirational/ educational and entertainment books. fav authors- Eckhart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsch, Paramahansa Yogananda, Joseph Campbell, Dan Brown, Yann Martel

3. ALL the magnificent parks and nature preserves in my area..yes– believe it or not NJ does have righteous beauty and is not a continuous cesspool of factories!!!

2. my MAC computer…and photoshop..and picnik…not only just a computer and programs..but a connection to other beautiful souls and an extention of my mind’s eye

1. My family… #1 being my incredible son Ben who is the love of my life and has healed my heart in so many ways… <3 <3 <3 my husband who i love but is sometimes quite a challenge..my sister meg who i adore and admire and wish we lived closer!! and all the rest who may not be in my life on a daily basis but is surely in my heart and prayers everynight! and my flickr friends who i would not be the same without.. thank you for the inspiration encouragement! :))))

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Time for another gurlie-purdy-picture.

And where does the time go… especially when you’ve got your mind conditioned to ignor how badly the layers of dust have been piling up.

It is that time again… time for the powers that be from the Housing Authority to come out and do their anual inspection of my house. Honestly, they don’t give two hoots about when was the last time I vacuumed… and let’s don’t even go there, lol. All they really care about is seeing that everything is in good working order before my lease is re-upped. Still, right now I am more of a basket case than I normally am… and between now and Monday afternoon, when my appointment is set for, I seriously am going to have to back away from the computer… and do my best to get the place looking all spiffy. Can’t wait for them to see how great my yard is looking this year… not that they care, but I’m pretty darned proud of it!!!

And now…
I really must get going….
So much to do, so little time…
Be seeing you…

OH… PS: My flippin (!!!) Yahoo mail is down AGAIN… ARGGGGG!!! Maybe it is trying to tell me to back away from the computer… ha ha ha…

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