Hot Shot Z Trains

Hot Shot Z Trains

In the last portion of the 20th Century, this train was known on the Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe as the 991. Seen here, the ZWSPNBY speeds through Empire, CA., on a warm afternoon. This train crew is doing their best to make up time as computers in Fort Worth, TX., are causing havoc system wide. Meanwhile, the Amtrak California San Joaquin train I was aiming for, leaves a trail of dust in the distance.

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Why it is Sometimes Difficult to Process a Photo

Why it is Sometimes Difficult to Process a Photo

The Cat in the Lap. As far as she’s concerned, the keyboard is a chin shelf. I’ve got a big lap, but this is really pushing its limits.

The photo on my computer is one of Nick (nicholaspicholas) that sits in my projects folder. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll post it. Should I?

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Malibu Pier, Ca – Perseids and the dance of the mossy rock fish.

Malibu Pier, Ca - Perseids and the dance of the mossy rock fish.

I’m feeling inspired this morning. A night filled with shooting stars will do that to me ya know.
I suddenly awoke at 2:30 in the morning…. i think the ghost in my apartment turned off my computers…. maybe it was trying to wake me up….. i spent the entire night doing post video stuff and photo this or that…. my computers run all night like tiny digital transmitters of me…. processing data and computing colors and compositions like circuit board puppets…. artistic nanobots hell bent on crunching numbers for lord button pusher… yummy… some nights i feel like Neo in the matrix with all the mumbo jumbo I got rockin in my apartment…. i can’t seem to find more than 3 hours of sleep each night…. this to shall pass…. anyway…. I crept up to my rooftop in the middle of the night with that someone special to watch the Perseids Meteor Shower…. under our north star…. with my Ugg boots and a fresh pot of Manhattan mud from The Urth Cafe…. overlooking the Valley of the dolls….. rooftops among rooftops… while tiny scrapes dash across the sky hovering over Los Angeles…. like monsters with huge sharp nails tearing rips in our plastic sky…. revealing the light behind our perception of space…. for moments I glimpsed at the fiery light from that hidden dimension…. for brief seconds only… until the blanket of blackness rushed in again to keep things in order….. or…. you can call it dust from flying asteroids burning up in our atmosphere…. whatever…. i consider it a tear in the very veil that protects us from the truth…. and the truth iz… there is no space…. no stars…. no asteroids or dust :)…. What a life. What a view.
Thanks hun.

When i arrived downstairs… i decided to dig thru some older images I took from last year…. here’s one that I could have never planned… OH sure, I scouted the area and I planned the tide, the foreground rocks and time of day with the sunset…. but the starfish, seagull and waves have a mind of their own, not to mention the frantic dance of the green mossy rock fish… so inquisitive…. so enticing and random are his steps… to time a shot with his cooperation is simply ludicrous. I take only partial credit for capturing this moment. I have quite a few shots of this seagull all around my pics this day… looking this way and looking that way…. it’s actually really hard to pick one… they all tell a slightly different story…….. for example, in this image he’s (or she’s) staring out of my image…. out to sea…. watching something more interesting than me for sure…I liked that about him (or her)…. with everything that’s happening at this precise moment… HE DOESN’T CARE! Well FINE! And those sneaky starfish, always up to no good, do you think they consulted with me before i left my house to say "Hey Mizz… we’re gonna hang out on the favorable side of these rocks.. away from crashing waves and perfectly in a position for a Malibu Pier Sunset Photo… just lettin ya know!!" … I didn’t think so… hey… i love the luck of the draw. So… You feeling lucky PUNK.. well… are ya!

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Holey Glow, Batman – Hole in the Wall Beach, Santa Cruz (Explored #3 – Thanks!)

Holey Glow, Batman - Hole in the Wall Beach, Santa Cruz (Explored #3 - Thanks!)

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"I’ll just fix it in post." Soapbox time! (but I promise I’ll keep it short :). It seems to me that many photographers today are using post-processing to create their shots, rather than just fine-tune them. Add in some color here, clone out an annoying rock there, cut-n-paste in a sky from another day, and voila, a beautiful photo! I don’t condemn these actions, but I do feel that relying on post to make your shot is a bad idea, because it turns off your brain in the field.

When you know that you can change anything you need to on the computer, you no longer put the effort into finding just the perfect comp, waiting for the perfect light, understanding how to properly expose a scene, and doing a million other things that are so crucial to photography. Post is great, but it’s not a substitute for making the best image you can in the field. When you are able to slow down and work (yes, WORK) to make a killer image in camera, then post-processing serves as the polish which makes the image shine. And this is the real role of post-processing, not the invention of something new.

I bring this up because last night I was guilty of a lazy-photographer mentality myself. I hadn’t found the perfect comp by the time the peak light hit, so I started rushing. Rushing around trying to find something, anything to shoot before the sky blew its proverbial load. Luckily I came across this comp as the light was waning but I was still rushing: I didn’t take the time to take a test shot to make sure my filters were in place, I had my finger in the frame in the lower right, and my filters were spotted with spray. As such, my final shot had water drops everywhere, a blown out sky, and a bit of red haze down in the lower right from my finger. "I’ll just fix it in post" I said to myself, and so I made a real frankenstein of an image here: the foreground and water motion from one shot, the rocky shelves from another, and the sky from yet another. Way too much work to create this image in post when a few extra seconds in the field could have got me the same result.

Tech Notes on this Photo

Nikon D300s
Tokina 12-24 mm
ISO200 – It was getting pretty dark but I wanted a fast-ish shutter speed to catch the streaky wave action so I bumped the ISO to 200
f/8 – sharpest spot on my lens but still provides sufficient DOF at 12mm; helps defocus scratches, drops, and dust on my filters/lens
3 sec – 3 seconds is a pretty long time if you want to catch streaky wave action (0.5 sec – 2 sec is better), so for this shot I had to open the shutter just as the wave reached is peak surge up the beach. That way I caught the full motion as it flowed back out to the sea.
12 mm on a crop sensor
Lee 3-stop and 2-stop soft GND Filters, handheld

3 separate shots with the above settings, hand blended to produce the final image
In Raw Converter (Nikon Capture NX2)
– Global contrast for added pop
– Slightly darkened and added contrast to the sky to add oomph
– Brightened foreground rocks and added contrast to enhance shine

In Photoshop:
– Noise reduction via Neat Image
– Selective sharpening of sand and rocks
– Curves layer to slightly darken and enrich the sky
– Curves layer to brighten and add contrast to foreground rocks
– Curves layer to darken and add contrast to sand and water streaks in mid-ground

Thanks for looking!


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