The Importance Of Real Time Payment Processing & Multiple Payment Options

The Importance Of Real Time Payment Processing & Multiple Payment Options
An event is a medley, where attendees and delegates from around the world and walks of life congregate. To provide registration convenience for registrants, you have already added an online registration option. This is an excellent start to doubling your attendee numbers. However, to truly maximize your attendee numbers, your real time payment processing facility needs to have multiple payment options.

Why? Here are some reasons ‘why’ it is necessary to add a real time payment processing and multiple payment options to your event website:

Offer delegates registration ease and convenience
An event website without a real time payment processing solution is like a prettily packaged present without anything inside. If your event website does not have a real time payment processing solution, you are losing out on a great opportunity to close the sale with a registrant and ensuring that your profit numbers look healthy. By adding a real time payment processing solution with multiple payment options to your website, you encourage interested parties to register immediately and can close the deal by collecting the registration fee instantly. This is a mutually beneficial feature as you are assured of attendee attendance and the attendee receives instant confirmation regarding his or her registration.

Lack of payment options raises the number of abandoned registrations
Audience at an event is typically diverse and such, not all of them will have a credit card. If you only offer credit cards as a payment option on your website, you will find a lot of mid-process abandoned registrations. By offering them multiple payment options, you widen your market reach. In fact, accepting multiple payment options on your event website is one sure fire way to reduce the number of mid-registration abandonments.

Instant payments, no fraud concerns & no more chasing delegates for payments
As an event organizer, you know that potential delegates or attendees call and block seats but fail to pay for them promptly. You either end up constantly calling them to remind them to pay or have empty seats and a loss in potential revenue. A real time payment processing solution prevents such situations from happening as the registrant confirms his registration by paying for registration or ticket instantly. It automatically processes the transaction as long as you have seats available and the delegate has the funds to pay. If you don’t have seats left, the registrant is generally transferred to a waitlist sign page. If the card is not valid or he lacks funds, the transaction is declined, leaving your seats open for other interested parties.

To summarize, all delegates are different – they come from different locations, they have accounts with different banks etc. If you want to successfully target and capture, your diverse target audience, you have to ensure that your online registration and payment processing solution has the ability to accept payments using multiple payment options.

Why Selling Options Can Benefit You

Why Selling Options Can Benefit You

There are a lot of benefits to selling options in the stock market. Some of the things selling options lets you do are.

1. Make Money In A Confused Market

When stocks are volatile and have no clue which direction they want to go selling options lets you make a profit. Instead of trying to predict what will happen, you can simply sell options and make money by predicting where a stock will likely not go.

This isn’t that hard in volatile markets considering stocks can stay range bound for a long time.

2. Get Into Strong Stocks

You can also use it to get into strong long term plays by selling puts. For Example, say you really like stock XYZ at $ 20. You believe that the stock is a good long term play and will eventually be worth much more than $ 20.

But you might want to get it at a better price, or you might believe that the market is going to have a correction. If that is the case you might want to consider selling the $ 15 put for $ 3. This way you would make $ 3 up front and if the stock falls to $ 15 or lower within a certain time frame you would be obligated to buy it at $ 15.

If you think the stock is a great deal and worth much more than $ 15 this method could be like getting paid to get into a great deal.

3. Making a Monthly Income Off Stocks

If you are already in a stock you can sell calls off of your stocks to create a monthly income. For example if you are already in stock XYZ which is trading at $ 20 you could sell the $ 25 call for $ 2 and walk away with the premium. Of course if the stock goes above $ 25 you would have to sell it at $ 25.

So selling covered calls is a strategy best done when stocks are not trending higher.

For more on option selling visit
For more on covered calls visit

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Insured Auto Warranty Making Extended Car Warranty Options Affordable Again

Insured Auto Warranty Making Extended Car Warranty Options Affordable Again

For those about to purchase an extended car warranty from one of the America’s many providers, it’s important that they first understand the terminology employed within the industry. For example, some people are unaware what the term exclusionary warranty means. Simply put, an exclusionary warranty agreement will list the parts of the vehicle that are not covered by the warranty, as opposed to other forms of extended car warranty agreements, which lists parts that are covered. To better understand this term, as well as many others used by extended car warranty providers, it’s important to talk with experts in the field such as those working at Insured Auto Warranty.


When clients come to Insured Auto Warranty looking to consolidate the cost of their car warranty they’re working with an industry specialist who truly understands their coverage and driving needs. That’s because the company has worked with thousands of clients from across the country in their 13-year history in the industry. And during that time they’ve made a name for themselves providing each client with superior coverage to their industry counterparts. The company understands that drivers have unique coverage needs. This means that when a client contacts one of their representatives, they won’t be hassled into signing a policy that is unsuitable for them, they’ll be provided with a range of customizable options that are suitable for a broad range of vehicle owners. It’s the client-focused car warranty experience that ensures extended coverage for the longer term.


Insured Auto Warranty truly works to ensure that their clients receive value for money with the extended car warranty options within the company catalogue. This is highlighted through the fact that Insured Auto Warranty can offer their clients as much as a 50% on dealer pricing for their warranties. In this era of financial hardship across America, it’s companies such as Insured Auto Warranty that are helping lead Americans across the country to economic prosperity again with these crucial savings.


And unlike many other companies within the car warranty industry, Insured Auto Warranty will provide clientele with as much information as possible about their products so that they can make an informed decision about their overall coverage needs. There’s no fine print or tricks. The company is truly dedicated to giving their customers the best deals possible when it comes to secure high coverage for their motor vehicle.


One way in which clients can recognize that the company has their best interests in mind with their best practices is to take a look at someone of the professional associations that Insured Auto Warranty has built during their time in business. A recently example is their connection with the industry regulatory body The Better Business Bureau, who analyzed Insured Auto Warranty’s policies closely and gave the organization an A+ rating for the quality of service that they provide to clientele.


Freedom from expensive car repair costs in just a phone call away. Contact Insured Auto Warranty today for a free quote on your next extended car warranty. You can save thousands now simply by working with this leading company.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Insured Auto Warranty offers clients extended levels of value through Car Warranty that offer superior coverage on a wide-array of vehicle repairs. To find the right car warranty for you, please go to

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Portable Chicken Coops – Great Options For The Urban Chicken Keeper

Portable Chicken Coops – Great Options For The Urban Chicken Keeper
Portable chicken coops are popular options for the small flock owner. Traditional chicken coops are fixed. Once constructed, the owners mean for the coop to stay in one spot. For larger flocks, this is the most sensible solutions. Today, many people that own chickens do not have a large flock. They may keep a few for eggs and the occasional Sunday dinner. When they have a small space, some choose to use a portable option. Portable coops provide enough space for your chickens while also helping with cleaning and maintenance chores.

What makes portable chicken coops different from traditional ones? Portable coops allow the owner to move the structure around the yard. Portable coops are usually a single structure instead of many. Most traditional fixed coops have a foundation and attached pen. It is difficult to lift and move about. The portable type usually has the pen and brooding space all in one contained unit. With a bit of help, the owner can move the coop around with ease. These portable options usually provide easy access for cleaning and getting to eggs. In most other ways, these portable coops have the same elements as their traditional counterparts.

When should you choose portable chicken coops over fixed ones? The decision is really a personal one. There are a few things to consider however. If you live in an urban area, you likely have a smaller flock than someone living in a rural area. Many of these portable coops allow room for a limited number of birds. Some give shelter to three hens while others can handle up to seven. A larger number of birds make a larger coop non-portable. If you do not want to dedicate a corner of your yard to a permanent coop, then a portable one makes sense.

Portable chicken coops provide the same amenities as traditional ones. They have a run area when the chickens need out and about. They provide shelter for the night and for brooding eggs. You will need to put in a feeder and watering system to keep the chickens healthy and happy. Many of the designs provide for predator protection as well as shady and sunny spots. All of these come with the portable design. You can move the coop around to keep the grass healthy while keeping the chickens healthy at the same time. Those are just a few reasons to consider a portable coop.

Phil J has over 20 years experience in portable chicken coops. To learn more visit today!