The Impressive New Samsung Galaxy S2 Offers The Features That Show Off The Screen To Its Full Potential

The Impressive New Samsung Galaxy S2 Offers The Features That Show Off The Screen To Its Full Potential

Modern mobile handsets are continually evolving. They are becoming more streamlined than ever, whilst at the same time battery life is improving to give us more us. They are faster than ever thanks to technology such as dual core processors, yet the feature we quite rightly look at first is the screen and this is where the Samsung Galaxy S2 really does excel. At 4.3 inches it is one of the largest screens available, and is backed up with great resolution and clarity thanks to the use of Super AMOLED. All this is useless however if the phone does not provide the kind of materials that enable you to use the display to its full potential, but that need not be a worry with this phone thanks to an array of features that show the screen off in all its glory.

To take full advantage of this screen, Samsung have taken their user interface back to the drawing board. The lines off applications we have become familiar with thanks to Android and iPhones worked superbly on earlier edition handsets, but looks tired now, thus Samsung have created “Live Panel”, a system that gives the traditional homescreen a layout that is more akin to a glossy magazine. Live panel takes the content you use the most, and places it in a dedicated area, or tile, on your homescreen. Imagine picking up your phone and rather than pressing the weather icon to receive an update, the information is on your screen ready to use. Likewise all manner of tasks can work in the same way, so you can peruse social networking updates, check your appointments or quickly view your latest photos. It is a system that is not only practical, but shows off the screen perfectly, with the detail apparent in these tiles looking crystal clear and vivid. Full customisation is available, enabling you to easily select the information that you want to appear on the screen.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 effectively allows you to carry your book collection around with you, all of the time. Imagine setting off on your holidays and not needing to fill your suitcase with books to read by the pool. The Readers Hub gives you access to not only 2 million books, but also allows you to download magazines and newspapers. On previous smartphones, such a feature would never have worked as well thanks to the complexity of the text displayed, however the 480 x 800 resolution on offer hear brings a never before seen sharpness to the characters, really making them appear like a printed book rather than computer generated. For those with visual impairments, the newspaper downloads also feature audio access.

These are just two areas where Samsung have made an effort to give us the material to use on the high quality screen. Just quoting a screen size and resolution is easy, but to back it up with excellent features gives the technology a practical use whilst at the same time adding real benefits to the user.


The Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Blackberry Torch are available now.

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Urban Suites Offers You The Best In Short-term Luxury Rentals

Urban Suites Offers You The Best In Short-term Luxury Rentals
Urban Suites strives to offer their guests the very best in short-term luxury rentals. Their spacious one- and two-bedroom condominium are fully-furnished, fully-equipped and fully-wired to make your stay in Canada’s most exciting western urban metropolis a comfortable and memorable one. Youll luxuriate in Urban Suites tastefully-decorated executive condos, all conveniently located near Calgary’s city centre and within easy walking and commuting distance to the most popular business, shopping, entertainment and recreational hotspots.

Premium locations
Because Urban Suite’s luxury short-term condo rentals are so centrally located, you won’t have far to go to enjoy everything Calgary has to offer. Many of their executive suites are in the exclusive Eau Claire district, just a hop, skip and jump from Calgary’s beautiful Bow River and the extensive network of jogging and cycling trails. Urban Suites also boasts short-term luxury suites in Vetro, one of Calgary’s newest and most prestigious addresses. Vetro is situated less than five minutes from the Calgary Stampede train station and is only a short commute to downtown.

Tailored leases

Urban Suites knows that your timeline is unique to you. That’s why they make every effort to accommodate your needs with a lease that is tailored precisely to your specifications. Whether short-term, periodic or even just for a few nights, Urban Suites can offer the right accommodation that fits your travel schedule. You can also count on Urban Suites to take care of all your needs, both big and small, so youll be free to focus completely on your business and pleasure.

Tasteful and complete

All of Urban Suites short-term luxury rental condos are fully-furnished, fully-equipped and fully-connected. The furniture and appliances, from the king-size beds to the front-loading washers and dryers, are tasteful and top-of-the-line. Many of the suites boast breathtaking panoramic views of the city and nearby Rocky Mountains. A designer’s touch shows in the suites’ custom original art work, granite countertops, and travertine and hardwood floors. Each condo includes flat-screen TVs, DVD players, telephone, cable and high-speed internet, and most also have fireplaces, balconies, on-site gym facilities and concierge service. Your home away from home has never been so luxurious or so complete!

Tourist Attractions

Unlike other short-term luxury rental condos, Urban Suites are specially chosen for their central location and ease of accessibility to attractions outside the city. As their guest, you’ll be only minutes away from any one of the major routes taking you directly to Banff, Drumheller and Edmonton. Or, if you prefer to stay close to “home”, Urban Suites are conveniently situated within easy walking distance to world-class entertainment venues, designer boutiques, night clubs, cafes and haute-cuisine restaurants.


For more information on Urban Suites short-term luxury rentals, visit their website at urbansuites You can browse their available suites online and fill out a contact form. You can also reach them directly any time at [403] 229-9155 or at info@urbansuites Urban Suites values your inquiry and will make every effort to respond as quickly as possible to your inquiry. Suite viewings can be arranged with just 24-hours’ notice.

Urban Suites providing the best stay in Calgary with excellent locations, class and sophistication. Calgarys finest business accommodations, for the highest level of comfort and tranquility.

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Northern Liberties Real Estate Offers New Urban Design

Northern Liberties Real Estate Offers New Urban Design
Most urban development in today’s marketplace is a trend towards higher density and more efficient use of space. Of course, “efficient” use of space is a relative term that for most city planners means more square footage over less land. But, when given the right opportunity, urban developers should always consider options towards more open space and green building…even in the middle of one of the largest cities in the world.

Northern Liberties Real Estate, a residential and commercial real estate developer in Philadelphia, is scheduled to begin construction of a single family house in the Northern Liberties section of the city. What makes this home different from other new construction in the market is its unique design and layout. After adding in all exterior decks, rear and side yards, the proposed property has less than 50 percent coverage, an unusual achievement in most urban areas where homes typically cover 90 percent or more of their properties.

After closing on 3 separately deeded residential lots last summer, Northern Liberties Real Estate spent several weeks and multiple site plan revisions to finally decide on their design. Rather than building multiple rowhomes on the 3 lots, Northern Liberties Real Estate decided to move forward with a more unique plan. After a lot consolidation, the company was now able to build only one house on an unusually wide lot of 37 feet.

This decision paved the way for distinctive design features rare for Northern Liberties and urban development anywhere in the country. With this project, Northern Liberties Real Estate set out to do something different. Building only one house gave the company the opportunity to create 2 side yards, 1 rear yard, a driveway for 2 car parking and 3 exterior decks. The result is a property with 50 percent open space, windows on all 4 sides of the house creating an abundance of natural light, and more green space then any other townhome in Northern Liberties Philadelphia.

Because of the scarcity and price of land in urban areas, this kind of layout is usually not financially possible. In order to make the numbers work and achieve investor and lender objectives, developers must often increase density and coverage ratios. However, Northern Liberties Real Estate offers a different urban option on this particular project. Could this be a trend in urban development? Probably not. But, the principals of Northern Liberties Real Estate would like to think so.

Author’s Bio:
Joe Jesuele is the co-founder and president of Northern Liberties Real Estate in Philadelphia, PA. He is responsible for overseeing all aspects of business development, leasing, and project management for residential and commercial properties. He is currently working on the construction of a single family residence in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia. For news on this project and other Northern Liberties Real Estate projects, please follow the Company’s News.

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Cabin Decor Offers A Natural Urban Retreat

Cabin Decor Offers A Natural Urban Retreat
Have you ever dreamed of living in a charming, comfortable cabin on the edge of a lake, surrounded by the peacefulness and richness of nature? Close your eyes and imagine the sounds of birds chirping and the gentle lapping of the water against the shore. Inhale deeply the fresh air with the hint of the woody fragrance of large shade trees and the firewood piled up for winter. Think about spending your evenings snuggled into a big, overstuffed chair with a good book to read or movie to watch while being warmed by a crackling fire. It sounds pretty idyllic, doesn’t it?

Though you may not be able to actually move into this lakeside cabin, you can create the feel of a cabin with your interior decor regardless of where you live. In fact, many are doing just that by creating a cabin retreat at home to escape the urban complexities they live within the rest of the time. The essence of cabin decor is easy-going simplicity and comfort that is inspired by nature. It is welcoming and unassuming. Best of all, it is easy on the budget with creativity over cost, natural over manufactured, old and rustic over new and trendy.

Cabin decor can be used throughout a home or in a single room, such as a soothing bedroom retreat. Depending on personal tastes and interest the decor can reflect a mountain cabin theme with colors of greens, browns, oranges, and yellows. It can be more of a lakeside theme incorporating blues, greens, and browns. There are natural elements of wood floors, wood and wrought iron furnishings and accents, wicker, and leather. Furnishings may be mismatched hand-me-downs or garage sale purchases refreshed with slipcovers. Include an abundance of soft textures with chenille throws, tapestry pillows, and inviting quilts.

Any room, regardless of theme, comes alive and is personalized with accessories. Continue the natural, rustic materials with birch bark frames to feature family photos or nature art. Dried wildflowers or pinecones displayed in pottery or baskets bring the outdoors in. Complete the space with rustic wildlife wall art and hand-crafted sculpture such as lifelike wood carved ducks and wildlife table lamps.

There is no right or wrong with cabin decor so have fun by incorporating those elements that make you happy. The goal is comfort, warmth, and relaxation in a space that offers a natural retreat from the world at large.

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