Playing with a smartphone

Playing with a smartphone

We have not been so well recently – improving now – so have been maxing out on Attenborough, Science and even Strictly, and occasionally playing with a smartphone camera and copious amounts of dust. Read a few books, too, so that’s a plus. This photo was taken at a U3A Computer Group meeting.

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Girl Scout Box

Girl Scout Box

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Model Airplane Memorial for OCF Plane Crash Victims at Sunrise

Model Airplane Memorial for OCF Plane Crash Victims at Sunrise

I saw this from a distance and found it captivating. I didn’t know anything about it or who put it there, but after the burn I heard that it was part of a memorial for the four people from Oregon Country Fair who died in a plane crash last July.

Makes me think that Fair needs a temple…instead of burning it, we let the river sweep it away when the winter floods come.

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Best on Black

First posted in June of 2010. I dusted it off and sharpened the colors.

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