American Racing Outlaw II Custom Rims – Gearing Up Your Ride to the Next Age of Urban Class

American Racing Outlaw II Custom Rims – Gearing Up Your Ride to the Next Age of Urban Class

When it comes to prominence and nobility modifying your car with American Racing Outlaw II Wheels should be a given. Nothing designates a glamorous car like glossy ultramodern Wheels that help as both a footing and a closer for any model or make. By including a series of luxurious Wheels to your car you’re assured to turn some heads and get some quick looks.

Most driving enthusiasts salute the stunning power of a definitively chic set of wheels and rims on a hot automobile. Expressing a appearance that is both graceful and aggressive a stylized set of wheels and rims can add a fiery edge to any make or model of automobile. There is nothing quite like seeing the prestigious command of a shimmering set of wheels and rims brandished proudly on a hot ride.

Writing an urban legacy is difficult. Though if you’re serious about making a mark then gearing up quality custom rims to your ride should be the first step. Delivering a definitive sense of trend, class and care when it comes to the appearance and performance of your vehicle, wheels and rims are a firebrand mark of luxury and class. Banking you some immediate credibility and setting you apart from the ranks is just the beginning of the many benefits of wheels and rims.

Made to perform and play, American Racing Outlaw II Wheels understand that there is more to your car than just looking cool after a detail. Each series of Wheels are built to withstand all the destructive forces of daily driving and travel. Made from the ground up to perform as aggressively as they look, these Wheels are made ready for anything the course has to throw at them.

Persistence is the name of the game when it comes to pimped Wheels. Ensuring that your Wheels last for mile after mile and continue to deliver top accomplishment is just one of the many reputations American Racing Outlaw II Wheels has earned in the current city courses and long highways alike. The Immortality and prominence of these Wheels is undisputed and well known.

Providing many of compatible Wheels for any make or model of car these glossy Wheels are available for almost any car you can find. Manufactured and designed with a exclusive precision and snazzy appeal they are versatile and dynamic to satisfy the requirements and desires of almost any driver, regardless of their car.

Altering your precision and including a versatile civility to your car is easy. These Wheels come with a upgradable and very rare catalog of choices and variations providing you the option to customize your own civility.

American Racing Outlaw II wheels has set the standard not only within the industry of Wheels but in the courses and current playgrounds in which they are decided. These American Racing are raising the standard to a higher level of degree and accomplishment in every way.

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One of the photographs from a larger project I worked on for PC Forum owner Esther Dyson and photographer Ann Yow-Dyson. Ann photographed the annual event from 1984 through 1992.

Vittorio Cassoni, Ing. C. Olivetti & Co./deceased; Steve Jobs, Apple Computer /deceased; PC Forum, 1990
Photograph © Ann Yow-Dyson;

NeXT and Steve Jobs
PC Fourm Flickr site

PC Forum Online Archive Project

Thomas Gotchy was the digital producer on this project, beginning in March 2010 and ending April 2011. In this time, he made full-frame scans over 2,000 images on a Nikon CoolScan IV ED scanner. Each sheet of negatives was numbered in the file # heading of the corresponding sheet, and that number was then incorporated into the prefix of the file name given to each photo scan. A secondary edit resulted in a subset of 400 selected images that Tom then corrected for dust and scratches using Adobe PhotoShop CS5 Macintosh. All files were backed-up on 3 separate external hard drives.

All images were photographed by Ann Yow-Dyson, staff photographer for Esther Dyson’s PC Forum from 1984-1992. Over the nine years Yow-Dyson shot approximately 425 rolls of Kodak Tmax film exposed between 400-1600 ISO, and 5 rolls of Fujicolor 100 negative film using Nikon F3 cameras. The negatives were processed and contacted printed at independent labs in NYC, edited by Esther Dyson and a small selection printed by Ann Yow for publication in the PC Forum proceedings.

The Forum, a gathering of the computer industry’s most elite pioneers and neophytes, was held in conference locations including Tucson, AZ, Palm Springs, CA, Phoenix, AZ and Naples, FL. This collaboration between Yow-Dyson and Gotchy was made possible by Esther Dyson for the purposes of bringing more of these historic images online for public access and information.

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African Mango Diet: The Next Big Thing?

African Mango Diet: The Next Big Thing?

Health is considered as wealth. A Healthy mind resides in a healthy body is one of the most famous quotes for a health enthusiast. The lifestyle led by almost all the office goers today is a sedentary lifestyle and thus health is the last thing on anyone’s mind. People have no time to exercise and as a result of which obesity is on the rise. There are so many diets available which promise the impossible. There is the GM Diet, The Atkins Diet, and the All Protein Diet etc. The latest fad to hit the obesity club is the African Mango diet. So what makes this diet special is the question every person will ask. The specialty is in the African Mango itself. Mango is by far the most popular fruit with everyone. It is tasty which makes it a clear favorite and many people would not mind to consume it on a regular basis. It does not induce aversion which makes this diet a huge success.

African Mango Irvingia gabonensis is a fruit native to Cameroon, Africa. It is widely grown in the region and also found in a few Asian countries; though it is known by a different name there. They are available in a riot of colors ranging from greens, yellows and reds. It is now a well proven fact that the enzymes produced by the seeds of this fruit are effective in fighting the obesity hormone and if consumed on a regular basis also promotes good health. There are a lot of lab researches going on in and around the world that has proved that the African Mango can curb the fat production and also help combat obesity and related diseases. Besides this it is also a very effective tool against cholesterol and can help burn the cholesterol in the arteries. The enzymes produced by this fruit promote a good metabolism and helps to suppress the fat hormone. In addition to the numerous health benefits they are most preferred because they are completely natural and have no side effects. Thanks to the internet it has now become very easy to buy African Mango from the online stores.


The African mango melt down is a reliable supplier of pure african mango supplements to help you in get rid of unwanted fat stored in your body. For more information please visit buy african mango, african mango irvingia gabonensis and african mango diet etc.

Urban Street Wear: The Fashion Of Next Generation At A Glance

Urban Street Wear: The Fashion Of Next Generation At A Glance
The Street wear, sometimes called street fashion is the way to equip the followers of culture hip-hop. It consists of specific elements that each has their own meaning, having a history linked to the culture around. May well see such large clothing (baggy pants and T-shirts XXL), more suitable to the practice of b-boy. Sports shoes, sport shoes, are in the same way, an essential element in the panoply of B-boy. The life of the bands of criminals also influenced street wear: The bandana is sometimes taken as well. The absence of cords or belts (reason for which the pants are below) is due to the method of life in prison, where every object at the risk of encouraging suicide was confiscated

In 1976 in southern California (USA) remained unchanged skateboarding ended forever shaped the sport and culture. By then arises Vision Street Wear, a different brand that quickly understood the natural connection between music and skate culture.. In the championships organized (titled “Vision Skate Escape”) played live by a previously unknown group called Red Hot Chill Peppers … And in the ranks of professional skaters included big names like Mark “Gator” Rogowski, Steve Rocco , Marty ” Jinx “Jimenez, and Mark Gonzales . By the early 90’s the influence of his aesthetic and philosophy began to decline due to the changes it went skateboarding in that decade.

Today, Vision Street Wear (also known as VSW) is a textile company whose license is maintained by the company Collective Licensing International and is dedicated to sell shoes, skate boards and different accessories and retro-flavoured “vintage.” Hip-hop fashion is a distinctive style of dress originating with African-American youth on the scene of New York, Los Angeles, Orland, Chicago, Philadelphia, the San Francisco Bay Area, Detroit, Memphis, Atlanta, Jersey City and Miami among others. Each city contributed various elements to its overall style seen worldwide today. Hip hop fashion complements the expressions and attitudes of hip hop culture in general. Hip hop fashion has changed significantly during its history, and today, it is a prominent part of popular fashion as a whole across the world and for all ethnicities.

On the East Coast, members of the hip hop community looked back to the gangsters of the 1930s and 1940s for inspiration. Mafioso influences, especially and primarily inspired by the 1983 remake version of Scar face, became popular in hip hop. Many rappers set aside gang-inspired clothing in favour of classic gangster fashions such as bowler hats, double-breasted suits, silk shirts, and alligator-skin shoes (“gators”).One sportswear trend that emerged was the rise in popularity of throwback jerseys, such as those produced by Mitchell & Ness. Sports jerseys have always been popular in hip-hop fashion; the hip hop fashion trends of the 2000s were all over the place and changed constantly. During these years there was a heavy celebrity influence among fashion trends.

Hip Hop artists made brands like Gucci and Louis Vinton popular amongst the hip hop community, where most initially used hip hop as a way to a better life. Throughout these years many fashion trends from the 80’s and early 90’s were made popular again, when we see the rebirth of the door knocker earring and form fitting jeans for males. Come back the year end and it is the time to party and celebrate. The first factor that comes to your brains is how better to handle your war drove to create yourself the most effective and engaging at the joyful night. Winter has set in thus you need to put on something to form yourself heat and cosy however surely style would be the objective as well

The one other type of clothing is called MMA clothing. Mixed Martial Arts (English Mixed martial arts – MMA), is a combat sport that allows a wide variety of techniques and fighting skills in various martial arts and contact sports.
Championship event and is now considered the fastest growing sport in terms of popularity in countries like United States, Brazil and Japan. so for this reason special kind of clothing was developed called MMA clothing.

The street used, jean, cotton hooded jumper, sweat shirts, jackets, Puller of fleece, half zip shirts, shirts, full zip, T-shirts, Pants ,Rain jacket and Street shorts., Covered in the versatility of colours like black, gray, white or khaki, developed designs focused on the everyday look, flagged urban look, sexy and glamorous. A natural and sophisticated style closely linked to the street style that has evolved since the eighties trends of his first creations, influenced by hip-hop and exaggerated bomber the b-boys, to his approach to other fads like punk, glam rock and even the neo-gothic. An approach to urban tribes as embodied in the use of leather, military boots, cowboy clothes or bags in black with colourful zippers.

For more information aboutUrban Outfits,Street Wear and MMA Clothing ,please

Working From Home? Take The Next Step With A Shared Office Space

Working From Home? Take The Next Step With A Shared Office Space

For fledging entrepreneurs who are running their business from home (whether by themselves or with one other person), there may come a time when the business will be begin to outgrow its surroundings. Taking the next step from working at home to a professional office environment can be a big step, especially if you’re unsure about whether your business can sustain its own office environment. Thankfully, there is excellent option available for young businesses looking to take the next step from the home office; and that is shared office space.

Shared office space is pretty much what is says on the box – one or two workstations in a shared office environment. This means you’ll be sharing a large space with other fledging businesses, who are most likely in the same position as you.

Shared office space is usually offered by major serviced office operators (like Avanta for example) and can offer many benefits to small businesses:

Cost effective – Using shared office space is very cost effective compared to having your own office because you are splitting the costs of the space with other businesses.
Professional Image – By basing yourself in a professional office environment, you’ll be able to project the right image for your company to clients and customers. A good professional image can also improve your chances of attracting staff when you are looking to expand.
Location – Using shared office space in a business centre means that you can base yourself right where the action is. You’ll be able to quickly and effectively meet with clients/suppliers or network with others in your industry.
Networking – Working in a shared environment can provide excellent opportunities to network, whether it’s with other companies in your shared space, or the building as a whole. Some operators will even host networking drinks for clients, so if this is important to your business it’s worth asking your operator if they provide this.
Flexibility – One of the great advantages of using shared office space in a business centre is that it easily allows you to expand your business when you need to. So when the time comes for your company to take on more staff, you’ll easily be able to move into your own office in the same building.
Meeting rooms and lounges – A majority of business centres come with dedicated meeting rooms and breakout spaces, so you’ll be able to hold meetings of all sizes rather than settling for a cramped coffee shop!
Technology – Because it’s provided by the operator, you won’t have to worry about things like IT and telephony as they are all provided.

The great thing about shared office space is that it is the perfect stepping stone from working at home to running your own office. The flexible terms mean that you can expand your business, but only when you’re ready. In addition to this, it’s also fairly low risk, so if things don’t work out, you can go back to working at home if necessary – which is a better prospect than being stuck with a long term office lease.

Above are just some of the advantages of using shared office space.

Anna Norman Butler, Marketing Manager at Avanta and writer on shared office space tips and tools. Avanta Managed Offices provides business centre solutions for small businesses.

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“Disney invokes an urbanism without producing a city,” wrote architect Michael Sorkin in a scathing essay titled See You in Disneyland. “Rather it produces a kind of aura-stripped hyper-city, a city with billions of citizens (all who would consume) but …
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