When He Needs a Break ? Steps to Take to Make Sure It’s Not a Break Up

When He Needs a Break ? Steps to Take to Make Sure It’s Not a Break Up

You love your boyfriend. You have all these plans for the two of you that stretch years into the future. When he needs a break all of that comes to a crashing halt. You’re suddenly faced with the knowledge that what you feel for him may not be exactly what he feels for you. Panic takes over and you start to envision that fateful moment when he marches in and tells you that he’s breaking up with you. Don’t allow this to happen if you love him. You have to take very specific steps right now if you want to ensure that the break he wants doesn’t suddenly become the break up you fear.

When he needs a break take a deep and very controlled breath.  The cold reality of your life at the moment is that your relationship is unravelling. That’s the bad news. The good news is that it hasn’t completely fallen apart yet. It’s hard to recognize this as a positive, but it’s crucial that you try. You need to be able to maintain your composure throughout this ordeal. If you fall apart, or allow yourself to give in to the overwhelming emotions you feel, he’ll bolt for the exit as soon as possible.

If your boyfriend tells you he needs a break, agree that it’s a good thing for both of you.  Yes, you read that correctly. A break can actually be the saving grace of a relationship that is barrelling towards disaster. That’s because often we reach a point where we stop seeing the positive that our partner brings to our life and we only concentrate on the negative. That’s very likely what is happening with your boyfriend. He’s only focusing on the difficult or unappealing aspects of your personality and the relationship. He can’t see past that anymore to all those qualities in you that he used to find so endearing.

Some time apart can actually reignite a man’s interest. How the woman handles herself during this time will make or break the future of the relationship. Above and beyond anything else you have to remain positive and self confident. Don’t allow his rejection of you to undermine your own self worth. Just because he needs a break doesn’t mean that you’re not worthy of his love. Stay committed to being the woman you are and don’t falter on that.

It’s also important that you don’t allow his need for distance to derail you completely. If he sees that the break is causing you to drop into a deep depression and that’s resulting in you spending the bulk of your time home alone eating yourself into oblivion, that’s disastrous. He’ll see that as a sign of emotional weakness and the break will soon become a permanent break up. Don’t miss a beat when he takes his leave to have his break. Keep living, laughing and loving. Your positive energy will help draw him back in.

Learn exactly what you need to be doing and saying to keep your boyfriend when he needs a break. Doing the wrong thing can mean the end of the relationship forever.

Don’t give up on him if you believe he’s the man you are meant to be with. There are specific methods you can use that will make you irresistible to him again.

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What To Do When You’re In Love…But Your Boyfriend Says He Needs Space

What To Do When You’re In Love…But Your Boyfriend Says He Needs Space

Falling in love and being in love is one of the most wonderful things we can experience. The bliss you feel when you’re with the one you love, the sparks that fly and the joy of connection! All of this is fabulous, but does not prepare you for when your boyfriend says he needs space. Space? What does that mean? Why does he need space? All of these questions are probably swirling around in your mind. At the same time you feel like your breakup, broken heart and deep sadness are more than you can take. It seemed so perfect and then suddenly you are wondering what you did and how to repair a damaged relationship. Chances are, you didn’t do anything. There are many different reasons that your boyfriend might feel he needs space. His feelings for you might be so strong that he’s afraid…of being hurt or doing the wrong thing. There might be family problems, he might have a fear of commitment or he could just not be ready for a relationship.

If you are sure you are still in love with him you will want to think carefully about how to proceed. What you must not do is plead and cry or call and text him all the time. It is a far better strategy to play a little hard to get. If you feel in your heart that your boyfriend still has feelings for you, then during this breakup, replace the time you spent with him with other things. The best thing you can do is step back and let him come to you. Talk to him but keep the communication short. Quick text messages, brief phone calls are the way to remind him how much he really wants to be part of your life.

If you are right and he still has feelings for you he will continue to show interest even though you are giving him space. When he calls, you can now begin to talk about the happy times you had together. Now is the time to bring back the little inside jokes you had and laugh about things you did together. When you give your boyfriend his space without being mad or taking it personally, that is a wonderful gift and can go a long way towards fixing a broken relationship, if it’s actually broken.

Building a strong relationship takes time and patience. Just because a guy needs space doesn’t mean it’s hopeless! Having the ability to give him space makes you a better person and can set the stage for a far better and deeper relationship. We can fall in love very quickly, like a lightening bolt out of the sky! However trust takes time and shared experiences, but that doesn’t lessen love. The best thing you can do is keep an open mind, and pay attention to the signals your boyfriend gives you.

Take a step by step approach that really works to bringing back your love. If you’re wondering what to do next, take action! Discover the secrets to healing your relationship at: http://www.stoprelationshipsbreakingup.com

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6 Basic Human Needs and Basic Needs of a Dog

6 Basic Human Needs and Basic Needs of a Dog

We have got a dog recently. He was a stray and in eager need of a home. He was a living rough and eating out of people bins. We found him and took him to my home. Now we are considering what good things we can do for him. We all know that human need the same basic things from life whether we are human or animal. We need 6 basic human needs to survive. So I’m wondering about the need of my new dog.



He is very gentle but he is huge and very strong, but has the nicest temperament. He was obviously once trained but he is very mischievous and is still only a puppy. Rusty is the first dog I have owned since being an adult, so this experience really is enlightening. Being a life coach, I have found that I have been noting his behavior and what I have been amazed about, is how many human traits he has. You may or not know about the 6 human needs that we all crave Everything that we do in life meets one of the 6 human needs – whether we like it or not! The needs are:


* Certainty
* Variety
* Love and Connection
* Significance
* Contribution
* Growth


Whatever we do meets one of these needs. Even when it is something that we shouldn’t be doing.


For example: I know I should be exercising but I don’t! ..If I think about this, my need for not exercising is meeting Certainty. I am certain I won’t enjoy exercising, I am certain that I will get bored long before it has done me any good – so why start at all! However by finding situations in your life that meet all your needs is fantastic and if you can find ways to have more of these the more success you will have.


A positive example: I love writing and from it I get all 6 of my needs met : Significance – I feel proud of what I have written, knowing that Someone, Somewhere in the world will share my thoughts – how powerful is that!


Variety – I get variety from all the different topics that I write about and research.


Love and Connection – connecting to people from all over the world! The written word is such a powerful, expressive tool.


Certainty – Someone will read my words and I know deep down that this is what I should be doing.


Contribution – If just one phrase or word helps someone then how amazing is that!


Growth – I learn so much about me and how I think from my writing and research I am a never-ending student of life!


Back to my Dog Rusty!


He also seems to need to have these needs met – human or not!!! Significance: He shows he is significant to us by guarding the door, running after the postman and has developed a great bark for people going past in their cars, (which he loves to chase) Variety; Oh yes – socks, shoes, hankies – if Rusty is board then he gets destructive – he needs variety. He is also a little escape artist, all though we keep thinking we have Rusty proofed the garden he still manages to escape!


Love and Connection: As any dog owner will know, he lives to love us, always so pleased to see us and brightens up my day.


Contribution: Not only does he brighten my day, he also calms me if I am feeling stressed. And he makes me walk him. Rusty is definitely contributing to my fitness regime!


Growth: whether it is learning to fetch a ball, rollover or just come on command – he is growing and learning constantly.


Certainty: He has to be included in what ever I am doing – he follows me around, whines if I go out and needs to have certainty that he is not going to be abandoned again! (never!!!)


So whether you are human or animal we all want or 6 “human” needs to be met.


Can you see something in your own life that you love to do and feel passionate about?


Write down a list of experiences that you have from this and see how many of these 6 human needs are being met – you will be amazed!


To find out more about how the brain works go to:

Choose the SugarCRM Expert that fits your Needs

Choose the SugarCRM Expert that fits your Needs


In today’s competitive environment, business processes are not just restricted to manual processes; they also involve a range of IT systems to better manage cases, leads, quotes, marketing campaigns and sales opportunity. And among different IT systems, CRM system plays the most important role of combining business processes, people and technology to attain objective of keeping customers satisfied. It will not be wrong to say without a strong focus on CRM, it’s very hard to run a successful business. But it’s also very important to implement the right CRM that is capable of addressing your current business needs and beyond.

Among different CRMs, SugarCRM has turned out one of the fastest growing CRM. SugarCRM is an open source based customer relation management solution that is widely used by many small to large organizations to manage sales, marketing and support. SugarCRM Company offers you a free open source CRM developer edition and 4 supported subscriptions. Over 7,000 subscribers and more than 750,000 users are the proof why SugarCRM is becoming so popular. Thousands of businesses now rely on this open source CRM to execute marketing programs, grow sales, retain customers, and create custom business applications.

SugarCRM offers an on-demand SaaS solution just CRM like Salesforce. But, it also facilitates customers to deploy Sugar on-site, behind a firewall, without any of the risks of traditional client-server deployment. In addition, clients can opt to deploy Sugar in public or private clouds such as Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, IBM Cloud, and others for more flexibility.

But to deploy SugarCRM in your business environment as per your needs, you always need the right SugarCRM expert who has necessary domain specific knowledge and experience to customize and integrate SugarCRM.

While selecting SugarCRM experts, make sure that SugarCRM expert owns partnership with SugarCRM Company. The premier partner level offering for organizations is SugarCRM Gold Partnership. This partnership is the highest-level partnership and given to those organizations who are aggressively looking to grow their business. The benefits in this partnership include a go-to-market plan, integrated marketing campaigns, MDF and qualified leads.

Also, make sure your SugarCRM expert will continually offer support to you and your employees. This is done to make sure the smooth functioning of your SugarCRM implementation. Mostly, SugarCRM experts are professional service organizations that have effectively development their own CRM practice and have expertise and experience for advising clients on CRM. 


Eric Johnson is an Open Source expert working as a Community Manager with OSSCube, a SugarCRM Development Company with pool of SugarCRM Experts and SugarCRM Consultants. For more info, visit http://www.osscubecrm.com/

Trust Renowned Trucking Companies For All Your Needs

Trust Renowned Trucking Companies For All Your Needs

There are many Trucking Companies offering you to have a deal for you to find Competitive Quotes on Shipments traveling into currently in our fleet we have Dry Vans, Flatbeds, Step Decks, Tri Axles, and Reefers. The Saskatchewan Trucking Companies specializes in the transportation of general commodities. Their practice of professionalism and their commitment to the customers makes them a leader in the ever-changing market of transportation. The companies provide competitive quotes on Shipments Traveling to several states. Competitive Quotes on Shipments traveling. They have Dry Vans, Flatbeds, Step Decks, Tri Axles, and Reefers to solve all your problems concerned with shipments.

Medicine Hat Alberta Trucking Companies that offer wholesome services such as General Freight, Liquid Gases, Chemicals, Logs Poles Beams Lumber, Intermodal, Commodities Dry Bulk, Beverages, Hazmat, and many more services are being provided. There are reliable and experienced companies providing efficient and time-to-time services to the oil, gas and construction industries. The services offered are truly honest, affordable and punctual to the customer’s demands. Competitive Quotes on Shipments traveling. They have Dry Vans, Flatbeds, Step Decks, Tri Axles, and Reefers to solve all your problems concerned with shipments.

The British Columbia Trucking Companies are also one of the most significant providers of trucking facilities. They have specialized equipments and qualified personals to work and prove as result-oriented to the customers. There are many premier trucking companies that quote the deal at economical prices so that the clients achieve their best and further to maintain their future contacts and thus enhance the profits prospects. The information about various trucking Companies can be searched on the trucking directories available on the net. The online directories provide ample of details and address of these trucking companies. For other information and queries or filling up the detailing form, you can visit the concerned websites of these companies and you can easily find a company near by your place.

TruckingCompanies.ca provider Gatineau Quebec Flatbed Carriers , Saskatoon SK Trucking Companies in the Toronto, Ontario area because we believe in building relationships with our clients. You can contact TruckingCompanies.ca either via phone or email. Address: 155 Drumlin Circle, Vaughan, ON, Canada, L4K 3E7 Phone: Office Line: (905) 761-9999, Toll Free: 1-877-742-2999 Website: – www.truckingcompanies.ca

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Urban Planning Across The World Needs To Be Participatory And Sustainable.

Urban Planning Across The World Needs To Be Participatory And Sustainable.
Public participation in urban planning has come to be seen as a panacea for creating inclusive societies

Improving the quality of life in a city is the primary objective of urban planning. Integration of land use policies with transport, economic, social and environmental issues and resource planning will go a long way in contributing to the overall development of infrastructure. With unprecedented growth and rural migration, several cities are grappling with congestion, pollution, lack of affordable housing, electricity and water, inadequate transport systems. While conventionally, planning of cities has been a top-down centralised approach, over the last few decades, the value of citizen participation in urban planning has been recognised. Since the voices of the most vulnerable social groups are rarely heard, public participation in urban planning has come to be seen as a panacea for creating inclusive societies.
In cities like Zurich, Municipal plans are drawn up and implemented in partnership with citizen forums. The recent United Nations Conference on Human Settlements has acknowledged that economic forces are considerably impacting rural migration to cities as well as the growth of slums. In this context, the social aspect of sustainable developmentinclude social equity, social justice and opportunities to livelihood and basic amenities of housing, health care and education. New infrastructure and urban services such as sewerage, electricity, water supply, public transport and roads may either induce indiscriminate sprawl or create an efficient density.
The WHO records that each day a city of 1 million people consumes, on an average, 11,500 tonnes of fossil fuels, 3,20,000 tonnes of water and 2,000 tonnes of food while emitting 2,500 tonnes of Carbon dioxide. Since the Rio Summit (1992), urban planning has concerned itself with environmental protection and citizen participatory process. A case in point is the tangible results of rain water harvesting which has helped increase the water table in Chennai. Similar processes in creating conditions for affordable housing, a unified transport system and for freeing the coast of traffic to protect the fragile eco-systems can considerably transform the city.
Competent and accountable urban governance is an imperative factor in ensuring urban plans are implemented. Urban planning hence strives to balance the benefits of development against damage to the environment. The employment of a system of planning is essentially a longterm exercise, while strategies have to be developed immediately envisaging a phased growth. A citizen’s participatory process reinforces its democratic rights and responsibilities in guiding a humane urban process. The writer is the Principal Architect of Artes-Human Settlements Development Centre
Studies of best practices in other cities throw light on the kind of infrastructure and planning involved: the Rotterdam manual for Urban Planning and Environment provides for implementing environmental policies at the local level with land-use planning. The aspects that contribute to sustainable planning are ecological impact of development, impact on future generations, impact of noise, air pollution, soil contamination and safety. The city of Lisbon created a peripheral park – about 500 hectares of greenbelt to relieve congestion and provide social space for its citizens. Stockholm is consciously planning reduction of its carbon emissions. It is imperative however to recognise that that urban and environmental planning is specific to cities and cannot be indiscriminately applied across cities. A sustainable planning process has to be openended and flexible, while being guided by ecological principles implemented through social inclusion.

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Why eDiscovery Search Needs To Be Transparent

Why eDiscovery Search Needs To Be Transparent


e Discoverycovers a vast spectrum of information, and its primary objective of search can be intimidating and overwhelming if pursued on too general a basis. Strategies to increase search possibilities and produce quality results can render tremendous outcomes for this complex task.


Every piece of evidence is vital to the eDiscoveryprocess, and no item can be spared if the search procedure is to be maximized. Thus, with volumes of information to cover, search becomes a formidable hurdle rather than convenient assistance. The typical eDiscovery process is severely lacking in three areas:

Over-inclusive and under-inclusive results – Several technologies, such as keyword search, wildcard, stemming, concept and fuzzy search, have been developed to facilitate search functions. However, all of them either provide insufficient or excessive results which make the whole process totally ineffective.

Testing and refining searches increases cost – Searches become time consuming and expensive when only one can be conducted at a time. And, ironically, this is contrary to the goal of making it a cost-effective tool.

Manual documents – The entire eletronic discovery process has to be documented for the benefit of the courts. The manual documentation of search refinement is erroneous and insufficient.


Since eDiscovery demands the review of every single document, transparency in the process can address the problems of over-inclusiveness and under-inclusiveness. A transparent search with a greater visibility scope can help investigators understand the mechanism of obtaining results and eliminating issues, and make it one of the top eDiscoverymethodologies. The transparent search option should have some important characteristics:


Transparent query expansion – By implementing the query expansion process, search tools can conduct an expansive query and transform it into a new form. This is generally done with wildcard, stemming, concept and fuzzy search methodologies. So there is a large array of expanded keywords that investigators can view, and discard those terms which have no relevance or have been falsely expanded. This can help control the complexities of the process and thereby help cull data more efficiently.


Handling multiple queries – When multiple keywords are submitted, the tools should be able to provide the results of each individual query as well as a combination of all of them. If the user is provided with 100 search results, it should also be clear which are worthwhile. This helps bring an organized mechanism into action for search testing, sampling and refinement.


Rapid sampling – Rapid sampling tests conducted on the results highlight the quality of the transparent search tool. Along with this, it should also be capable of taking samples of documents that do not match the queries to help identify and confirm that documents containing relevant content are not missed.


Automated documentation – The transparent search needs to document the entire process, including things like keywords that have been excluded, multiple as well as individual queries, etc. These can be produced before the court if the investigating methodology should come into question.


There is no possibility of critical errors with a transparent search methodology. This approach provides stronger defensibility in legal eDiscovery, which can reduce time and costs by eliminating all deceptive perspectives and accentuating the culling process effectively.





Dvd Or Cds Duplication Or Replication Which Is Ideal For Your Needs

Dvd Or Cds Duplication Or Replication Which Is Ideal For Your Needs
Disc production is an economical and also workable means for large data storage as well as distribution. Daily, disc production businesses cope with client queries on whether or not there is any distinction if the data is replicated utilizing DVD or CDs Duplication or DVD Replication. For the normal individual, this seems virtually the same. The thesaurus would even consider the pair as synonyms. However, learning just what makes each diverse from one another allows an individual to pick properly based on their own requirements. Differences might consist of cost-effectiveness with respect to volume of manufacturing and also required turnaround times.

DVD and CDs Duplication is also identified as “burning”. Data is etched on to recordable DVD-R media using a small laser found in drive burners or duplication machines. This procedure is easy to use, easily accessible and widely obtainable (can be performed at home using personal computer systems or even notebooks), and is less expensive compared to replication credited to the minimal set up charges. If a smaller amount of discs are needed, typically fewer than one thousand units, duplication is actually the favored process. If creating dvds for use on a standalone DVD player, clients must be mindful that there is a modest possibility of older players possibly not being able of reading DVD-R media. This is really uncommon these days but still a small likelihood which must be pointed out before an purchase is placed.

DVD or CD Replication is additionally known as pressing. It is a professional manufacturing method where raw materials run through large disc-molding equipment which produce the fundamental Dvd. Glass masters are created from the client supplied original masters. Data is then actually stamped or pressed directly into the actual disc. After which, a protective layer of lacquer is spun onto the dvd next later hardened making use of ultraviolet light. Most of the operations included here are automatic consequently factoring in the cost per unit. This specific method is best used for bulk production generally with a bare minimum requirement of one thousand copies per production. Replication also has a longer lead period with turnarounds generally of two weeks or even more. For some orders, a reduced minimum quantitly may be allowed, as well as rush jobs are available.

One may easily tell if a Dvd was duplicated or replicated simply by analyzing the disc’s recorded surface. A duplicated dvd will be purple coloured underneath thanks to to the chemical dyes found under the reflector. Replicated discs will be silver underneath simply because of the aluminum that has been utilized to layer the disc. Rest assured the quality of copied content as well as integrity of data is practically the exact same among the two. Typically speaking, the primary difference is in the production techniques and also the duration of time needed for production.

The publisher has been in the DVD Duplication and Replication business for many years, and typically evaluates companies providing their services in this specific sector. In their latest evaluations, right here are his very best picks for CDs Duplication and CDs Replication. Visit one of these sites right now for a lot more info concerning your DVD and CDs Duplication and Replication needs.

Trust the best companies for CD and DVD replication needs

Trust the best companies for CD and DVD replication needs

Coming up of digital technology has changed many things in this modern generation both in personal and professional front. Digital storage system is the part of this development. Storing important data and files in digital format is increasing tremendously because it can keep your files and document safe and sound. If you want to keep the information and numbers of big businesses safe and sound, you can work with the reliable digital media companies. They are providing replication needs of CD, DVD-5, 9 and 10 and flex DVD.

Flex dvd is one of the demanding products which are available at reasonable rates with the companies. It is an innovative format of DVD which is thinner and lighter than the standard one. The products are highly flexible and cannot easily damage. Therefore, it is the first choice of most wise people for mailing purpose. Moreover, it has large memory space and it can be easily played in computer DVD drives and DVD players. What you are waiting for? Get the best quality products from reliable companies at attractive prices.

The companies also excel in CD Business card replication. The replica CD are designed in such a professionals design that its face can be easily read and the entire important details of the companies such as companies’ name, phone numbers, address are clearly printed on it. There are details of the companies in the CD which can be viewed by playing in CD drive. This type of advanced and digital business cards impress the potential clients and attract more customers with the professional method. It can be integrated hyperlinks so that clients can visit the official website of your company. This advanced technology is gaining popularity in most parts of the world because of their numerous benefits. The reliable services providers are dealing with customers of diverse business fields and putting their best effort to provide utmost costumer satisfaction at reasonable charges.

The service providers are best for CD duplication New York. The duplicate CDs are combined with audio and data sessions. They are offering duplication services which are really quick and ensure to deliver the products on time. It is a cost effective and faster method that can produced number of identical Compact Disc in a short time period. So if your firm is in New York and required large number of duplicate CD, you can contact the reliable service providers who can meet your bulk need in time.  The entire discs which are going to use for duplication purpose are properly examined before they actually start the process. This accurate inspection avoids the use of defected products. Hence, they ensure flawless services of top standard. Providing utmost customer satisfying services is their main goal. Quality and durability of the products is their assurance.

For more information about Dvd manufacturing and Cd masteringPlease visit here http://www.digitalflexmedia.com

Digital Flex Media 11150 White Birch Drive Rancho Cucamonga, CA, 91730


Compare life insurance quotes plan future financial needs

Compare life insurance quotes plan future financial needs

Financial stability is the key to a successful life. People have to learn to manage their money well in order to live a stable lifestyle where they can have the things they want most out of life. Life insurance, on the other hand, works a little differently because you are not provisioning for your current financial status. Even though the insurance is in place so that your future financial needs can be met when you are no longer around, it will still impact your current finances as you are spending that money right now. For that reason, you have to consider your current financial situation in order to ensure the affordability of such a policy. You may have the best intentions of providing for your family when you are gone, but if you end up falling short on your monthly payments because of it, then it won’t make good financial sense to take the policy out just yet.

The best way to find the best possible premium is to shop around. You need to be able to get quotes from a variety of places so that you can compare life insurance quotes. You need to be able to compare what the quotes cost, what benefits they offer and whether or not they can be extended to cover you for any other life changing events. Unfortunately, death is not the only thing that we need to worry about. We have to consider the possibility of disablement and dreaded disease as well. It may not seem like a big risk, but the problem is that if it occurs you could end up in apposition where you can’t work and provide for your family the same way you would under normal circumstances. Being disabled or falling ill with cancer doesn’t mean that you no longer need to be provided for, because you are still around. In fact, over and above your usual monthly costs, you also have to pay for treatments for the illness as well as your comfort levels. If you become disabled, you would have to modify your house for wheelchair access for example. You would also need to pay for the wheelchair itself for example. These things can become quite costly, and if you are already struggling to manage your finances, you will put a lot more strain on the household income with the additional expenses.

It’s important to plan for all of these financial events in case they happen. If you haven’t reviewed your financial situation recently, it is time to take stock and see where you are at.

Priceline Protects is an Insurance firm. This offers life insurance quotes online Australia, womens insurance, serious life insurance, insurance for women and other critical illness insurance.