Sand Dunes Dust Storm and Sun Rays (Black and White)

Sand Dunes Dust Storm and Sun Rays (Black and White)

Revisiting a 2016 folder… I don’t like the color one yet, so here’s black and white. I need to finish re-installing software & plug-ins on the computer I just built.

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A Generator and Dust

A Generator and Dust

The morning after the horrendous thunderstorm at Furnace Creek Ranch in Death Valley. We heard a number of generators running (we had no power ourselves). This one was outside the registration office. It didn’t produce enough juice for them to get their computers going, though. They made a note that we were leaving and that half a tree had fallen on our cabin — but the note was handwritten and our bill was left settled.

The air got dusty whenever any kind of vehicle went by. The mud from the flood dried to a fine powder that was easily raised — and then hung in the air and spread all around. I’ve seen floods after hurricanes where everything touched by the water showed some kind of mark. After this storm everything looked covered with powder.

Originally posted in 2006.

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Frosty winter morning at Tunnel View (Yosemite National Park)

Frosty winter morning at Tunnel View (Yosemite National Park)

The winter storm that moved through Yosemite last weekend cleared a few times throughout the day, making for beautiful light and showing off tunnel view in late morning at its sugar-frosted best.

(just noticed there’s a dust spot or two–will fix that later when I’m at the appropriate computer).

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Lights Last Kiss, Mesquite Dunes, Death Valley National Park

Lights Last Kiss, Mesquite Dunes, Death Valley National Park

****better on black****

Got a call from a great guy and great photographer a couple days ago about hitting up Lake Tahoe and Yosemite and it crushed me to not be able to go. I’ve been working double time at work as the year draws to an end and I had to shoot a senior and family portrait last night that just couldn’t be rescheduled.
Since I couldn’t head out to shoot, I figured I’d drop back into my spring break trip and pull out another shot. Sort of a …virtual… mental photo trip of sorts. Couple computer freezes (stupid macbook pro) later and here we have it. I hope you enjoy. I like the highlights on the dune ridges. Cheers

–jared r.

Canon 5DMKII
Canon 16-35mm @ 28mm
Iso 160
1.5 sec
Singh-Ray 2 stop SE GND
Singh-Ray 3 stop RE GND

Raw files handled in Lightroom
Final adjustments (luminosity/dust) in Photoshop CS5

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