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*NeverWish* | ethereal backpack coming to N21 & the falling hearts skybox @the mainstore for XOXO.
♡ SL: Pentacles666

skybox: *NeverWish* falling hearts skybox @the mainstore for XOXO. rains hearts & stars, comes with or w/o rain, materials enabled, 5Li.
dresser: +half-deer+ amelia dresser (pink)
lamp: +half-deer= bunny table lamp (pink)
plant: dust bunny quirky planter hedgehog
drinks: .random.Matter. bubble tea from the market set
desk: .random.Matter. desk (pink) from the dorm life gacha set
computer: +half-deer+ sugarbyte computer set
chandelier: +half-deer+ faerye flower chandelier
bear: hive sweet teddy bear (pink heart)
hair: [monso] rose
pose: bossie. kawaii pose pack
backpack: *NeverWish* ethereal backpack coming to N21! available in 5 environment colors, 6 cloud colors, materials enabled, unrigged mesh. the clouds even move!
leggings: evani makka leggings (smoke)

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She has fire in her soul and grace in her heart ♥

She has fire in her soul and grace in her heart ♥

Trompe Loeil Emeline Cottage & Kitchenette @(Uber)
tarte. ruffle bottom curtains @(N21)
.peaches. New Year New Me Computer Clutter & The Fianna Tablet Set
Soy. Reed Screen
vespertine my quirky corner / posing atelier chair
8f8 Green Grocers – Leek Paper Bag
Second Spaces Well-stocked Pantry – baskets of raw goods
Apple Fall West Village Hand Thrown Terracotta Urn, Ceramic Chubby Squirrel, Books – Arrangement 8, Daffodils Jug, Rolling Pins Assorted, West Village Florentine Pitcher – Porcelain, Original Artwork ‘Dried Poppy Buds’, Mixing Bowl Set
hive milk jug daisies, bottled emotions, macrame hanging plant.sunshine, dainty flower hanging light.silver, devil’s ivy overhang plant.dark, kitchen scale, suds station, recipe tin, hanging devil’s ivy plant.dark
*pm* Creator Burnout – Not Yet Burnt Out Cup (Dots), Not Yet Burnt Out Creative Inspo Pile
MudHoney Kitchen Clutter Pot Rack ULTRA RARE
Loft & Aria Seule Dining Table- Ash, Ainsley Dining Chair
dust bunny kitchen clutter: canisters white, banana hanger, spice rack white, paper towels, dish drying rack white, utensil pitcher white, clutting boards; brunch .hanging apron; homemade soup .bag of groceries, pot of soup copper

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Pink Room

Pink Room


01. Lagom – Babygirl [ Skybox ] RARE C/M

.peaches. New Year New Me Computer Clutter – Computer @N21 New!!

.peaches. New Year New Me Computer Clutter – Keyboard @N21 New!!

.peaches. New Year New Me Computer Clutter – Mouse @N21 New!!

.peaches. New Year New Me Computer Clutter – Journal @N21 New!!

02. Lagom – Babygirl [ TV ] C/M

05. Lagom – Babygirl [ Messy Condoms ] C/M

06. Lagom – Babygirl [ Shirt hanger ] C/M

07. Lagom – Babygirl [ Naughty box A ] C/M

09. Lagom – Babygirl [ Nightlight ] C/M

10. Lagom  – Babygirl [ Rug ] C/M

12. Lagom – Babygirl [ Sofa ADULT ] C/M

Ariskea[Adora] Roses Box  – 1 @Uber new

Ariskea[Adora] Roses Bouquet  – White @Uber new

tarte. photo grid RARE @Mainstore

tarte. craft desk @Mainstore

tarte. flower vase @Mainstore

tarte. pens & ruler @Mainstore

tarte. catch all & washi tape @Mainstore

tarte. vortex chair @Mainstore

tarte. bullet journal @Mainstore

dust bunny . yummy pillows . tart @kustom9 New!!

dust bunny . yummy pillows . fortune cookie @kustom9 New!!

dust bunny . yummy pillows . tart @kustom9 New!!

tylie // Hoeritos Chips – Pink – L FATPACK @The epiphany  New!

tylie // Smartphone – PINK – L FATPACK @The epiphany  New!

MICHAN – Nomnom Gacha – Unisauce [Epiphany Exclusive] @The epiphany  New!

MICHAN – Nomnom Gacha – Sweet Hamsters (light) @The epiphany  New!

:::ChicChica::: Valentine # 5 @The epiphany  New!

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Strive for beauty that can be felt, not just seen

Strive for beauty that can be felt, not just seen

tarte. starburst lights N21
floorplan. shaded room divider / french blue FaMESHed
what next Picture Gallery Frames Set (Contemporary) FLF 1/3/20
dust bunny . quirky planters 3 FaMESHed
Apple Fall West Village Dakota Chandelier – Lead FaMESHed
Apple Fall Mona Office Collection Belle.
• Ginger Jar Lamp – Navy Toile
• Industry Office Desk – Stripped Oak
• Mona Office Chair – Rustic Wood
• Stacked Art
• Trellis Office Rug – Charcoal
• Vintage File Drawers
Ariskea [Molly] Tea Cup & Books Uber
Ariskea [Middleton]Frame paris FaMESHed
Fapple CfM Chair Brown
+Half+Deer+ Scarf Clutter – Hanging, Hanging Dried Flowers
what next House Plant – Agave (stand)
tarte. creative outlet set: journal stack, desktop computer RARE, catch all & washi tape, pens & ruler
anc beads curtain (lace clear)
dust bunny. hanging plants .ivy plant
Scarlet Creative Lake House 1

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