"Put on your Sunday clothes, there’s lots of world out there …"

(‘ WALL-E’ by Thinkway Toys)

Diorama by RK

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Video cables

Video cables

Video and sound cables on telestudio in plugs, blue toned

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Mad Alex – Second Life Road

Mad Alex - Second Life Road


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An impression from “Interstellar”

An impression from “Interstellar”

According to the ticket computer network of the Korean Film Commission on 18th, the film drew audiences totaling 210,410 people for one day on 17th and it is topped the box office. Total attendance at this movie has topped 5million. It is about a box office hit `Interstellar’

The director has studied the subjects related to this movie at the university for 4 years.

He said that he didn’t want to make an immature and groundless movie. Thus Christopher Nolan worked on this movie.

To make a higher quality movie, it is based on the theory of a possibility of time travel through wormhole of internationalphysicist, Kip Torne’s Physical cosmology.

‘The story of `Interstellar’ goes like this. As the earth became that mencan’t live on, peoplehad to find a new planet to survive. The main character Cooper went into space, leaving his beloved family behind, as a last hope of mankind. He ventured his life in another galaxy through wormhole

In the film, fine dust covers whole earth. Only corn farm survived despite fine dust covered on their labored crops. In fact, not only our country but also other countries struggle with fine dust these days. Is it only fine dust?
The temperature of the earth is getting higher and the ice on polar regions are melting slowly. The marine life is dying from some unknown cause, abnormalityof climate caused mutation of produce, and some people are suffered from the shortage of water. I thought this kind of story can be happened in the future science fiction film in my childhood

But this came into reality already. The message of `Interstellar’ is not just an interesting story. We should do something for stimulating the global environment. We have to change our mindset and we need to make a habit of thinking about the conservation of nature in daily life. In addition, we need to teach our children how to love the nature and make them carry out the idea.

It recalls me a commercial copy that“Nature is not ours but we borrowed it from our future generation.” Today I deeply feel that we need peace not only among people but also peace between people and nature..

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Fake poster design for class. Will probably submit this one, but I will have to trace it and do it with real things, like paint or whatever.

Heavily influenced by Saul Bass movie posters. Word was introduced to my consciousness through Mark McCoy’s collage collection of the same name, and upon receiving the assignment this concept clawed it’s way out of the primordial sludge of my subconscious.

Overall, took maybe an hour and a half to make, factoring out hunting down and downloading music on blogsearch and MSN.

Also, please note: this is one of the first designs I’ve done entirely by computer, not just for fun, in quite a while. The previous 30 or so entries in my photostream have been collecting dust for months.

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Leonardo di Caprio in Body of Lies (2008)

Leonardo di Caprio in Body of Lies (2008)

Adaptat dupa romanul omonim al jurnalistului David Ignatius de la publicatia Washington Post, filmul "Body of lies" urmareste misiunea sub acoperire intreprinsa de catre agentul CIA Roger Ferris in Jordan, o tara din sud-vestul Asiei, cu scopul de a captura un lider terorist cunoscut sub numele de "Suleiman". Intors din Irak cu un picior fracturat, Ferris primeste de la superiorii lui sarcina de a se infiltra in vasta retea terorista, pregatind pentru aceasta un plan elaborat si periculos, inspirat dintr-o celebra misiune a Serviciilor Secrete Britanice din timpul celui de-al doilea Razboi Mondial. Pentru a fi sigur de reusita Roger Ferris are nevoie de sprijinul lui Hani, seful Serviciilor Secrete din Jordan si al vicleanului veteran CIA Ed Hoffman, cu care formeaza o alianta problematica, ce conduce adeseori la conflicte morale si culturale intre cei trei barbati.

Intrebarea pe care si-o pune Ferris este daca poate avea deplina incredere in Hani si in Hoffman, fara sa pericliteze rezultatul misiunii sale secrete si fara sa isi riste propria viata.

Body of Lies is a 2008 American spy film based on the novel of the same name by David Ignatius about a CIA operative who goes to Jordan to track a high-ranking terrorist. The film is directed by Ridley Scott, director of American Gangster and Black Hawk Down, written by William Monahan, and stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe, Vince Colosimo, and Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani.

Roger Ferris (DiCaprio) is a CIA operative, most likely from their elite Special Activities Division. He is in Iraq who is trying to track down a terrorist called Al Salim. While following a lead, Ferris’ asset (who he has become good friends with) is killed during a car chase involving terrorists, rocket-propelled grenades and two missile-firing U.S. helicopters. Ferris recovers from his injuries at a U.S. facility in Qatar before he is sent to Jordan to run down some intelligence he recovered in Iraq. Meanwhile, unknown terrorists plan to follow up an offscreen series of bus bombings in Sheffield, with more attacks in Manchester but blow themselves up when the police find their cell. Later, another terrorist undertakes a cell phone-triggered bombing in an Amsterdam flower market that kills at least 75 people.

Ferris’ handler, Ed Hoffman (Russell Crowe), keeps tabs on Ferris via an UAV. Towards the start of the movie, Hoffman speaks to his CIA superiors. He explains to them how terrorists are turning their back on technology by throwing away their phones and computers and using old methods of communicating face-to-face and with written messages. Because of this, the terrorists are very hard to track.

In Jordan, Ferris tosses the ineffectual Station Chief out of his office before he meets Hani Salaam, head of the Jordanian General Intelligence Department (GID) who tells Ferris to never lie to him. Hoffman finds an Al Salim safehouse in Jordan and tells Ferris to conduct a surveillance operation on it. However, Hoffman organises another CIA operative Skip (Vince Colosimo) to conduct an operation without Ferris’ consent. The other agent screws the operation up and blows his cover after saying something compromising to a terrorist from the safehouse. The terrorist takes off running, intent on relaying information that the safehouse is being watched. Ferris chases him down and kills him by stabbing him, getting bitten by dogs in the process. Hani covers up the killing by passing it off as a robbery and Ferris accuses Hoffman of running "side operations", telling Hoffman to lay off.

Ferris meanwhile goes to hospital to tend to his wounds. While in the hospital he meets a nurse named Aisha (Golshifteh Farahani), and he gradually falls in love with her. Hani recognises one of the men living in the safehouse as a man he had known for years named Karami (Kais Nashif) and he takes him out into the desert and coerces him into working for Jordanian intelligence (he has been sending money to Karami’s mother and making it appear as if it came from her reformed and successful son, so she doesn’t know Karami is still a thief and now a wannabe terrorist, and he is shamed and surprised when Hani does not kill him but lets him ride away on his bicycle). Hoffman asks Hani to hand Karami over to the CIA, most likely to interrogate him but Hani refuses, having earlier told Ferris he does not believe in torture. Unknown to Ferris and Hani, Hoffman tells Ferris’ CIA subordinate to follow Karami and kidnap him. Karami gets away and notifies the terrorists in the safehouse that it is being watched, resulting in the safehouse being lit on fire and abandoned. Ferris’s partner is caught and Hani professes his belief that Ferris had knowledge of the move on Karami and therefore blames his lack of honesty with Hani for the destruction of the safehouse. Hani gives Ferris 12 hours to leave Jordan.

Ferris comes back to the States for a while and argues with Hoffman, whom he derides as power-hungry and fat. He then comes up with a plan to make contact with the terrorist Al Salim by staging a significant terrorist attack, the logic being that Al Salim will hear about this attack and try to make contact with the terrorist group who committed it. With the help of one of Hoffman’s CIA friends, Ferris is able to frame a Jordanian architect named Omar Sadiki by posing as a financier contracting a bank’s construction in the UAE, making him look like the head of a terrorist cell.

The "terrorist attack" is staged at the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey. A bomb is exploded in the base and Ferris uses unclaimed local bodies dressed as soldiers to make it seem that soldiers were killed in the attack. Al Salim (Alon Abutbul) sees the report of the attack on television and tries to make contact with Sadiki.

Hani tells Ferris to come back to Jordan because he knows that he needs Ferris. Hani then talks to Ferris about his suspicions that Omar Sadiki is a terrorist. Ferris hides that this is not the case, and acts as if he doesn’t know anything concerning Hani’s suspicions. Ferris later tries to save Sadiki from being kidnapped by Al Salim’s henchmen but fails and sees another CIA agent nearly killed in the subsequent car crash. Sadiki informs Salim that Ferris made it seem he committed the terrorist attack. Sadiki is killed. Ferris goes back to his apartment and finds out that Aisha has been kidnapped. He then desperately asks Hani for his help, explaining to Hani that he made up Omar Sadiki’s terrorist cell and the terrorist attack supposedly committed by Sadiki was faked. However, Hani refuses to help Ferris because Ferris lied to him.

Ferris gets a call from the kidnappers and is told to wait for a van. The van picks him up and drops him in the desert. Meanwhile back in CIA headquarters, Hoffman is watching everything via an unmanned aerial vehicle. Ferris is then picked up by a group of men in cars and the vehicles create a massive cloud of dust before splitting up. Hoffman is unable to follow Ferris because he has no idea which van he is in.

Ferris is taken to be interrogated by Al Salim, just across the border in Syria. When Ferris asks Al Salim about Aisha, Salim tells Ferris that someone has lied to him and he has been doublecrossed. While Ferris tells Salim that there is an infiltrator (Karami) in his organization who works for him, and that, by association, Salim works for him, and laughs in his face, and subsequently spits in Salim’s face, Salim smashes two of Ferris’ fingers with a hammer before turning on a video camera and ordering Ferris to be cut loose. Al Salim then leaves. Ferris is prepared by Al Salim’s men to be executed on video. As Ferris is about to be executed, Hani and his men burst into the room, killing all of the terrorists and arresting Al Salim.

While in the hospital, Ferris is visited by Hani who reveals to him that it was his men who kidnapped Aisha, using blood she donated regularly at work to make it appear she’d been killed or wounded. He then brokered a deal with Al Salim (using Karami): he would deliver CIA agent Ferris to him, for money. It was one of Hani’s men who rang Ferris and dropped him in the desert. Since Karami was Hani’s man inside Al Salim’s organization he was able to locate Ferris and Al Salim in time to save Ferris and arrest Al Salim. Aisha has been released and is fine, and she does not know what role her kidnapping played.

In the end Hoffman offers Ferris a job in his office, but Ferris declines and tells Hoffman that he quits the CIA. Hoffman prepares to leave Jordan and resigns himself to Ferris not changing his mind. At the movie’s end, Ferris seemingly decides to not contact Aisha therein refuting what Hoffman had repeated numerous times through the movie; claiming that no one is innocent. However Ferris is seen in the market buying pastries, in a box similar to that which he had taken to Aisha’s and it is left to the viewer to decide whether he leaves her to live her life or act’s selfishly, involving her in his.

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Tribute to Flickrites

Tribute to Flickrites

So i decided to tag alot on this to make up for all the tagging i don’t do. (i hate it) i wish i could post this into like 20 groups like some poeple do on flickr. this is a tribute to all of them out there. post your pictures put some tags (3 to 6 at most) add it to about 2 to 3 groups and then shoot some more than waste you time on here…. off the soap box now….

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Fury Road

Fury Road


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What (you ask) has this magazine cover to do with the Science Fiction movie "Moon"?

Well, it’s one that I just happen to have in my collection, a copy of which I spotted in the film….

Here’s my review:


Feature Film
Directed by Duncan Jones
Screenplay by Duncan Jones and Nathan Parker
97 minutes
United Kingdom

Zowie! Let’s get that out of the way. Yes, Duncan Jones, co-writer and director of the British Science Fiction movie “Moon” is David Bowie’s son and if you want to think of the film’s plot as revealing the ultimate fate of Major Tom, go right ahead I won’t stop you.

Budgeted at five million dollars, “Moon” cost a lot less than a NASA lunar mission, or indeed a NASA moon shot toothbrush but, as with the slightly more pricey genre hit, “District 9”, provides an astonishingly big bang for its paltry space-credits.

Well, perhaps not so much literal pyrotechnics, as this is more cerebral Science Fiction, rather than space war, super hero slugfest or giant robot rampage. (Which is not to say that they can’t be brainbusters as well.) Rather, “Moon” is set on the title satellite within futuristic spitting distance of today. We’re mining dear old Selene naked (Down lads! Naught to do with the star of "Underworld"!) essentially raking through the moon dust for Helium 3, celebrity isotope of the century because of its potential use in nuclear fusion reactors. Here splendidly realised (in a tidy montage at least) and providing 70 percent of Earth’s energy needs. Korean based Lunar Industries Ltd. is a big mining concern that maintains a semi-automated one-man station on the moon station. Why they don’t shift over to total mechanisation given the high level of sophisticated robotics otherwise on display is one of the film’s few sticking points. Never mind, perhaps there’s a property rights derived legal necessity that requires the base have an actual human living and working on site. If so, you’d think that Occupational Health And Safety wouldn’t let them get away with a lone operator! With good reason too, as solo Astronaut Sam Bell, very near the end of a gruelling three year contractual tour of duty, is looking and acting increasingly seedy. Taking his character on what turns out to be an existential quest to find himself is actor Sam Rockwell, who’s shaping up into a rather noteworthy genre star.

Rockwell was Crewman Number Six from “Galaxy Quest”, Zaphod Beeblebrox in the “Hitch-Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy” movie, and even played Batman in the short film “Robin’s BIg Date”. He’s also rogue industrialist Justin Hammer in “Iron Man 2”. The “Moon” role is an actor’s challenge that results in one small step for Sam, one giant leap for Samkind. Rockwell quirkily paints a ‘Dorian Gray’ portrait of an off world working stiff coming messily unglued at the space suit seams. As who wouldn’t, with nothing to do but service dust harvesters, build intricate scale model buildings and watch reruns of “Bewitched” and “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”. Even his technical reading mater is dustily dated, I spotted a copy of the old weekly aviation encyclopaedia “Take Off” on his space bunk. What sad ubergeek would still have that? It’s issue # 15 and came out in 1988. Very interesting article on carpet bombing Germany with B-17s, as well as a spiffing reference guide to business jets, including (Tee hee) the “Rockwell” Sabreliner Series. (Sometimes, I even let Arnold J. Rimmer borrow my copy.)

There aren’t many other faces to take the focus off Rockwell’s cleverly star-crossed performance, though I did notice that Matthew Berry has a minor, as opposed to a miner, role. Berry is well known to surreal genre buffs for being in “The IT Crowd”, “Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace” and “The Mighty Boosh”. Blink, and you’ll miss him here!

Poor Garth is well upstaged by the voice of Kevin Spacey, whose genre credits include: “Superman Returns”, “Seven”, “Outbreak”, “K-Pax”, “Austin Powers In Goldmember”, “Fred Claus” and the upcoming “The Men Who Stare At Goats”. It’s just as well he’s a voice actor too, (in “A Bug’s Life” at least) because he’s the calmly spoken GERTY, the base’s built-in HAL -9000 like computer/robot assistant. Actually Kubrick’s “2001” and its implacable Right Stuffy Space Rangers has a little less to do with the gritty tone of “Moon” than films like “Silent Running”, “Outland”, “Dark Star” and, at an existential stretch, “Solaris”. So, regarding rogue robots, you won’t find too many echoes of Duncan Jones’ bachelor degree in philosophy thesis: “How to Kill Your Computer Friend: An Investigation of the Mind/Body Problem and How It Relates to the Hypothetical Creation of a Thinking Machine.”

No, it’s not robot revolution that’s at the heart of Lunar Station Sarang’s (the Korean word for ‘love’) increasingly over pressurised troubles. Still, that entirely unflappable, too reasonable voice is one more reason to go over the edge and stay there. The film’s effectively evoked atmosphere is a low budget marvel and everything in the production design, from the womb like padded space suits to the cramped lunar rovers and the unyielding confines of the base itself, serve to bottle up the long suffering main character’s angst; as the human condition turns in on itself backed by a constant, air conditioned hum. (Craftsmanship like this doesn’t just happen, take a bow Production Designer Tony Noble, Costume Designer Jane Petrie and all your clever artisan Selenites!)

As an occassional propmaker myself I couldn’t help but keep an eye out for the usual recycled flotsam and jetsam being used in the sets, but for a film this low budget I was quite surprised that even I had trouble identifying the usual junk, apart from a few repainted plastic cutlery draw liners and packaging discards. I also suspect extensive reliance upon real miniatures and models tweaked with computer jiggerypokery also helped keep costs down. Oh, and Luna’s 1/6th Earth gravity is generally well depicted outside on the surface, with ‘moon hopping’ being the preferred (presumably wire rigged) mode of walking and roostertails of dust taking a long, stately time to fall. INSIDE the base, however, the filmmakers either worked around or ignored the issue. Given the questionably high level of biotechnology on display perhaps ‘The Company’ also makes artificial gravity generators?

I’m not sure if the main idea has enough juice to warrant an additional two planned sequels without serious tinkering but for the most part “Moon” is a deliberately slow paced, reflectively sturdy Science Fiction film, though veteran buffs will probably twig to what’s going on quickly enough. No real matter, the ending still feels organic to the plot, even if the ‘grand gesture’ finale doesn’t quite deliver on the measured build up. In a year that also yielded up the splendid “District 9”, “Moon” is a most impressive debut feature. You’ve really made the grade Mr Jones, protein pills all round!

Rob Jan

Here’s the podcast:


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Hubble in 3-D

Hubble in 3-D

This image depicts a vast canyon of dust and gas in the Orion Nebula from a 3-D computer model based on observations by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and created by science visualization specialists at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) in Baltimore, Md. A 3-D visualization of this model takes viewers on an amazing four-minute voyage through the 15-light-year-wide canyon.

During the ride, viewers see bright gaseous clouds, dark nebulae, embryonic planetary systems, and thousands of stars, including a grouping of bright, hefty stars called the Trapezium. The tour ends with a detailed look at a young circumstellar disk, which is much like the structure from which our solar system formed 4.5 billion years ago.

Based on a Hubble image of Orion released in 2006, the 3-D visualization was a collaborative effort between science visualization specialists at STScI, including Greg Bacon, who sculpted the Orion Nebula digital model, with input from STScI astronomer Massimo Roberto; the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; and the Spitzer Science Center at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena.This news release and its supporting materials are permanently archived at: hubblesite.org/news/2010/12/

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