Mouse on dusty table

Mouse on dusty table

Computer mouse and notebook on dusty glass table

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Endangered Species

Endangered Species

1.28.11 – The importance of a good mouse is key for most digital artists, photographers, and designers. Logitech has served me well since as far back as I can even remember. The last brand before Logitech I honestly remember in my hands was an IBM one that came with the first computer my family ever got. I grew up playing around with commercial computers that had black and green screens and required line commands but this computer was a "personal computer", something all nerds lusted for. This was when color computer screens were considered some huge leap in computer technology. "Imagine the power required to produce all those colors!"

The clunky, large white mouse seemed so amazing at the time. Dust would collect in the tracks in a matter of weeks, making you loose control of your pointer. This then forced you to take the ball out and clean each little roller sensor. The cord would knock things over on your desk at times and you had 2 inputs (1 on a mac).

How far we have come. This mouse is ergonomically shaped to form to the human hand in a comfortable position. It wirelessly sends signals to the computer using a laser sensor that can work on relatively any surface and has 10 inputs. Just think what the future holds for us tech-heads if this kind of progress can be made with something as simple as a mouse in such a short amount of time.

The days of the mouse are numbered though. Touch screens and highly advanced motion sensors will become the new age of computer interfaces. What next? Full integration? Ok, I won’t get too carried away. Happy friday everyone.

1.27.11 – I have been wanting to shoot this for a long time now. This giant book was built to allow local graffiti artists to have their way with it. It always reminds me of what in high-school we called "The Rock." It was what I always supposed was originally a giant 4-foot-tall boulder from the mountains. The tradition was to have each class come and paint over the previous lower or upper classes markings. We would have friendly battles back and forth month to month.

Like an old giant tree, this huge blob had hundreds of layers from multiple generations (including my mother). I volunteered as an on-call firefighter for a couple year in high-school and one night we got called out to the station for a fire at the school. Turns out someone had covered in gas and lit the thing on fire. The flames were taller then the people on the scene. No damage was caused, but we always assumed it was a rival football team from the hills. The Rock still stands today with fresh coats of paint from new generations of students.

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This is my cat Nooch. Many of you may or may not know my cat but he is really awesome and is truly the best cat. I love to photograph him, and I figure that I would post something different.

This was taken with a Sony NEX-5 and for a small camera it really takes some great photos, especially when I don’t feel like taking out the big camera. 🙂

Also Something funny to add, After I finished dusting my whole room he decides to jump around on all my furniture.

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gaming 6 button mouse

gaming 6 button mouse

This is pretty cool. Nobody ever thinks to get a good mouse do they?
I wanted the exrtra buttons for gaming where you have to throw grenades flashbangs etc,
I play counterstrike online sometimes and am rubbish at it.
It is very sensitive and a slight movement moves it totally off screen.
It does take some getting used to if you use a normal crappy mouse. They cost less than £5 on ebay delivered to your door.
It works on win 7 but I havent tested all the buttons fully yet.
It isnt an ultra gaming mouse but is good for the price I reckon and a huge improvement over a standard mouse.
The dust on it is ash I’m a smoker.
A wired mouse is proven to be a lot faster than a wireless one.
here if youre interested…
The ad says fully adjustable but there is no driver cd with it so maybe you adjust in windows? It’s MUCH faster than a normal mouse straight of the box plug in and play. You just get the mouse in a box

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011/365 – April 21, 2009

011/365 - April 21, 2009

click. click. click. click. click. click. click. click. click. click. click. click. click. click. click. click. click. click. click. click. click. click. click. click. click. click. click….

That is how I spent my day today. I had to clean dust off scanned images for my photo paper.. and it took forever!
Today I felt like a clicker. Not a student. Not a photographer. Just a clicker.

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Wireless (February 18, 2008)

Wireless (February 18, 2008)

My desktop is now wireless. And it only took five minutes to set up.

(I bought an AirPort Express a couple of months ago so I could wirelessly (is that a word?) print from a laptop in the living room to the printer in the office. When I plugged in the AirPort Express, I used the ethernet cable that had been plugged in to my computer. Rather than just buy another cord for the desktop, I went the gadget route and got a wireless USB adapter. It works great so far!)

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My Desk 2011 (Main)

My Desk 2011 (Main)

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A Lot of Time Spent Here

A Lot of Time Spent Here

Hunched over. Eating junk food. Drinking water. Watching TV via Hulu while lying in bed.

Boy, I need to dust, don’t I? Oops!

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