You Love IM – Now Love it Even More

You Love IM – Now Love it Even More

I have experience using the Internet since it was first made available for commercial use. And after working in online marketing over the last seven plus years, I have noticed that keeping in touch with all your friends and family every day has become so routine, we almost take it for granted.

Over the years, it has gotten much more simple to drop a line, say hi, or find out what’s new throughout the day, regardless of what part of the world they’re in. There used to be a time when this wasn’t the case – people didn’t have the technology available to them in such a user-friendly way to do so, and a result, it never occurred to them that it would be possible. The way we communicate has changed…and for the easier.

If I think back and compare now to 10 years ago, it’s interesting to see what direction communication has taken. If I want to know what my friends are up to now, I don’t even need to pick up the phone or meet them for a drink. All I have to do is go on Facebook and check out my friends’ walls; or I can check out their latest Tweets. I can see where they’ve been, what they’re thinking about, who they’ve become friends with – all without talking to them. With so many of us online, this has become the norm.

One particular communication tool that has gotten better over the years is instant messaging, or IM. When it first came out, there were only so many IM clients – PowWow, AOL, ICQ, etc. And it was only possible to chat with your friends if they were using the same software. Over time, it became possible to chat online with all of your friends, regardless of what IM client they were on. For example, say one of your friends is using Google Talk and your mom is on Yahoo – if you’re using a client such as Paltalk or Meebo, you can talk to both of them without having to install Google Talk or Yahoo. What’s even better is that IM now allows you to video chat as well. Services such as SuperIM from Paltalk or ooVoo make it possible for you to have a webcam chat conversation for free.

Video chat is so great, because it’s the next best thing to talking in person. Imagine your best friend just gave birth, and you’re working on the other side of the globe. What’s better than a picture of that cute little newborn? Or imagine that a loved one is in the hospital, and you want to let them know that everything is going to be OK. Or say something at work needs to be addressed immediately and it involves multiple people – with today’s IM tools, it’s easy to have a free video conference on the fly. IM makes it possible.

Learn more about Yahoo! Messenger:

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Weekly Poems from Poems for Free: A Philosophical Friendship Poem and More

Weekly Poems from Poems for Free: A Philosophical Friendship Poem and More


May poetry flow
From your moonlit garden,
From your cool, dark fountain,
Untouched by age.

May your spirit read
The book of life
With the same enchantment
As the child within.


Dear son, I cannot speak, and yet
I have so much to say to you,
Too much for time and will to net.
Life goes with just this last adieu.

I have so much to say to you,
Far more than I can now convey.
Life goes with just this last adieu
To serve as what I want to say.

Far more than I can now convey,
I love you with a love that yearns
To serve as what I want to say,
Ablaze with joy that bleeds and burns.

I love you with a love that yearns
Too much for time and will to net.
Ablaze with joy that bleeds and burns,
Dear son, I cannot speak, and yet . . .


My lover bathes me in his precious light.
I am the Earth to his all-giving sun.
His needs are burned away in serving mine,
Consumed in the production of his love.

In my awe I’m sometimes forced to wonder:
How can such sweet radiance be sustained?
So selfless is the self in need of need,
So much in love with giving others love.

Still, the sun requires no return.
Light and life come humbly from its fire.
And so I worship him as did the ancients,
Grateful for the gift of being near.


Whiskers will remain a wily wastrel,
Having learned the habits of his heart.
Impulse is for him an inner minstrel,
Singing with the certainty of art.
Kindness cannot cause him to be caring,
Even when exceptionally at ease.
Reveling in love, he finds it wearing;
So saunters off, with no one else to please.


Pastors are supposed to be the shepherds
A willing flock has bid to guide their souls.
So must you be yourself a lamb of courage,
The one most lost amid the moral wreckage
Of Adam’s sin, whose grief must be the fold’s.
Remember we are all but broken potsherds,
Sustained alone by faith in some great whole.


The luck in love lies mainly at the start,
Having to do with meeting and attraction.
Indeed, the passion that undoes the heart
Remains, at heart, a chemical reaction.
Thereafter, love is on its own, and must
Each hour, each day, each year renew its glory.
Ellipsis may be suitable for lust;
No love lasts long without a proper story.
The luck in love for us lies far behind:
Here love is knowing, wise, and far from blind.


Thank you for preparing me for baptism.
How better do we learn than from the heart?
A soul can best find joy by sharing grace,
Not being whole except by being part,
Knowing well the ways across that chasm!

Your love shines through your acts as through a prism,
Of all God’s gifts, the easiest to trace,
Uniting your sweet labor with His art.

Nicholas Gordon is a poet and the webmaster of the popular poetry site, Poems for Free at He holds a Ph.D. in English and American Literature from Stanford University. For most of his working life, he taught English at New Jersey City University, in Jersey City, NJ.

Make Your Love More Beautiful With These Special Love Poems

Make Your Love More Beautiful With These Special Love Poems

Writing is a miracle, although you try on with books or poems. But when writing poems, it is a personal satisfaction, which not only brings your emotion to others but share and win hearts.

However, traditional love poems may become monotonous. You need to have something that is unique and still serves the purpose. Creativity is always appreciated.

Following poem is a “Special love poem.”

In sweet company of romantic dew; together forever forever they flew

Singing and diving in love’s hue; together forever forever they flew

They were lovers, two birds on a tree in a green forest

He loved her and so did she and the life was full of jest

They flew in skies of love happily and enjoyed true peace

Every day was Valentine and made love every night in nest

They sang songs of love and smiled all the time, their souls were virtuous and sublime

Then, it was changed by an intruder, and their peace was at stake

Goldie was his name, gold wrapped scaled reptile, a fearsome snake

Goldie lived on heath just beneath couple’s tree; a treasure for natives

Natives used to hunt Goldies because of gold skin and gift to tribe’s rake

Snakes were killers when they strangled prey, no poison though and aggressive all the way

One horrible day, the couple in their nest heard cries for help louder and nearer

Frightened they were when they helplessly witnessed a cold blooded cruel murder

He wanted to go, but she didn’t let the lover go and they were sole spectators of crime

Goldie had in this big scary mouth, a prey and sadly it was their lovely and sweet neighbor

A bird of many qualities the dead one was and good, a true supporter and symbol of bird’s brotherhood

The couple was sad and very careful now with their nights not lovely and days peaceful anymore

Though the intruder, Goldie knew that he could kill only by surprise attack and never from front door

The couple’s head was a powerful bird and somewhat equal match for Goldie in strength and aggression

Goldie knew that the couple is invincible united; the head will die first than watching her dying before

Cruelty was his power and wickedness tactics, Goldie patiently waited for a real chance of killing


It was indeed bad luck for the couple one day; she was alone in nest as her lover was on hunting far away

She felt thirsty and flew towards a nearby pool, on her way she saw a wonderful wild flower tray

“How romantic and lovely these are?” she thought of picking one for her sweet lover and dear protector

After cautious inspection for danger, she came on ground near the wild flowers with such sweet array

At a hiding place nearby Goldie was slowly moving, to him it was a great chance of bloodshed rhyming

The flowers’ invitation was fatal and appeared a trap; she was a victim and scary death her possible fate

Sweetness and tenderness were in air and then in a quick instant she smelled ugly smell of not a mate

Fear was written all over her trembling body, she thought of how to live without her love and partner

With lightning speed she flattered her wings to escape, but Goldie had attacked first and she was late

Goldie wanted to grasp her and eat on sight, but the flowers smell made his precisions wrong and injured bird flew away with bad plight

She tried as she could to fly, but the attack was fatal enough and managed to reach just by the pool

Goldie cursed the flowers smell as smell was his weapon and not eyes, but he was clever and not a fool

A trail of blood made him understand that she can’t fly long distance, Goldie chased her in anticipation

With hunted fish in beak and flying he felt something and lost control of prey, though he was an old school

Missing her badly he headed homewards, and Goldie was almost at the pool to finish the job onwards

“Ah! My love where are you?” her heart cried on seeing the deadly enemy so close and dangerously near

Goldie spotted the wounded helpless bird and made posture for a decisive delivering of death of fear

“O eyes stop seeing” he shouted on seeing his lover in danger, the tragic situation from kilometers away

Goldie attacked vigorously and violently, but was caught in mid air by a native man with lifetime’s sneer

The native man danced with joy for the treasure, she was in shock and soon reached her reason to live there

What a cheerful welcoming was it! Beak to beak, wings to wings a long and very romantic kiss

Tears of happiness rolled down from couple’s eye, they felt peace and love and felt eternal bliss

A year later, she gave birth to a baby as sweet and handsome as the father, a sign of everlasting love

Warmth of companionship made their days; nights were woven with deep passion of cupid’s synthesis

Good parents they were and always remained, sheer love and peace were in the air and terror chained

And never and never trouble grew; together forever forever they flew

The baby, mother and father’s crew; together forever forever they flew

Click more special love poems

Ultimately, It all comes to one thing. A smile on your special someone’s face, and a romantic image of you carved at his/her heart. Believe me, you can achieve this by special love poems.

Kashif Ali Abbas

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Love and Romance – Making it More Exciting

Love and Romance – Making it More Exciting

If you have been with your partner or your spouse for quite a long time, you might think that the relationship is not giving you the sparks of love and romance that you have felt when you were first dating. Most often, couples who have been together for a long time tend to forget or just probably do not care much about being romantic to each other. Especially if both are stressed at work, or there are children to take care of, it can take away your time for each other or worst, can make you take your partner for granted.
It is not too late though. There are many romantic ideas that you can do to please your partner and bring back the excitement of the love and romance that you use to share with your partner. It does not need to be something so complicated though. There are simple yet romantic ways to show your partner that you care.
Have Time for Each Other
One reason for unhappy relationships and marital problems is the lack of time for each other. Even with the growing responsibilities that you both have to face especially if you already have kids, it is important that you include in your priorities a time for you and your partner. You can set aside a couple of hours or a night each week that is intended for some fun activities you can do together. It can be going to the movies or enjoying a dinner date, and make sure you both agree to spend the time alone together and enjoy a night of love and romance.
Show Your Partner That You Care
If you have not told your partner lately how much you love him, it can be one romantic idea to let him know. Aside from whispering those magic words to your partner, you can also have many creative ways to do it. I once make my partner smile by sticking a big ‘I love you’ note on his desktop monitor, and I added a little note of how much I miss his corny jokes. You can make it more memorable too. You can send a handwritten love letter or small gifts that will surprise him. For guys, you can even surprise your girlfriends or spouses by cooking for dinner and learning to prepare aphrodisiacs. You can even offer your spouse a foot or body massage, which will definitely earn you good bonus points from your partner.
Say the Magic Words
Aside from making these small things to let your partner know that you care, of course, you should not forget about telling him how much you love him. Tell it to him in the most romantic way you can. It should not be something like a mechanical farewell phrase but say it with a romantic gesture and even a little flirting that shows you really mean every word. Love and romance are indeed made exciting by little gestures like these.
Don’t Forget the Important Dates
Women make a big deal on anniversaries and important events in the relationship. If you want to make her feel extra special, surprise her on your anniversary or any important date in your relationship. If the anniversary is still a long wait, you can even invent your own special day for your partner. Make a one-month-before-Valentine’s Day date or something you can invent to make a celebration of love and romance.

Carolyn Anderson is fond of self-help books on love and relationships. To make your relationship more exciting, you can have a fun time together with your partner with this fun questions for couples. You can also get ideas from 300 Creative Dates, where you can find exciting suggestions on setting up fun and romantic dates.

How to Make our high hees more Comfortable

How to Make our high hees more Comfortable

We spend most of their time standing or walking around the place. A new study say the average person walks as much as equivalent to going three times around the Earth in his/her lifetime ? which means that there is a lot of pressure on our joints and foot muscles. So our feet should be treated better. Women often go to the bearty salon to pedicures and foot massages, but injure them by wearing high heels. Recent research suggests that up to a third of women suffer permanent problems as a result of their prolonged wearing of ‘killer heels’.

When you buy a new shoes , maybe they looks pretty good and are the fashoinable syle, but are inflexible and uncomfortable to walk in. But we are always eager wear out new high heels, after some few hours or even minutes you feel tired and painful. Did you ever want to know how to wear high heels and don’t feel any pain? New shoes usually need to be “broken in” when first bought, and high heels are no exception. There are many different ways to make our feet more comfortable when you wearing a new high heels.

We usullay feel new high heels stiff. Here are one way to solve to problem. You can place your high-heels into a sink and fill it with warm water.Let them soak for about 20 minutes or so. Make sure the shoes you are trying to soften won’t be ruined by water! Suede, some leather, silk, satin, etc. will all be ruined by water! Dont get steaming water! Your shoes could melt!

Do not put aside you shoes. Wear your shoes for a half hour to an hour every day, taking them off as soon they start to hurt. After a few days,you should feel more comfortable in your new shoes.

Wear some thin socks underneath. This will help prevent your feet from rubbing against the leather or on the material of the shoes. Note: If you wear the moleskin for a few days, the glue of the moleskin collects some dirt and dust. This stays on your feet for a few days but washes off. It is not sticky, unhealthy or bad for your shoes. It looks similar to if you just took off a band-aid.

Don’t step toe first or place your heels and toes on the ground at the same time. Walk the same way your would with flats – with each step you take, place your heel on the ground first, and then the ball of your foot/toes.

The shoes you wear every day can affect the health of your feet, it is important to take good care of them. You can take reference to those suggestions. They may help if you have those problems that still unsolved.

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Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook – contains more than 100 kinds of recipes including detailed instructions

Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook – contains more than 100 kinds of recipes including detailed instructions

As we all know, food plays an critical part in our every day lifestyle and it could affects our well being. So you must treat food significant and attempt your greatest to find out what is the suitable food you should decide on. In case you have a clever choice, you will turn out to be far more powerful and much better.

Healthy Urban Kitchen is the experiences of the respected nutrition professional and it offers you with quite a few beneficial ideas. By means of reading this e-book, you’ll have a good command from the procedures how to rely around the foods to maintain health.

First of all, it consists of far more than one hundred sorts of recipes including in depth directions. Even though you don‘t have significantly funds or time, you can learn how to get, consume and cook the healthy foods all of the exact same. To your surprise, it can also tell you the precise time when you had far better consume. All of these foods will support you lose weight and improve your general well being naturally.

What’s more, the biggest benefit of this book is that it may make the special foods answer for you personally accroding to your complicated problems. Only whenever you locate your characteristics, you’ll be able to have the most proper meals approach to boost your wellness. These will aid you receive the goal as soon as achievable. In sum, it is probably the most helpful and useful system on the market that is suitable for everyone.

For food, we tend to carefully selected, for fear of buying a home with toxic stuff. But if not pay attention to bloom and ease of cooking food, healthy food will become a drug, so you “throw good money after bad”, so you’re really not worth it!

By mung bean contains tannin, high temperature conditions in the case of iron generates iron black tannins make black bean soup, a special smell, not only affect the appetite, taste, and harmful.

Due to a variety of traditional Chinese medicine contains alkaloids and a variety of biochemical substances, especially in the heating conditions, stainless steel or iron with a variety of chemical reactions occur, or to drug failure, and even have some toxicity (when more complex).

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Farmers Keep The Major Household Appliances More Than Urban Residents – Home Appliances, Air

Farmers Keep The Major Household Appliances More Than Urban Residents – Home Appliances, Air
The current 1.17 million farmers in Beijing’s demand for home appliances have been from the “add new” to the “Update” in the varieties of all sales, the more high-end refrigerators, washing machines the most popular. According to the municipal Bureau of Statistics data show that for every 100 rural residents of the city’s refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, mobile phone ownership in more than urban residents.

Yesterday (August 9, 2009), who lives in Mapo Town, Shunyi Feng uncle in a house painted a new move

TV Installation Air conditioning , Washing machine And spent a busy day. His family of new appliances both large and small, are last month

Bringing home appliances Products chosen. Recently, this reporter learned from the Municipal Commission of Commerce, with products to promote in-depth, in July the city bringing home appliances products

Sell New record high, breaking 60,000,000 yuan.

Nearly 150 million yuan sales of home appliances to the countryside

With the constant familiar appliances to the countryside, more and more farmers began to replace the city in the “large child.” Shows, this year in February, the city’s “home appliances to the countryside” products on sales of 12.5 million; in March doubled the daily sales of nearly 3-fold, reaching 356,000 yuan; April sales of 440,000 yuan daily ; May daily sales of 861,000 yuan; in June sales of 990,000 yuan the day, while in July and then double the daily sales have nearly 200 million in monthly sales is more than 60 million yuan . As of now, the city appliances to rural areas has reached 147 million yuan in sales.

Reporter found that in last month’s best-selling products,

Refrigerator , Air conditioning and other appliances used most frequently in summer to the top of the list on sales of nearly ten thousand units, while sales volume is not high once

Mobile Last month suddenly popular, what the Department sold more than 3300, as sales of the third overall standings.

Main electrical farmers keep more than urban households

Municipal Commission of Commerce of the responsible person, now the city 1.17 million farmers demand for electric appliances have been from the “add new” to the “Update” in the varieties of all sales, the more high-end refrigerators, washing machines the most popular .

According to Statistics Bureau data show that for every 100 rural residents of the city’s refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, mobile phone ownership in more than urban residents.

Network launched this month, check specification

It is understood that the city does not belong to home appliances to the countryside there are individual sales outlets of enterprises are selling home appliances to the countryside products. If rural residents to buy the products of these enterprises will be sealed and not because they can not receive subsidies. This City Commission of Commerce issued the “Beijing bringing home appliances sales network management practices”, started from this month check network specifications.

According to City Business Committee responsible person, in order for farmers to purchase household appliances to the countryside products, Business Committee organized a number of “free caravan appliances to the countryside” campaign to

TV , Refrigerators, mobile phones, computers and other appliances to the countryside to subsidize products to sell on site, so that farmers can not see into the physical shopping and activities in the implementation of field sales, field way of subsidies, farmers can receive subsidy payments on the spot.

Learned that in order to facilitate rural farmers to purchase household appliances to the countryside product in the future, “Caravan” village-site sales and marketing will further expand the scope. The reporters also learned that there are already some districts and counties will “examine rural, district honor” of steps to streamline the direct examination by the rural financial payment, will shorten the period of 15 days 5 working days, while the introduction of the online banking payment system, farmers cleared at the scene, you can go directly to the rural commercial banks to receive cash subsidies.

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Healthy Urban Kitchen Critique – Improve Your Lifestyle by Consuming A lot more

Healthy Urban Kitchen Critique – Improve Your Lifestyle by Consuming A lot more

Most of the people hear the words “Healthy Eating” and cringe since it generally requires some form of rigorous program that doesn’t suit within their hectic daily life variations. The words also carry photos of counting calories, very low carb, low body fat food items that flavor like cardboard, rigid workouts and starvation. The local bookstore carries an array of so referred to as “healthy” cook guides packed with conflicting nutritional data, not to mention the diet program scams that prey on folks which might be looking for a quick correct.

With all this conflicting details it can be no wonder that most of the people don’t have any thought what’s really healthful and excellent for their bodies asking the question “Well, what do I consume?” This prospects to far more problems than the public is aware of, bodyweight troubles, poor skin, depression, and illness are just a few.

1. That is the Creator of Healthful Urban Kitchen Cookbook? Is it possible to Really Have confidence in Them?

At Healthful Urban Kitchen, Antonio Valladares and Jaime Larose have developed a straightforward step-by-step method for searching, cooking and ingesting which can cater to any life-style, even the busiest. Antonio continues to be rated “Best Personal Trainer of NYC” and has been featured in Sports activities Illustrated, Ny Occasions, and many others. He has spent fifteen many years of his profession studying, interviewing, issue solving, refining, testing and building true world remedies for your epidemic of unhealthy living and weight gain.

2. What Could you Learn With Healthful Urban Kitchen area Cookbook?

Antonio’s wealth of information and Jaime’s flair for enjoyable and cuisine spawned into your Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook which can make nutritious eating ultra simple. This guide caters to active folks with frantic lifestyles that want to drop excess weight, however it can advantage all lifestyles. This easy to adhere to guide explains what to eat, when to consume, what amount to try to eat, how you can simplify buying, the way to cook (entertaining even for many who hate cooking or simply never have the time) and just how to turn healthful recipes into delicious meals that decrease fat and allow you to shed weight.

three. What Will Healthy Urban Kitchen Do In your case?

Right after traveling to Wholesome Urban Kitchen people are blown away through the simplicity from the system. They throw away every one of the misleading notions of nutritious ingesting and enjoy the benefits of ingesting delightful meals and much more of it. The plan can take the fat off and keeps it off, however the rewards don’t stop there. It also creates obvious nutritious skin, eliminates depression, prevents condition, and significantly revives the physique without having medication, diet plans or surgical procedure. Basically right after exploring the advantages of Healthful Urban Kitchen you uncover the strategies to enhance your daily life by ingesting much more.

Here goes some more details on How to Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook.

3rd Part : We Need More Islamophobia Not Less. Islam Is A Death Cult, Not A Religion.

3rd Part : We Need More Islamophobia Not Less. Islam Is A Death Cult, Not A Religion.
Notice the unfettered ignorance of York. She uses CAIR to quote on crimes against Muslims. CAIR is directly connected to Hamas. Why not just use Al Qaeda as a source? And the numbers of ‘violence’ against Muslims is so small, that I would love to see the methodology. What is a violent act exactly against a Muslim? Quoting the Koran and calling it hate speech? Asking an Imam why he keeps referencing Suras 9 and 5 which advocate violence? Denying a Muslim with no income a loan? Please show your details on all of these dozen or show ‘crimes’ Ms. York and CAIR.

York then goes onto conflate a justifiable fear of a fascist cult with racism, intolerance and violence, linking such attributes to the KKK [a white group formed by the Democratic party, the main political vehicle in the US for Cultural Marxists]; and the Tea Party movement, a mass-movement with thousands of blacks and Hispanics amongst it membership. What a moron. But this is a typical Cultural Marxist. Defend Islam at all costs. Denigrate any who oppose the obliteration of the American Republic. Hate your own civilization and your unique history of enlightened progress and development.

The Muslims can’t take over North America and Europe unless we help them. Islam with over 30 millions now resident in Europe and most likely 8 millions in North America does have a plan at world conquest. Does every single Muslim understand or subscribe to such a goal? Probably not. But no one knows what the individual thinks or does. Muslim Brotherhood documents discovered in the 1990s are however very clear. The Muslim elite, or a cadre within it, certainly desires the replacing of the European and North American systems of government and freedom, with Caliphate rule, based on 11th century Sharia Law. Here is a question for the Cultural Marxist losers. Do you really believe that a planet controlled by Islam is going to allow you or anyone else the freedom to write your Marxist self-loathing stupidity, or allow you the freedom to follow your designs of self-immolation? Fascisms are not known to be progenitors of tolerance, rationality, freedom, or to facilitate a division of church and state – supposedly a very important concern for the Cultural Marxist Brown Shirts, along with Gay Sex [Islam hates Queers]; Feminist power [the female is a slave within Islam]; and Green Power [Islam is completely indifferent to Mother Earth]. Most of the dearly coveted beliefs so strongly held by the Cultural Marxists are in fact totally opposed by the moon cult.

We can be sure of one thing of course. As with Gay sex, abortion, Globaloney-Warming, socialism, and state control, the Cultural Marxists and their media friends will try to change the nature of the debate from what Islam actually is, to one of name-calling. If you oppose Globaloney Warming you are a holocaust denier. If you think abortion is bad, you hate women. If you oppose unfettered illegal immigration you are a racist…..and if you fight against an Arabian moon cult and fascist theocracy, you are an ‘Islamophobe’!

There that makes perfectly good sense doesn’t it. The really smart people are siding with a true pagan fascism. One thing is certain in life. If the Cultural Marxists are supporting a program, or pushing a theology, you know that the opposite position is the right answer. These idiots are wrong on every issue. And calling them ‘idiots’ is exactly the right term to use. And most likely you don’t enjoy listening to chattering idiots.

The Koran is fascist. To read more about Koranic supremacism and Koranic racism, go to

Want To Know More About Google Analytics?

Want To Know More About Google Analytics?

Are you one of those types of people that loves to quote statistics, do reports put you in your happy place? If you’re one of those people and you own a blog or website you are probably already using Google Analytics or you really need to start! Google Analytics gives you all of the statistics you could ever need about visitors to your site.

Traditionally website reports were rather limited. This is mostly due to the fact that reports of this nature are generally hard to interpret (it’s true) and the fact that they were usually supplied in narratives, IE Word documents. Google Analytics shook up the program with live, detailed reporting so that you could see an up to the minute look at all the traffic to and within the site and better measure your success.

You’re finally open for business, or maybe even you’ve been up and running for a month. You can see that customers are coming in and peeking around, but you don’t know what exactly it is that they are looking at, so you don’t know what (if anything) you’ve put on the website was effective and held their attention. You want to know which pages your customers are visiting, you want to know if those customers come back to the website and what they look at when they do, you also want to see all of the customers that link back to you—well, if you’re a stats junkie you probably want to know a whole lot more than that!

Google Analytics has the ability to answer these and other questions, and present those answers in lovely charts and graphs so that you have a visual representation of what is actually happening on your website. The GA reports are all real time and web-based so you can check them out at any time of day. You can even look at them over morning coffee or while watching the Late Show if you wanted. Not only does Google Analytics give you all of the great chart, graphs, and stats you need to really impress the other kids at the office, but it gives them to you on demand!

The up-to-the-minute reports provided by Google Analytics and their easy to read format is just one of the many reasons why Google Analytics is the right tool for you. Pretty graphs are nice—who doesn’t love pretty graphs? However, you can usually get someone to provide you with a pretty graph. It is the fact that you can get these pretty graphs at any time of day that makes this tool a winner. The canned reports that come with the tool are useful and provide you with the typical statistics needed to make site-based decisions.

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