Oka Infinity engine from Richland Piledriver

Oka Infinity engine from Richland Piledriver

Rudy in deep doody – What to expect when you’re Kellyanne Conway and you’re expecting your pseudonym fake president husband to sleep with a porn star …

Don’t Be Best – Be Better. The ‘overall well-being of children’ is not a real charity. F#£k Finder and her Schlumberger blow-up blonde bimbo.

5 minute ‘red copper’ chef ‘infused’ with pure copper and anti-scratch technology?. Bull dust; The secrets of China’s social credit system exposed with Google glass and Scientology secret scriptures viewed through Occulus Rift.

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Slid together …DSC_4691-02

Slid together ...DSC_4691-02

I just ordered all the parts for a new computer and it would be very cluttered having everything on the little corner desk I had (I tend to use both computers at the same time) so I pulled the one out of the the other corner, pulled off opposite side shelving and slid them together.

This worked ok but the center area was to short so I made a little traingular piece to mate the two desks together so I now have an eight foot desk with lots of room.

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At one with the Universe

At one with the Universe

Contemplating life and the universe.
(actually, the "Stars" are specs of dust on my computer screen. I have cleaned it since).
Taken with a circ-polariser. Ted is on top of a spectacle cleaner bottle, backlit with a laptop LCD set to white.
I am guessing, but I think the lower part of the "star-scape" is lighter blue due to reflected, differently polarised light from the bottle cap or the back of Ted. I take these shots with no other light source.

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