Work Station

Work Station

Supplies: Cloth, Miniature Eyeglass Screwdriver, 91% Rubbing Alcohol, Q-tips, and Brasso

This is my setup, and as I mentioned before, I only use Brasso one time to make sure I get all the dust/dirt off the contacts inside the game cartridge. Over using Brasso can (sometimes) rub off the plated gold on the contacts. You don’t have to use Brasso.

Charley’s games (Combat, Missile Command, and Defender) had a tiny bit of dirt on them, but played wonderful prior to cleaning the contacts.

I clean the contacts with Brasso using Q-tips, because you can’t fit your finger inside to clean the contacts with a microfiber cloth. You can scrub hard and you won’t hurt the gold plated contacts. I do this for the top and bottom contacts.

To get the excess Brasso off (sometimes it can leave a residue) I use 91% rubbing alcohol with q-tips to finish the cleaning.

I clean the cartridge itself (outside) with soap & water, though, with a very damp cloth so it doesn’t ruin the sticker or artwork on the cartridge.

I let everything dry for 5 minutes and test the game.

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