Cleaning Inside Cartridge Connector

Cleaning Inside Cartridge Connector

Console: Atari 2600
Model: CX-2600
Switches: Six Switch
Made In Taiwan

Supplies: Cloth, 91% rubbing alcohol, craft foam sheet, and scissors (not pictured)

The previous photo shows what I use to dust the motherboard and cartridge connector. This photo shows how (and what I use) to clean the cartridge connector on the motherboard of the Atari 2600.

I soak 91% rubbing alcohol on the edge (your top) of the craft foam sheet, which you’ll have to cut down in order to fit it inside the cartridge connector.

I then place the craft foam sheet into the cartridge connector and go back and forth with a bit of pressure on the plated contacts.

If you’re afraid to take your Atari apart (like I have) you don’t have to in order to clean the cartridge connector. Just follow the same steps with your Atari intact.

Wait 5 minutes for the cartridge connector to dry and put your Atari 2600 back together.

NOTE: The cartridge connector is nailed/built onto the motherboard.

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