Zodiacal Light, Andromeda, and the Milky Way

Zodiacal Light, Andromeda, and the Milky Way

Despite all the time I’ve spent under clear, dark skies, I’ve never clearly seen Zodiacal Light. Until tonight.

Zodiacal light is sunlight reflecting off dust in the inner solar system. It appears after sunset or before sunrise and forms a line in the sky in the plane of our solar system. The slight orange on the horizon on the left is a tiny remnant of sunset.

On the right edge of the frame is the winter Milky Way, and in the top is the Andromeda galaxy. For reference, Andromeda takes up a much larger portion of the sky than the full moon–it’s really quite huge. It looks small in this image because I was using an ultrawide lens.

Also, is anyone else having problems uploading images to Flickr? After I enter my caption and tags and click "Upload 1 Photo", the upload status bar freezes up at the very beginning. It’s only a problem on my laptop computer, and it’s not IP dependent. I managed to upload this image by using the "Old Uploadr" tool.

Posted by geekyrocketguy on 2014-01-19 08:12:01

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