Hyde Pod Corner Show #11 – The olden days

Hyde Pod Corner Show #11 - The olden days

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PS. The show contains swearing (it’s not big and it’s not clever but I am an adult so it’s up to me).

Broadcasting Live from a recording in the olden days of history in times past. A good man is on trial, dress like a pirate, news at mizzen and a trailer for a unique crime fighting duo.

music from the podsafe music network
The Ragged Crow – Dust Rhinos
Fast Reels – Joe O’Conner
Tears – Marie Crehan
Bach Prelude to Suite 1 – Cello Journey
Molecular Love – The General and Duchess Collins

plus a thanks to Rob and Sumit for helping out.

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Take 1!

Take 1!

Rather random shot showing some of the prep area for their first filming!

No, I’m not using this shot in the chapter, that would be silly. I just thought it was funny with Nik sitting in the makeover chair with a ball of dust around his head.

So yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing tonight—set building! And extra-sim creating! This lot is large and eats up too much memory on my computer. So it wears on my patience. So pictures through this lot will move a bit slower than I’ve been going.

Status report: 54 pictures complete!

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