Don’t Fall For These 24 Myths About Facebook Ads [Free Guide]

Don’t Fall For These 24 Myths About Facebook Ads [Free Guide]

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Small Business Online Marketing Advice

Small Business Online Marketing Advice
Many small business owners tend to look at online marketing with fear in their eyes. To quote a famous saying, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” Do not let the unknown cause you to be afraid to use the internet to help market your business. With a few simple steps and a bit of professional help, you will be able to see a great increase in your business and productivity.

One Chance to Make a First Impression

On the Internet, your landing page or home page is the first impression you will have on visitors. You need to put your best foot forward for this endeavor. That means hiring a professional instead of your sister’s hairdresser’s kid who “knows computers”. Your website should look and feel professional. It should be easy to navigate and contain all the pertinent information your clients will need. If your website will include an online store, it should be secure and easy to use. People will compare you to other websites offering the same type of product or service, so your website will need to be able to stand up to the comparison. More importantly, your website will need to stand out from the rest. Offering value added features such as information, discounts, sales, and free items will help you in achieving this goal.

Search Engines are King

The main way that potential customers will find your site is going to be through search engines. Either you need to become an expert on search engine optimization overnight, or you need to hire a company that specializes in SEO. Optimizing your website for search engines is not a onetime event. SEO is an ongoing task that, if done properly, will yield impressive results.

Advertising on the Net

Most small businesses advertise, but many do not advertise on the internet. One of the best ways to advertise on the internet is via pay-per-click advertising. PPC advertising allows highly qualified leads to come to your site. Only people interested in what you are offering are going to click on the advertisement on the side of the page. Each time a click occurs, you will have to pay a small fee to the search engine. The upside to this is that the people who click on the link are looking for something you offer. Make sure to be very specific in your PPC advertising campaign and track your results.

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Only For MOMS – How to RADICALLY Re-Make Your Online Marketing in 90 Days Or Less (No Nonsense)

Only For MOMS – How to RADICALLY Re-Make Your Online Marketing in 90 Days Or Less (No Nonsense)

I want to share with you the BIGGEST “sin” I see so many home based, online entrepreneurs make that it truly makes me sad:

They chase, follow and try SO many half baked, silly, nonsensical marketing strategies over the course of a year…or 2….that the amount of time, effort, energy and INCOME they spend on trying to find a SHORTCUT to success actually robs them of the ONE thing they’re trying to save.


For some odd reason, in my experience, the biggest perpetuator of this process are stay at home Mom’s! And who can blame you…with time being the one thing you constantly need more of, it’s no big surprise that shortcuts, and “secrets” are pretty hard to resist. (and the “guru’s” count on this when they victimize us all)

Here is the thing….I’m going to share with you the ONE thing that can radically recreate your entire business in the next 3 months. It’s a simple concept….but it’s the ONE thing I’ve used in my own business to go from frustrated and angry……. to refreshed, rejuvenated and rewarded on a daily basis.

Here it is….it’s simple, I promise.

Go where your GIFTS are.

Or said more eloquently, by the great Civil Rights pioneer, Howard Thurman:

“Ask Yourself What Makes You Come Alive. And Then GO….and Do THAT.”

Mom’s are incredible teachers. And nurturers. And coaches. And mentors…….

Yet so many I meet online…..are struggling to make a single cent.

And that’s an incredible shame.

And totally un-necessary.

Because you ONLY need 4 things, to turn your PASSION, and purpose…into PERPETUAL piles of profit.
A Character
A Community
A Curriculum

That’s it. So instead of building Squidoo lenses…..or affiliate blogs, or trying to sell a 12 dollar ebook that I PROMISE will never make you rich.

Build your content. And re-create yourself as a COMPELLING character that other people want to know. And in the process….you’ll build a COMMUNITY of people that will love, admire and respect you. And when you CODIFY the above into a CURRICULUM you can teach and coach……you’ll make more money, faster and with GREATER ease than you ever believed possible.

(unfortunately….only a fraction of people who are reading this will ever do it….I’m hoping that one of them will be YOU)

Click HERE to Download Your FREE Report ==> The POWER of PRICELESS…..and learn how to build a 6 Figure Business From Home, in the next 90 Days….or less…doing what you LOVE most.

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4 Techniques That RADICALLY Re-Invented My Online Marketing Tutorial Business (100% FREE)

4 Techniques That RADICALLY Re-Invented My Online Marketing Tutorial Business (100% FREE)

Who else is struggling to build an online business that has meaning? Are you stuck on a treadmill of never ending gurus, gimmicks and expensive product launches that NEVER get you where you want to go? Do you have PASSION for your business, or have an idea you KNOW in your gut is guaranteed to work, but simply can’t put the pieces of the puzzle together in such a way as to make it happen?

If you said yes…I’m going to share with you the 4 simple things I did in my OWN business to go from being perpetually frustrated and disappointed, to becoming amazingly empowered, excited and enthusiastic about my work each and every day.

Understand THIS as well:

It wasn’t the lack of money or success that was disappointing to me in the beginning. As an affiliate, I had done fairly well for a number of years. It was that I felt no sense of connection, or meaning to selling affiliate products for a living. What I really craved was CONTRIBUTION, and sharing my natural gifts, and love for communication, coaching and working with people in the entrepreneurial markets to help THEM succeed. (which is a very different business model from selling stuff on ClickBank using pen names!)

So the 4 simple things below…in combination with an existing blog, and a passion for my work, literally transformed my business in under 90 days. (And they’ll work for YOU equally as well.)

Here they are:

Dumb it Down

I can’t go into each one in incredible detail here obviously…due to the space restrictions on this sort of article. But here are key points for each.


The KEY to creating a high impact email sequence is MORE is usually more. People get nervous about “over-mailing” their lists…and so too did I. But the truth is, especially if you are in a “pain” niche, the more you mail, the more you will connect with the core element of your community that are most likely to INVEST in your coaching, consulting or product offers. Mailing ONCE per day, from an average of 2 or 3 times a week made me take a DEEP breath and fear the worst…but in the end, it became the very best decision I ever made as well. (as plenty of people unsubscribed…but the response rate, and the real rapport I developed with the rest of my list has carried me ever since)


You have to make them…and often! When I first started blogging, I would just share information, and hope everyone liked me enough to want to contact me for coaching. The truth is, if you don’t make DISTINCT, discreet and specific offers on a regular basis, no one is going to get off the sofa to figure out how to give you money…EVEN if they love your content. Create LOTS of outrageous offers – time sensitive, discounts, coupons, special incentives, RAISE your prices…you name it, try it and you’ll keep people paying attention in ways they aren’t right now.

Dumb it DOWN.

I can’t really do this justice here…but keep your copy short. And sweet. And SIMPLE. The longer, more loquacious and verbose my copy became…the worse it converted. What I believed was powerfully persuasive prose…became to “dense” to understand for much of my community. (remember – some folks who may be your best clients are NOT native English speakers, or simply don’t want to reach out for a thesaurus to figure out what you’re trying to say. Keep it simple. Write in short sentences. Your readership (and your bank account) will thank you.


This is KEY, and something so few online professionals do. I automate my request for feedback. Every 10th day in my sequence, I ask for the BIGGEST challenge, the biggest obstacle or the ONE thing I can help that person with…NOW, to get where they want to be. About 20% of my list will respond to this, and I will personally write back with simple tips, techniques and suggestions they can use. About 10% of these folks will buy my high level programs thereafter…simply because I’ve humanized myself, become accessible, and demonstrated a willingness to GIVE them help in a private environment with no strings attached.

It feels good…allows me to connect and contribute much more deeply, and ultimately, has been a huge driver in growing my brand, my business and my bank account to boot!


Want the SECRET to earning 4 figures in ONE Day WITHOUT Tricks, Gimmicks or Guru’s? Click HERE and I’ll give it to you 100% Free!

BiPolar Marketing Tips – The 2 Opposite Ideas That Lead To Radical Online Profits Very Quick!

BiPolar Marketing Tips – The 2 Opposite Ideas That Lead To Radical Online Profits Very Quick!

Who else is struggling to turn a profit online? Are you finding it difficult to focus on one thing? Does the temptation to jump from idea to idea compel you to NEVER finish one project from start to finish? If you said yes…the simple truth is, you are NOT alone. In my experience, there is NO bigger enemy of achievement than maniac marketing movements that most of us make from one market to the next…one idea to the next…and one “plan” to the next, without ever really seeing anything through from start to finish.

My solution? It actually sounds a bit “bipolar” on paper…but in reality, it makes PERFECT sense…and is a great way to incorporate everything you’ve learned, while still staying focused on one thing.

Here is the idea in 2 words or less.


What does it signify?

Isolate the ONE thing you are best at. Or most passionate about. Or…simply KNOW you can make money from because you already are. Isolate that…and make that the center of your online universe. It can be a service. (like life coaching or fitness or a blog on raw food advice) It can be an ebook or ecourse on any topic. It can be a single squeeze page…or a single static review page that sells affiliate products. It really doesn’t matter…as long as you decide to ISOLATE that one idea, and invest all of your time, energy and effort into making it profitable.


Integrate EVERYTHING you’ve learned about driving traffic, keyword selection, monetization and otherwise into a cohesive and comprehensive plan to accommodate that one idea. that means writing articles like this. Writing press releases and link bait. Creating feeder sites, social networking submissions and viral video. Tweeting, friending, sharing and squeezing EVERY strategy you know of to compel, cajole and coerce as MANY people as possible to interact with your content…PERIOD.

Does it work?

Absolutely! You can leverage ALL sorts of strategies very successfully as LONG as you first isolate the ONE thing you know will make your money. Most people, unfortunately…do the “integrate” step FAR too early…and end up wasting too much time, energy and INCOME without ever having a sustainable plan to profit from it. (and if that sounds like you…you CAN turn it around in a hurry. Starting today.)

Want PROOF? Click Here to ===> Make 0 Dollars a day (or more) in LESS than 60 days. (All Free Traffic, Baby!)

The First and Only LAZY man’s guide to OUTRAGEOUS Article Marketing Profits is now….100% FREE!

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Transparency As A Marketing Tool For Annuity Sales

Transparency As A Marketing Tool For Annuity Sales
Provide your prospects with help in conducting Their Due Diligence… transparent. Have you ever considered transparency as a marketing tool? As a relationship building tool?

Click on this link : Endless Lead Flow, to discover a lead generation system that will teach you how to get more annuity leads than you can possibly handle!

Sometimes a prospect will ask me this? “What exactly do you do? Are you a financial planner? Are you an estate planner? My answer is always the same…..I am an annuity salesman! Since I am so direct about it, why not use that directness in a transparent way?

Why not convert the transparency into a positive?

Due diligence is the key and anyone buying an annuity from me should have done their own due diligence….but they don’t. So since they don’t I will do it for them.

“Mrs. Jones, sometimes annuities can be confusing so here are some questions you should ask me. But first, let me provide you with a brief explanation of exactly what an annuity is.”

Equity Linked Indexed Annuities are a popular form of investment for those saving for retirement and for your safe and secure money needs. Since this is a product offered by insurance providers, you will need to deal with me, an insurance agent to make this purchase.

Here are some basic questions before making a purchase.

The Term or Time Period

The length of time your funds are contractually connected to the annuity is important. Term periods can vary and selecting a time period that matches your personal needs and goals is important.

Ask me: “What term period does the annuity you are recommending contain?”

Guaranteed Minimum Interest Rate

Many annuities offer a minimum guaranteed interest regardless of what may happen in a crediting scenario.

Ask me: “What is the guaranteed minimum I will earn?”

Crediting Cap

Some Equity Linked Indexed Annuities have a cap on yields or returns in a time period. These time periods could be annually or monthly.

Ask me: “Do the products you are offering have a cap and if so why?”

Crediting Method

There are several methods for calculating returns for annuities. Please ask em how my products are calculated and how a multi crediting approach could be helpful to you. Also ask me what outside index I am using (such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average or the SD/P 500) and why I might advise the use of one over another.

Ask me: “How is the crediting rate calculated on the product you are recommending?”

Death Benefit

What happens to your annuity in the event of the death of the owner? The annuitant? What tax liabilities could be incurred and what options are available.

Ask me: “How does your company calculate a settlement value in the event of a death claim?”

Fees, Charges or Expenses

Some Equity Linked Indexed Annuities could contain fees, charges or expenses.

Ask me: “What charges, fees and expenses are associated with the annuity you are recommending?”

“Mrs. Jones, if I were to recommend an Equity Linked Indexed Annuity to you it would be because after fully understanding your situation that the benefits these products provide would be meaningful to you. If you do not understand any of the basic points of an annuity or how it would benefit you, please ask me to explain each item in detail.”

Are you struggling to generate enough annuity leads for your business? Do you want to Solve The Annuity Lead Problem Once And For All? Do you want to discover a proven annuity lead generation program that has worked for 1000’s of annuity agents worldwide? If yes, then you need to buy a copy of Bill Broich’s Endless Lead Flow System!

Click on this link ==> Bill Broich’s Endless Lead Flow, to read more about this great lead generation system.

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quot;Network Marketing” Marketing to wear vests – direct sales, network marketing, marketing – hairdressing industry

quot;Network Marketing” Marketing to wear vests – direct sales, network marketing, marketing – hairdressing industry

Universe laugh cents: it is Network Times, you heard network direct it?

Zhengzhou Evening News: not sure ah, say to listen.

Universe laugh cents: for you to lectures, (and you) to find two people can have a lot of money.

Zhengzhou Evening News: do not understand, to put it more specific points.

Laugh cents universe: a friend gave me that business, went to find not. Network of friends that engage in direct sales, not MLM, a marketing professor of economics there are other countries to tell you marketing. And then spent 3,900 yuan to buy a set of cosmetics, you find two people can get a lot of money. Felt they were especially good.

Zhengzhou Evening News: all about what?

Universe laugh cents: say you get 262,500 yuan a month’s wages, class to talk more than an hour, listening to a lot of people, in their study and 3 days here, just like a new person, told them The are convinced you do not let you walk away. I really do not understand is that true? They also said that buying cosmetics is driven, to do business is the goal.

Zhengzhou Evening News: What oriented, doing business?

Universe laugh cents: buy products is to buy a business license, there can be potential buyers, make money, and large Student Join the many.

Zhengzhou Evening News: You do not feel very suspicious it? I advise you not stuck to! Where are you?

Universe laugh cents: I am in Anhui Province, has just started to doubt, but finally they said people are very confident that they say is the Network Marketing, not MLM.

Zhengzhou Evening News: MLM is a fraud! I suggest you protect itself, to the local industry and commerce, public security departments to report, saved about other people.

Universe laugh cents: report useless. It was reported, police have no way to go, people scattered, but the police left they came back. I just came to visit, do not get the money to buy products, they do not join, I want to return home in Zhengzhou.

Zhengzhou Evening News: What you’re really lucky, do not give way. Do not believe the sky will fall in your lap, to legitimate wealth.

Laugh cents universe: Thank you! Zhengzhou Evening Post: You’re welcome!

Cosmic laugh cents: Goodbye! 2008 Tips for Combating pyramid No.: vigilance Network Marketing

Recently, SAIC joint Ministry of Public Security issued the first number in 2008 to combat pyramid schemes, reminding people wary marketing organization name of ” E-commerce “” Network Marketing “and other pyramid schemes under the banner of the behavior of using the Internet. Some direct sales organizations hire outside

Server , Using the Internet as a propaganda Management Supporting platform, the money in offshore accounts, through online Bank Electronic means of payment received bonus payments and pyramid schemes, illegal activity is more subtle. Organizations should be vigilant against pyramid schemes

name of “chain sales” ” Franchise “,” Direct “,” franchising “of the cover, falsely claimed that” the national pilot schemes, “” call to respond to the great western development “in the name of luring the masses to participate in pyramid schemes. At the same time, if we find direct sales organization engaged in direct sales activities in a timely manner to the local business , public security departments to report.

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Quoting Plugin Marketing for WordPress Sites

Quoting Plugin Marketing for WordPress Sites

When we talk of a quoting plugin, sometimes what comes to mind is a different thing. Some people immediately associate it with famous sayings. But in reality, there’s another kind of plugin that goes by the same name. It’s used by WordPress site owners in marketing products and services online. And that’s what this article will discuss. It will be about the WordPress quoting plugin that provides estimates.

First of all, this kind of marketing is basically derived from already existing online business models, particularly email marketing. It also owes some background to PPC or pay per click advertising, as well as simple online advertising via ad platforms. Here’s the first way you can use a quoting plugin in your marketing efforts.

Perhaps the simplest way of doing it is by placing ads on your website. Simply sign up with AdSense, NuffNang, and other platforms so they can places advertisements on your site. The trick here is to make the plugin really useful if not fun so that it attracts a lot of traffic. Remember, ads will only make you money when they are viewed or clicked. Without traffic, this will not be possible.

And since you’re getting more traffic, why not try to convert your visitors into prospect buyers? How will you do it? Simple. Simply show them a copy of your sales page or letter along with the result given by the WordPress quoting plugin. This makes viewing the sales letter inevitable. One way to put it is to place the result directly above the letter’s headline. When your prospects buy the product you offer, you get to profit. No product to sell? No problem. You can simply find affiliates or people sellers who give commissions for every product you sell.

You can add an extra step and you can use the quoting plugin in a typical email marketing method. Simply put up a web form on the same page. People who opt in to that form can then receive email offers from you. Again, it doesn’t matter if you have a product or not. The offers can be your or that of your affiliates. What’s important is that they are relevant to your prospects.

Where do you get the extra traffic to make all this work? PPC. Pay for some advertising space and get your ads out there. Target the keywords related to the service your quoting plugin provides. People who click your ad, use the tool, and opt in on the form are likely motivated to buy.


Julienne Andrew

WordPress Quoting Plugin

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