“Eye-Fi + Canon EOS M + tripod for Serenity” #photography #tools/ SML.20130123.223056.IP3.645Pro

“Eye-Fi + Canon EOS M + tripod for Serenity” #photography #tools/ SML.20130123.223056.IP3.645Pro

I bought an Eye-Fi card a while back assuming that it could geotag photos for me on the G12 if I use the iPhone app but no matter what I do I couldn’t get that to work so I finally gave up and it was sitting dust.

But now that I have the EOS M semi-permanently mounted on a tripod next to the window so I never miss anything for the Serenity series, it has a new found use—automatically transferring raw and video captures to my computer while I photograph—thus removing the need to open SD card, import photos and put it back onto the camera. A great improvement to the workflow. Super sweet.

Through the reflection you can also see me photographing this with the iPad 3 mounted on the hover bar, thus leaving both hands free for controls. By using 645pro set to Nighttime mode, this capture works well as the slow-shutter is no longer an issue.

Photographed as RAW TIFF on 645pro, cropped down and processed in Lightroom 4. As usual, pardon the chaos. Also you will note that I have downsized to a twin from my New York queen bed. A bit sad but then space is expensive in Hong Kong and I get used to it.

“Eye-Fi + Canon EOS M + tripod for Serenity” #photography #tools
/ SML.20130123.223056.IP3.645Pro
/ #SMLSetup #SMLOpinions #SMLMe #CCBY #SMLPhotography #SMLUniverse
/ #Eyefi #Canon #CanonEOSM #EOSM #Manfrotto #tripod photography tools setup #LGBT #同志 #gay #男 #men #人 #people #biobots #photography #645pro
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DAY 20: Imitation

DAY 20: Imitation

DAY 20: Imitation

Children love to imitate their parents and the wider world around them, as they learn vital lessons about the rich tapestry of life…

Whenever we are out and a fire engine races by, on it’s way to a fire or another emergency, you can guarantee that when we get home our little three and a half year old will get his own toy fire engine out from the toy box and recreate the scene he has witnessed outside.

Similarly when Mummy is hoovering or dusting around the home, our Son has to get involved with his own housework in imitation of Mummy. When Mummy is cooking he stands there right by her side insisting that he be allowed to make something for the oven too.

Today’s image demonstrates that imitation is copying or reflecting things others do and is inspired by the way our little boy likes to get out his camera whenever I’m taking photographs. He has watched me setting my camera equipment up so many times since he was born back in 2004, so now he has a toy camera out it comes and he snaps happily away when I’m taking images.

He imitates me in so many ways including always putting his wrist through the camera strap, looks through the viewfinder when getting ready to take an image, makes sure the cover is over the lens after taking images and afterwards carefully reviews the images he has taken. He has even set up a pretend computer in his bedroom to imitate manipulating the images afterwards.

We look forward to seeing his real images, when he gets a proper camera, and I have no doubt I’ll be imitating his photographic skill.

Note: image taken with a Canon 5D mounted on a Manfrotto 055CB Professional Tripod – subject located in very large light tent lit by two Canon 580EX flashes. On the surface this may look like a very simple image, but in fact it was a very complicated set-up and proved frustrating to get exactly as I wanted it. As always I aim for simplicity but achieving such simplicity is far from simple.

This image is part of the The Things Children Play With 30 day challenge gallery.

Copyright © 2008 f2 Photography

Please Note: This image may not be used for any purpose without written permission from F-2 Photography. You are NOT allowed to download, blog, print, broadcast, publish, use in a mosaic, use on a forum, distribute, change and/or manipulate this image for commercial, private or non-commercial reasons.

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Making of Saxonpc honeycomb grids

Making of Saxonpc honeycomb grids

How I shot the Saxon Computers grids of the other photo.

Come ho fotografato le griglie a nido d’ape di Saxon Computers dell’altra foto.

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mouse 3

mouse 3

When you buy something, that does’nt work, before trowing it away, make some photos!

This is my first try with my new extension tubes, that allow me to approach with the 70-200 to almost 10cm, instead 150cm (4inch/60inch)!

You will notice much "dust" on the wheel. Well, it was very hard to getting rid of it, i think there was a static charge. And then i found the dust just interesting

Strobist info:
Room was completely dark and i "painted" the subject with a hand held torch.

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Lights Last Kiss, Mesquite Dunes, Death Valley National Park

Lights Last Kiss, Mesquite Dunes, Death Valley National Park

****better on black****

Got a call from a great guy and great photographer a couple days ago about hitting up Lake Tahoe and Yosemite and it crushed me to not be able to go. I’ve been working double time at work as the year draws to an end and I had to shoot a senior and family portrait last night that just couldn’t be rescheduled.
Since I couldn’t head out to shoot, I figured I’d drop back into my spring break trip and pull out another shot. Sort of a …virtual… mental photo trip of sorts. Couple computer freezes (stupid macbook pro) later and here we have it. I hope you enjoy. I like the highlights on the dune ridges. Cheers

–jared r.

Canon 5DMKII
Canon 16-35mm @ 28mm
Iso 160
1.5 sec
Singh-Ray 2 stop SE GND
Singh-Ray 3 stop RE GND

Raw files handled in Lightroom
Final adjustments (luminosity/dust) in Photoshop CS5


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