Hildda Season Greetings

Hildda Season Greetings

Hello Everyone and happy Wednesday, it is the middle of the week and only two more till the weekend, Yay! I still have a load of things to do and some shopping for gifts, then I am done! Finally as promised in my 1000 Followers photo, Mary finally finished editing the interview she did with me and as promised here it is, some questions and answers were removed, because in hindsight I was not comfortable sharing that part of me, I forgot I was doing an interview and was just talking to my friends I have known for years. Hopefully I left in enough to not be a disappointment. I am so thankful for all of you and for your kind comments and encouraging words and I do wish all of you an incredible and lovely Holiday season. 🙂


Mary: You know I am going to get you to confess where you have hidden the bodies and the bank jewels!

Hildda: Laughs, only after enough glasses of wine and then maybe.

Mary: LOL! Ok here we go, question one!

Q: How long have you been in Second Life and what brought you in?

Hildda: Boring! Laughs, I thought you were going to start with “Why do I dress like a pony girl every weekend!”

Mary: LOL, that is for later on!

Hildda: Oh! Laughs, ok then. I came into Second Life in 2013, after a nasty real life breakup, a friend at my office told me about this online place called Second Life and that it would be a good distraction and be able to meet people safely. So I created an account that weekend and came in-world and been am citizen ever since. My first few weeks were difficult to say the least, more from not knowing how to use the viewer and go places, or what even a place was. Also was having issues with very strange people, however, in time I was meeting people that were smart and sweet, the discovery of shopping made this crazy place enjoyable and worthwhile to stay, as a result the addiction to Second Life began to grow. 🙂

Q: What is about Second Life you love the most?

Hildda: My Second Life family and friends, who have become real life family and friends to me and help me bury the bodies when I need help! When I can text my SL sister as much as my RL sister, or go on Skype IM with my bubsie that says something about how powerful this world really is, I never had that swipping profiles and pics on my phone to find a date.

Q: What is your favorite things to do in Second Life?

Hildda: You know me, I am actually a very boring, I just love being around people, though over the years, I have come to love going to live music performances, my favorite being Maximillion Kleene, He has a wonderful voice and he always brings a smile to my face. I also go to Art Galleries and Museums and I do what Bubsie’s taught me, is sim jumping to discover what is new, or something I have never seen before.. then of course there is the photography and modeling and yes I am a shopoholic.

Q: Have you ever done the Role Play scenes in Second Life?

Hildda: I tried it, but I am not very good at role playing, pretending to be someone else in a fantasy setting was interesting but just was not for me. I do enjoy going to places that have things to do as yourself, a murder mystery sim, or a family community town, things like that, but playing grendella the wicked queen of Hysteria in an elven land, really is not for me.

Mary: Then what about the Pony Girl weekends, LOL!

Hildda: Shut up you cow, you know I do not do those things! Laughs.

Q: You do not have to answer this, but have you ever had a relationship in Second Life and are you single now?

Hildda: Yes I had one, it was nice but in the end it was just more of a friendship than anything else. Yes I am single in SL and RL, but not looking, not opposed. You better not be trying to set me up!

Q: No promises, because I did meet this Dubai Prince at a club the other day and he is into red heads and says he is loaded…

Hildda: NOOOO!!!!! Laughs!

Q: LOL, ok, we will put a thumb tack in that for later, moving on, what made you start doing fashion photos in Second Life?

Hildda: I started taking photos when I first entered into Second Life, doing quick snapshots of me and friends, not knowing what I was doing or anything about SL photography. What really grabbed my attention was I started seeing the advertisement photos in the shops around Second life, especially at the time in the Gizza store, who would put up these amazing high fashion posters for her clothes and I would just stare at them reminded of the photos that are in my Vogue and Bazaar magazines. Then it struck me, I can try to do that, so started to learn all I could about Second Life photography and annoyed my brother to start teaching me how to use PhotoShop and Darktable. When I eventually took a photo and went, wow, that is really beautiful, I was hooked.

Q: Why did you start sharing your photos on Flickr?

Hildda: Because all of you people would not stop nagging me to death about it, laughs! You know me I am actually very shy and actually was afraid to share, you all giving that encouragement helped me overcome that fear and I started early this uploading and I am surprised at the response I have received from others and am just thankful.

Q: How do you describe your fashion style?

Hildda: Cosmopolitan Eclectic would be the best description I believe, I love wearing pieces that I really enjoy and are of high quality, mixing different designers up together to create something that is me. I am a city girl and I suppose I bring that sense of fashion into my Second Life appearance.

Q: What is your favorite look to strut around in Second Life?

Hildda: You make me sound like a pretentious cat, laughs. I suppose if I had to say what I wear most often is either a nice dress, or a pair of leather trousers, maybe jeans and a sweater. I change my outfits so often but those are my go too looks, that I will wear several times a week.

Q: Who is your favorite Second Life designer?

Hildda: That is SOOOO hard to answer, there are many that are just amazing, plus there are always new designers that keep setting the bar for quality and creativity higher and higher. If I had to choose though, I have several designers I adore, gasping with excitement, bouncing in my seat when I see a new release. I would have to say I have a five way tie between Valentina E., Osmia, Dead Dollz, Ricelli, Tetra and United Colors! Oh there are just so many incredible designers, it is impossible to select even a few, you are making me feel like I am at the Oscars trying to thank everyone that worked on the film, afraid of missing just one, laughs!

Q: Ok, I will ask an easy question for you, Who is your favorite real life designer?

Hildda: I am a Valentino girl! Though I never limit myself to just one designer, a true woman will have select pieces in her closet that best speaks of her and how she feels that day, or how she wants to feel that day, she expresses herself to others by her outfit, “I am feeling like this today’.

Q: Shoes and boots and who is your favorite?

Hildda: I adore wearing tall boots with either a dress, or over leggings. Again there are way to many designers to be able to choose only one favorite, I am an absolute fan of Reign, Utopia and Eudora3d.

Q: One word to ask, Hair?

Hildda: Ughs, I have way too many hairs in my closet nd way too many exceptional hair stores around. Doux, Monso, Exile and Truth in Red of course! The beauty of Second Life is I can change from long hair to short hair on a whim, I cannot do that in second life unless I wear wigs all the time.

Q: I know you have your two places in Second Life, who are your favorite non fashion designers, or creators?

Hildda; OH! That is impossible to answer, there are so many, MANY amazing artists that create objects that make my mouth gape open and enable one to create a beautiful home, or create a great photo scene. I will say Dust Bunny, Nutmeg, Fancy Decor, Botanical, Apple Fall, Half Deer, I pretty much have most of their stores in my inventory. Laughs! I do enjoy shopping at so many other places as well, I wish I could give them all a Like!

Q: A SL and RL fashion question, what three pieces should be in every woman’s closet?

Hildda: Good question, for real life, every woman is going to have her favorite go to pair of jeans, shoes and her favorite bag. I would say that pieces that can used for anytime and almost any occasion is ideal. So, a white silk blouse, or sweater, do not let the so called fashion law of no white after labor day fool you, you can where white anytime you like! Then a nice quality knee length real leather skirt, in black, a leather skirt can transform from the office to a night on the town with just a simple change of accessories, I am not against the pleather skirts and leggings I have a few myself, but have found that the more you wear them, the more the pleather stretches and the piece does not fit right after awhile, where leather always has bounced back for me. So worth the investment. 🙂 Then I would say a nice elegant calve length coat, simple with clean lines, again a coat that can move from the office to evening with no effort. The coat does not have to be fancy or expensive, but a nice black, or taupe expresses elegance.

Q: Going back to Second Life modeling and photography, what advice would you give to those who would wish to start doing modeling and photography?

Hildda: Well first of all I do not believe I am anywhere close to being qualified to give advice on this as I am still learning myself everyday. What I can say that may help those who are starting is, take photos you want to see and enjoy viewing, not what you think others will want to see. Unless, you are a photographer for an SL magazine, or doing advertising for a store, the picture you are doing is for you and if others like what you did that gives you a very deep warm feeling of appreciation down deep in yourself, where as if one took a photo for others and they do not like it, then the opposite feeling of rejection happens and it makes one feel terrible on the inside. So always be yourself and do the photo for yourself and then share with others, because we should always share and give.

Second, Also learn PhotoShop, my brother helped me get started with it, he is into computers and built for me what I needed, so instead of my laptop, I am using this huge refrigerator of a computer in my living room, laughs. I also eventually took a class in PhotoShop to learn more on layering and masking and all that stuff. The software is not expensive through the Adobe cloud and is well worth the investment in my opinion.

Third, never be afraid of making a mistake, making mistakes is a good thing, when you learn from them, I know that goes against what I learned in school, we were always punished for making mistakes, but I have found I learn more from trying and failing rather than always succeeding and never growing. Yes, I have taken photos that were absolutely awful and deleted them they were that bad, laughs, but I learned and knew how to not do something, or something for another time.

and then I would say, never be afraid to push your boundaries and try new things even when they are a bit outside your comfort level, that is the only way to grow and have fun, else you will become bored.

Q: On Flickr, do you have any favorite artists?

Hildda: Why the questions that will get me into trouble, you are such a bitch Mary! Laughs. There are so many and what is amazing is that each have their own style, their own voice and expression, I never dare and it would be wrong to compare this model and artist with that one over there and so on. There are a few that stand out in my mind as breathtakingly incredible and I would love to mention them, but then I think it would be unfair to those who are amazing in their own rights, like me I am still learning and may never reach the level of creativity and skill that some of these have in their photos. However that does not matter at all, we do what we do out of a love for Second Life and for the creativity. Even if someone posts a picture of a blank wall with a single red stripe down the center, if that work touches them and came from their heart, then it is beautiful in my mind. 🙂
I am just humbled and grateful that there are those who visit and enjoy my little corner of Flickr that I am happy to share with.

Q: So Hildda to wrap up this little Q&A for your fans, I have one final question…what is your age?

Hildda: Smacks her and takes away her wine!

Q: In all seriousness, anything for the inspiring photographer, or model before we end.

Hildda: Always believe in yourself and be grateful for everything, never be afraid to take risks and never be afraid of failing, you just brush yourself off and keep doing what you love. There is never anything that is perfect in modeling, or photography, no grand rule book, you are expressing yourself and you are special and unique, so if wearing a tattered sweater and decade old comfy jeans makes you feel good and you want to take a photo, then do so and let the world take care of itself! 🙂

A big thank you to Mary for giving and editing this Q&A, love you Drunkie! laughs

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Strawberry Baby

Strawberry Baby

♥ Wearing ♥
Head:Genus~Classic Face
Eyebrows:Colivati Beauty~Spade Eyebrow Collection
Shadow: L’Etre~Basic Genus Eyeshadow
Lipstick:L’Etre~Genus Moist Lipstick
Drink:MOMOCHUU~Strawberry Love Shake – RARE [ @Epiphany ] Necklace:**RE**~Esprit Star Necklace – VIP [ @Epiphany ] Choker:**RE**~Esprit Choker [ @Epiphany ] Jacket:Sakura~Sweetheart Jacket – Freya – RARE [ @Epiphany ] Skirt:Sakura~Sweetheart Skirt – Freya [ @Epiphany ] Socks:Sakura~Sweetheart Socks – Freya [ @Epiphany ] ♥ Decor ♥
[Cosmic Dust] – Bulletin Board RARE
The Hive – Geek Chic Desk
+Half-Deer+ Dreamfluff Chair – Snow

Di’Cor Velvet Rug
dust bunny . tabletop plants . pink peony . gold

dust bunny . tabletop plants . monstera leaves

Everything below is Gacha @The Epiphany
+Half-Deer+ Sakura Tea Party – Tea Box
+Half-Deer+ Sakura Tea Party – Teapot x
Wednesday[+] ~ 90’s Life ~ Chocolate – COMMON
Wednesday[+] ~ 90’s Life ~ Computer – RARE

.QuirkydarkendStare. – Trash Baby [Flowers] – Grey

.QuirkydarkendStare. – Trash Baby [Trashed] – Grey

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New son-in-law

New son-in-law

I’m so happy that Joe and my mom have such a great relationship. We certainly don’t have to worry about the dreaded mother-in-law stigma in our family. I get along great with Joe’s mom Sue and Joe gets along great with my mom. Of course It helps that they are both little computer nerds. Joe and I have dinner at my parents house every Sunday night and the conversation has many times turned to nerd talk while Harry and I are left in the dust. My mom couldn’t be happier I married Joe (if not just to answer her computer questions!)

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How To Go About Being A Make-up Artist?

How To Go About Being A Make-up Artist?
Make up is not only the art of making up, but a process of sustaining good looks. This quote provides an insight on what the world of a make-up artist is all about. A person who helps in keeping pace with aspects affecting a persons looks is known as a makeup artist.

Roles of a make-up artist include application of makeup & prosthetics related to all the fields of glamour viz events, movies, theatre, television, fashion, magazines, photography and other related occasions.


The range of education related aspects required for being a make-up artist is quite huge. There are many colleges and universities which offer attractive courses and certification programs with specialization in this field. These courses involve a combination of manuals based learning added to practical training experiences. These courses range from 1 month tenure (which mostly involves direct training) to 1 year courses with the backdrop as theory based learning.

How to Go about These Courses?

After the 90s, various campuses started accommodating many advance training courses which could not be accommodated in degrees programs. Some of these courses were off-beat fields of learning, while most were advanced educational opportunities of upcoming fields of learning. One such off-beat course is the certification program in make-up artistry.

Countries where the film industry is flourishing like India and United States have associations for make-up and other related fields.

Career Scope

The fields of films, television, modeling etc. offer lucrative pay packages. Make-up artists can become personal make-up artists for celebrities as well. In addition, they can open a studio of their own. The set-up is considered a major investment, hence it is seen that multiple makeup artists form a combined company or a label.

The field of makeup artistry is one field where practical hands-on experience matters more than anything else.

Income Scope

Depending upon their clientele, some makeup artists earn more than performing celebrities, but the average income is decent for a makeup artist. Also, a makeup artist needs to be updated about the latest advancements in their field.

Lastly, prospective clients view the concerned makeup artist as a display of what is being offered, so those folks who stay in shape and work on their looks, hairstyle, attire etc. earn well.

A detailed knowledge of all the aspects related to careers, advice and scope of being a makeup artist will come via experience. But, any glamour based career blog or a university college directory will give you better insights.

“mac Lightful “series Before The Whitening Naked Makeup More Transparent.

“mac Lightful “series Before The Whitening Naked Makeup More Transparent.
MAC Lightful series to the whitening by the charge of ionized water as the base, penetration is excellent. Formulas the grape carbohydrate amine strengthens exclude cutin, help corneous layer absorption active ingredients to improve skin bright, uniform tenderness. Activation energy into the system, the skin from the inside to the outside is full of water, for whitening ingredients – continued type of vitamin C derivatives opened a layer through the skin in “direct lift” to allow more in-depth skin whitening ingredients to the bottom,Tiffany jewelry to enhance whitening effect to create long-lasting supple white muscle.

Persistent vitamin C derivatives with 2 times multiple new formulations plant Brightening formula (grape, mulberry, plum, gentian extract) and the activation energy into the system (ion water, silk protein, caffeine). Intensive long-lasting bright formula can penetrate the skin deep from top to bottom to prevent the transfer of melanin to enhance metabolism, from the inside to the outside skin rosy, white to play a more excellent effect.

Stretch moisturizing system: high unit hyaluronic acid (lock water), tuberose (water), moisture lock water to maintain skin moisture balance, replenishment time in the skin surface without interrupting the water strong magnetic field.

MAC Lightful Foaming Crme Cleanser, face cream mousse formulation, washed water and elastic skin. Gentle formula can be gentle but thorough cleaning and conditioning the skin. Brightening formula multiple plants (green tea, cucumber, mulberry root, apple and grape extract), can be a long time to improve skin transparency. Very small molecular ion into the water, silk protein, and sodium hyaluronic acid through the stratum corneum moisture was absorbed by the skin, skin-friendly good,best mac blush help the skin surface to maintain moisture, protect the line into a flexible water film. Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested and will not cause acne formation.

MAC Cosmetics is a super bright white light moisturizing lotion, soothing lotion. Persistent vitamin C derivatives and yellow gentian root and green tea extract can make the skin whiter and brighter. Injection of tourmaline, silk protein and caffeine-ionized water penetration very superior to the deep to the skin and prevent dry skin pigmentation caused by shortage. Eight amino acid formulations can release moisture, exfoliation, skin looks brighter, skin color is more symmetrical.

MAC bright white light moisturizing repair essence 2 times continued ascension type vitamin C induces the body. With the activation energy into the system, efficient and moisture penetration force will effectively serve the skin whitening ingredients deep, effective skin bright uniform color. Silk protein is rich in moisturizing factor, better skin and slows down the aging skin white and transparent, filled with moist feeling. New formulation matrix, formed in the skin surface while moisturizing Huanen feeling the deep penetration of the skin deep and storage, the formation of the skin plump and supple and elastic.

MAC Cosmetics Outlet bright white light to prevent bask in segregation frost light texture and the breeze has soothing, moisturizing and isolation protects the efficacy of the emulsion. With persistent vitamin C derivatives, skin whitening fades. Contains Shea Butter and wheat germ extract compositions, and regulate skin efficient lock water. With multiple plants brightening formula (hydrolyzed rice bran extract and gentian extracts). Protection with SPF 30 and PA power, dual Defense UVA / UVB ultraviolet effective prevention caused by the sun spots, freckles protect the skin. The dermatologist tested, does not cause acne.

MAC Cosmetics Online for the bright white Hydra Cream drying due to UV-induced skin problems, as well as the age increases due to the loss of skin tone and clarity. Whitening active ingredients will be passed to the depths of the stratum corneum, and tightly locked in the skin effect, the inhibition of Mylar poured pigment production, prevent sun induced spots, freckles, and give full play moist, sustainability whitening effect, without causing viscosity tired of touch. Rich in vitamin C continuous type induces the body. Decomposed melanin spots, ruddy color.

MAC bright white light whitening powdery cake for Asian woman to the development, the innovation ingredients MAC Cosmetics bright pure white whitening SPF25 / PA++ + bask in powder, is in a powerful protective powdery bottom, a new formula whiten, sunscreen, moisturizing and hold makeup oil-control four efficacy. Pure white mica, with the coated pigment technology, grease or sweat in the encounter, you can own the melanin coated, white powder became brighter, so bright all day show look like a morning just as on the makeup. Gentian root extract and vitamin C derivatives, can be bright, white skin through clarity of decomposition of melanin spots, thus improving skin tone, so that a more symmetrical ruddy complexion and increase transparency.

MAC Cosmetics with a high degree of creativity and avant-garde concept, developing the MAC Cosmetics Outlet incomparable distinctive style. MAC colour bold innovation, subverts the traditional style, grasps of, is the most simple ordinary several spiritual concept, humanitarian, equality, business of justice and responsibility.

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I’ve been tagged a million thousand times, sorry for getting to it so late!!
The people I tagged are people that either inspire me or people that I tagged because I haven’t ever tagged them before 😀
Hahh, I added this photo to like, a million groups x) I hope you guys find some that you’d like to join 😀
Okay, here we go again:

1. I ALWAYS have such a hard time with self-portraits.
2. I received a text from my buddy Jonny at the exact same moment that the camera shutter went off, which is most likely how this photo came out nearly perfect.
3. I was originally going to take a photo of me jumping on my bed but my dog went all crazy and jumped onto the bed and started barking at me (I’ll upload those images soon)
4. I’m beginning to miss my red hair, I feel like it was a part of me.
5. The shirt that I’m wearing is probably my favorite shirt, I scored it at Platos Closet.
6. I really want a job soon, I’m dying to have a new camera.
7. This school year I’m going to begin taking photography classes (hopefully). I’m kind of excited, but I have a feeling I won’t like it so much…
8. I wish I could take photos on film rather than digital, I love film so much better, but I don’t have the money for it.
9. My computer is still broken )’:
10. I can’t tell if I’m nervous or excited for school next month. It’s a mix of both I guess…?

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