Day 281: Changes In Me

Day 281: Changes In Me

March 4, 2010
I’m going to confess, this picture is just as much of a surprise to me as it is to you. I literally came out from ethics and had 20 minutes to take pictures and read the pages I was supposed to for my next class (procrastination, gotta love it). I had NO clue what I wanted to do today…so I literally stepped in front of the camera, took three pictures of me just standing there and went on with my day. It wasn’t until later that I came up with this idea…which I don’t know if I like or not yet.

Just a warning for everyone, my pictures will probably go downhill for the next week or so. I’m going back to Ohio to the SLOWEST computer on the face of the earth. Tomorrow I’ll be on a train most of the day but will attempt to get a picture cranked out and edited before I leave…we’ll see. If not, expect it the day after…

I really need this break but I can’t help but be a little sad. A few months ago Garry and I were talking about seeing one another for spring break…that’s obviously not going to happen. It makes me worry about this summer…if I don’t get to see him this summer we’ll have gone a year + without seeing one another and already we’re beginning to slowly slip into some sort of madness-him especially. I sometimes step back and wonder how in the world I have gone this long without scratching my eyes out :S I dunno…

Either way, I plan on sleeping…a LOT. I won’t get back to Ohio until 3am then it’s another hour drive to the house. I’ll be alright though…

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TRF: My friends and I went to Taco Bell last night which was oh so yummy! Then we went back to Melissa’s house and watched Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Basically I like the movie only because I performed in it my Junior year of high school but watching it with 3 hardcore Christians made me really uncomfortable….

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Monument Valley Sunset

Monument Valley Sunset

Watching last thursday’s episode of Billy Connolly’s journey down Route 66 inspired me to take another look at my Monument Valley snaps. What a place!

I think I’ve got my settings wrong on my pc/monitor because this looks so much more vibrant on my computer than it does on my iPad. The difference isn’t usually that pronounced but with this shot it’s really apparent.

From :-

Monument Valley is one of the truly iconic places of the United States. It has been the setting for hundreds of Western movies, and its unique sandstone formations are instantly recognizable the world over.

The Valley is home to Navajo families that have lived there for generations.

Monument Valley is a part of the Navajo Nation. It is located on the Utah/Arizona border, east of Highway 163. The park entrance is in Utah. Admission to the park is $5 per person, and free for children under the age of 9.

For visitor information, contact Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park.

The park is open daily from 6am to 8pm from May through September and from 8am to 5pm from October through April.

Getting there

From Flagstaff, head east on Highway 40 to Highway 89 (Page, Grand Canyon Exit). Travel north on Highway 89 to Highway 160. Travel east on Highway 160 to Highway 163 (Kayenta exit). Travel north into Utah to Goulding’s Lodge then take Indian Route 40 southeast to the entrance to Monument Valley. The closest airport is Farmington, New Mexico. It is about two and a half hours east of the park.

Most of the scenic locations within Monument Valley are found within the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. At the edge of the valley, there is a visitor center, a small convenience store and the Haskenneini Restaurant, which specializes in both native Navajo and American cooking.

As this is not a federal park, National Park Passes or Golden Eagle Passes are not valid here.

“It’s breathtaking. You can’t believe it. It’s very photogenic; it has a kind of mythic feeling of age, of legend. . . . You’ve seen it in the movies, but when you see it in life, it’s so epic in its proportions that it almost stands for the whole of the West.” -Filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich.

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