And the point is…?

And the point is...?

Macro Monday – Smallest Devices

I wanted to try and show a pixel, as this seemed by far the smallest device I used every day – not a brilliant shot, and difficult to give a scale!

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MacroMondays Theme: Obsolete
I hate to admit it. There is no longer a need for lighthouses anywhere in the world. Take that statement literally. We need to keep some around as long as we can. They are monuments to the progress of technology. They still stand as metaphors of safety and guidance. And of course the designing and creation of little cast resin souvenirs gives a settling place for dust in millions of homes around the world. But lighthouse technology has been supplanted by a bunch of satellites orbiting the earth and helping hand-held computers determine your location wherever you are. Of course you still need a map to tell you which way to go.
Lensbaby Muse Glass Doublet +4 Macro

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