two hundred and forty eight

two hundred and forty eight

i realize i take a lot of photographs at my windowsill but i spend a lot of time sitting here, looking out the window, using the sill as a table for my computer, or for a place to write. it’s perfect when sitting at my ottoman.

i’ve added notes to the photo so you know what is almost always sitting on my windowsill.

sometimes i feel captured in the small moments.

the light of a cigarette.
the dusting of a plant.
falling leaves.
falling dreams.

then i am snapped back, into a place of reality and despair.

so you guys know, tomorrow is photograph your day day. i did it two years ago and the photos from that day are a set on here. maybe you should do it too. just spend a day documenting your day in photographs!

i didn’t do it last year, i was in portland having a mental breakdown. it was terrible and beautiful at the same time. i’m glad it’s not documented though.

day two hundred and seventy eight.

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15.6 Inch Laptop Sleeve,LOVPHONE Notebook Computer Case Cover For Macbook Pro/Lenovo/ASUS/Samsung/Acer/HP and All 15 Inch Notebooks,Slim-fit Briefcase Carrying Bag/Pouch(Black)

15.6 Inch Laptop Sleeve,LOVPHONE Notebook Computer Case Cover For Macbook Pro/Lenovo/ASUS/Samsung/Acer/HP and All 15 Inch Notebooks,Slim-fit Briefcase Carrying Bag/Pouch(Black)

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beep boop

beep boop

Well this is annoying. I’ve taken the whole damn thing apart and can’t find anything wrong with it. It’s all dusted out and such, no exposed wires or anything that would appear to make the computer short like it has been. I’m getting to the point of saying fuck it and putting it in some kind of box. Maybe I can find a briefcase and make some ultimate spy gadget.

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Mac the Knife

Mac the Knife

Day 121 of 365: "Mac the Knife"

I’ve been talking about this computer a lot this week. This is my six year old MacBook. I had to bring it in to get fixed last week and had a few issues with the repair along the way. Although this computer is no longer my main computer I use for photo editing, it is still my favorite. I actually let the problems I had with this repair effect my mood this week.

For some people, I know this sounds silly. "It’s just a computer," they would say. But to me, this computer means a lot. I’ve edited thousands of photos on it; created and editing hundreds of videos; it’s been my gateway to social media: Flickr, Yahoo Instant Messenger, MySpace, iSpQ, YouTube, Stickam, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, and 500px (and a few others along the way that never stuck).

The social media aspect of it always tied in with the art side of things for me. Through the creative tools on this machine, as well as devices like a built-in webcam, it became the gateway to meet people from all around the world as well as enhance my local social circle and reconnect family and old friends.

And it all started on this machine.

Other computers came before it. Others will come after it. But this one hit at the exact moment when art and social networking collided for me and I can’t imagine my life any other way.

So I guess it’s okay that I was a little concerned when I thought it was time to replace this computer.

And with today marking the 1/3 way point for my 365 project, instead of doing another portrait of myself, I decided to post this image of one of the many tools I’ve been using to make this project a reality.


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The innards of an Apple MacBook Pro 17"
(opened the back to blow out dust)

© Dirk HR Spennemann 2013, All Rights Reserved

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