Atlanta Luxury Homes – Have Prices Hit Bottom? Is This the Time to Buy?

Atlanta Luxury Homes – Have Prices Hit Bottom? Is This the Time to Buy?

Atlanta home prices peaked in July 2007 according to research provided by the Atlanta Regional Commission.

This article takes real time data, plots the movement in Atlanta real estate prices in 15 upscale zip codes and draws conclusions about where this section of the Atlanta market and corresponding prices will go in the coming months.

After a 30% run up in the stock market since March, the Dow, Nasdaq and S &P are retreating somewhat perhaps 5 – 15%, but with far less volatility and without real conviction that the bears are back in control. We believe that the Dow will be above 11,000 by the end of year. Just a gut call.

We serve buyers and sellers of luxury homes in Atlanta, focusing on the zip codes that form a V starting in Midtown and moving north between I75 and I85 – ending up in East Cobb in the West and Alpharetta in the East.

By looking at real time market snapshot of Median Price movement (up, down, sideways) in these zip codes at 2 years, 6 months and 2 months – we can make deductions about where the market will go next and whether it is the time for buyers to move into the market feeling confident that their Atlanta luxury home purchase will appreciate going forward.

The data used to create the chart below is provided by Altos Research (available on our website under MARKET UPDATE) a California firm recognized for its innovative data collection by Bloomberg, Forbes and Business Week.

Here are the results of the research for the 15 Atlanta zip codes:

Zip Code….Median Price-2Yr………Median Price-6 Mo……..Median Price-2 Months

30307……..Up 16%…………………Up 11%………………….Up 1%
30306……..Down 1%……………….Down 1%………………..Down 1%
30309……..Down 5%……………….Up 8%……………………Up 3%
30329……..Down 15%……………..Down 5%…………………Up 1%
30324……..Down 10%……………..Down 2%…………………Down >1%
30305……..Down 10%……………..Down 2%…………………Up 2%
30327……..Down 16%……………..Down 16%……………… Down 3%
30339……..Up 11%…………………Up 7%………………….. Up 12%
30342……..Down 12%……………..Down 8%…………………Down 2%
30319……..Down 21%……………..Down 8%…………………Down 3%
30067……..Up 14%…………………Down 4%…………………Even
30328……..Down 4%……………….Down 3%…………………Up 3%
30338……..Down 6%……………….Down 6%…………………Down 1%
30068……..Down 10%………………Flat……………………….Flat
30350……..Up 6%…………………..Up >1%…………………..Up 4%

So, out of 15 zip codes prices have moved as follows:

2 Year……………………..6 Months…………………..2 Months

4 Up (6 – 16%)…………..3 Up (1-11%)……………..7 Up (1 – 3%)

11 Down (1 – 21%)………11 Down (1-16%)…………6 Down (3% or less)

0 Flat ……………………….1 Flat………………………1 Flat

From this analysis, we draw the following conclusions:

1. In the past 2 months, when compared to the previous 2 year and 6 month periods – price volatility has decreased.

2. In the past 2 months, price decreases have become modest compared to previous periods.

3. A greater percentage of these Atlanta zip codes have experienced price increases in the past two months than at any time in the past two years.

CONCLUSION: We believe that this data indicates, that while the median price in some of these zip codes may drift lower for a few months, the direction of the Atlanta market it positive and if buyers want to follow the behavior that has made Warren Buffett the most celebrated investor of our times, it is time to buy Atlanta luxury real estate and take advantage of the appreciation that will follow our recent historical economic downturn.

Please tell us what you think about this paper as we learn – only if we have the benefit of hearing other opinions.

Hinton Dillard, Managing Partner of Dillard and Company Realty Group has been building entrepreneurial companies since the 1980s. Hinton is a resident of Atlanta, Georgia. His firm specializes in assisting clients with selling and buying Atlanta luxury homes. For more information about Hinton Dillard and Atlanta Luxury Homes, visit Hinton’s website at or call 404 895 2155.

Urban Suites Offers You The Best In Short-term Luxury Rentals

Urban Suites Offers You The Best In Short-term Luxury Rentals
Urban Suites strives to offer their guests the very best in short-term luxury rentals. Their spacious one- and two-bedroom condominium are fully-furnished, fully-equipped and fully-wired to make your stay in Canada’s most exciting western urban metropolis a comfortable and memorable one. Youll luxuriate in Urban Suites tastefully-decorated executive condos, all conveniently located near Calgary’s city centre and within easy walking and commuting distance to the most popular business, shopping, entertainment and recreational hotspots.

Premium locations
Because Urban Suite’s luxury short-term condo rentals are so centrally located, you won’t have far to go to enjoy everything Calgary has to offer. Many of their executive suites are in the exclusive Eau Claire district, just a hop, skip and jump from Calgary’s beautiful Bow River and the extensive network of jogging and cycling trails. Urban Suites also boasts short-term luxury suites in Vetro, one of Calgary’s newest and most prestigious addresses. Vetro is situated less than five minutes from the Calgary Stampede train station and is only a short commute to downtown.

Tailored leases

Urban Suites knows that your timeline is unique to you. That’s why they make every effort to accommodate your needs with a lease that is tailored precisely to your specifications. Whether short-term, periodic or even just for a few nights, Urban Suites can offer the right accommodation that fits your travel schedule. You can also count on Urban Suites to take care of all your needs, both big and small, so youll be free to focus completely on your business and pleasure.

Tasteful and complete

All of Urban Suites short-term luxury rental condos are fully-furnished, fully-equipped and fully-connected. The furniture and appliances, from the king-size beds to the front-loading washers and dryers, are tasteful and top-of-the-line. Many of the suites boast breathtaking panoramic views of the city and nearby Rocky Mountains. A designer’s touch shows in the suites’ custom original art work, granite countertops, and travertine and hardwood floors. Each condo includes flat-screen TVs, DVD players, telephone, cable and high-speed internet, and most also have fireplaces, balconies, on-site gym facilities and concierge service. Your home away from home has never been so luxurious or so complete!

Tourist Attractions

Unlike other short-term luxury rental condos, Urban Suites are specially chosen for their central location and ease of accessibility to attractions outside the city. As their guest, you’ll be only minutes away from any one of the major routes taking you directly to Banff, Drumheller and Edmonton. Or, if you prefer to stay close to “home”, Urban Suites are conveniently situated within easy walking distance to world-class entertainment venues, designer boutiques, night clubs, cafes and haute-cuisine restaurants.


For more information on Urban Suites short-term luxury rentals, visit their website at urbansuites You can browse their available suites online and fill out a contact form. You can also reach them directly any time at [403] 229-9155 or at info@urbansuites Urban Suites values your inquiry and will make every effort to respond as quickly as possible to your inquiry. Suite viewings can be arranged with just 24-hours’ notice.

Urban Suites providing the best stay in Calgary with excellent locations, class and sophistication. Calgarys finest business accommodations, for the highest level of comfort and tranquility.

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Urban Suites ? Helping Today’s Business Travelers Find Furnished Luxury Apartments In Calgary

Urban Suites ? Helping Today’s Business Travelers Find Furnished Luxury Apartments In Calgary

Making a business trip to Calgary can be daunting. And there are a number of factors to take into consideration when selecting accommodation; such as the proximity to the city’s amenities such as shopping and entertainment areas, and the features that the accommodation offers. To ensure you gain the most from your visit to the city of Calgary choose the luxury furnished apartments on offer through Urban Suites.

Urban Suites have become a recognized name within the Calgary real estate industry thanks to their ability to cater to the exact requirements of their discerning business cliental. For clients visiting Calgary, the company’s luxury furnished apartments are a home away from home; a place where they can enjoy the features of a 5-star resort with the comfort of their own personal residence. Whether you’re a business manager looking to rent several corporate apartments for a long-term team consulting project, or visiting the city of Calgary personally for a series of meetings with important clients, booking through Urban Suites will ensure that every creature comfort is taken care of, leaving you and your employees to focus on the business element of the trip.  

Each of the furnished Calgary apartments on offer through Urban Suites is professionally decorated in a contemporary style that simply exudes elegance and promotes a tranquil living space. Many of the company’s apartments are located within the charming and peaceful surroundings of Calgary’s Eau Claire district and are mere steps away from the beautiful Bow River, one the city’s most spectacular natural sights. Each apartment is also in close proximity to the city’s exceptional cycling and walking trails, which offer visitors to the area a tremendous way in which to explore Calgary.

Urban Suites has recently acquired a beautiful 2 bed, 2 bath suite in the Montana building just off the trendy 17th Ave SW shopping area with a beautiful view. The building, which is a 20 minute walk or a 7 minute drive from downtown Calgary, is one of the newest and most stylish condo buildings in Calgary and has access to all amenities.

For those looking for an outstanding view from their luxury Calgary apartment, consider the River Run suite from Urban Suites. Located within the quiet and idyllic surroundings of the Bow River, this exceptional residence offers visitors the ability to enjoy a scenic vista above the river and across the booming metropolis of Calgary’s downtown core. As an ultra modern building, the apartment complex features a concierge service in addition to all the comforts one would expect from one of the city’s most prominent riverside residences.

The apartment offers users everything they could possibly want in terms of modern luxuries. These luxuries include heated parking areas for the cooler winter months and a full balcony fitted with a barbeque, for those who wish to invite business guests over for an after-work get together.

Featuring a fireplace, full kitchen, three-tier cable, front-loading washer/dryer, solar blinds, custom original artwork and 70 feet of windows that offer a magnificent view of Calgary’s west end, the River Run suite is the smart choice for business travelers.

Contact Urban Suites today to discuss your accommodation requirements with one of their specialists. With a plethora of furnished Calgary suites available, you’re suite to find the ideal suite for your stay in the city.

About Urban Suites:

Urban Suites offers the discerning business person a range of furnished suites in the city of Calgary. Available at superb prices and with all the trappings of luxury, the company’s accommodations are second-to-none for those looking for the perfect residence from which to enjoy their stay in the city. For more information, please go to urbansuites.

Urban Suites offers the discerning business person a range of furnished apartments in Calgary. For more information, please go to

Choose Urban Suites For Furnished Luxury Apartments In Calgary

Choose Urban Suites For Furnished Luxury Apartments In Calgary

For those visiting the wonderful city of Calgary on business, the decision as to where to stay during their trip can be a difficult one to make. Hotels and inns simply don’t provide the personal feel of home that the modern working professional requires when taking a trip to a new city. That’s why many visitors choose the furnished apartments in Calgary available through Urban Suites when booking their accommodation.

Urban Suites’ properties offer business people a place where they can relax, sit back and enjoy the surroundings of Calgary in a luxurious fully furnished suite. The company takes care of each one of their client’s personal accommodation requirements and allows them to focus on how they wish to spend their time in the city, rather than worrying about additional hotel costs and rescheduling accommodation for unexpected changes to their original plans. By choosing accommodation from Urban Suites, business people can be assured that every comfort is available to them, from the moment they arrive in the city to the moment they make their way home.

Many of the company’s furnished Calgary apartments are set in the delightful Eau Claire District of the city, an area predominantly known for its eclectic blend of staggering natural beauty and fine architecture. The company also owns three suites in the exceptional residential tower, Vetro, which is located just a convenient walk away from the city’s main train station and a short commute to the city centre.

All of the company’s suites come fully furnished in a style that is reflective of the modern, yet homely nature of the city of Calgary. They offer a place for the hardworking businessperson to arrive home to at the end of the day and call their own. Consider for example the Sarine executive suite, which has been professionally designed for those whose tastes vary from the ultra modern to the classic. Located just a few steps away from the resplendent Bow River, the Sarine is a 1350sq feet, open-concept wonder. Boasting hardwood floors throughout, the apartment’s 10foot high ceilings imbue a sense of space, style and high luxury.

Guests at the Sarine can enjoy heated marble floors as they step out of their large shower and take in the superb artwork on display throughout the suite. In the summer, this luxury apartment acts as the ideal starting point from which to enjoy a calm evening stroll through the city’s pathways and around the natural sights on offer in Calgary. During the colder winter month, those staying at the Sarine can look forward to sitting by the gas fireplace and admiring the beautiful view of the city through two Southwest-facing patio windows that offer a magnificent winter vista from above.

When you’re looking for places to stay during your next visit to the city of Calgary on business, don’t settle for a stay in second-rate accommodation. Choose from the very best furnished apartments in Calgary through Urban Suites and experience true luxury merged with all the comforts and personalized touches you expect of a home away from home.

About Urban Suites:

Urban Suites offers the discerning business person a range of furnished suites in the city of Calgary. Available at superb prices and with all the trappings of luxury, the company’s accommodations are second-to-none for those looking for the perfect residence from which to enjoy their stay in the city. For more information, please go to Urbansuites.

Urban Suites offers the discerning business person a range of furnished apartments in Calgary. For more information, please go to

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Urban Life Pune Luxury Apartments In Pune

Urban Life Pune Luxury Apartments In Pune

Urban Life Talegaon is a residential complex which is the result of joint venture of Kakade Associates Unitv and VTP group. The project is competent to define the new way of living. It offers the choice of 1 and 2 BHK apartments which are fully intact with world class features and state of the amenities. The project is set amidst the natural surroundings and adores the in house facilities of grocery store, crèche, ATM and family restaurant.

The handpicked location of the Urban Life Pune is another feature that highlights the project. This residential project is located in Talegaon, Pune and offers close proximity to various locations and sectors like Hinjewadi IT Park, Pune City talegaon MIDC, Dehu Road and Talegaon Railway station.Further, Pune is the considerable hub of many IT companies, MNCs, other considerable company houses, and also many well known colleges. These are the few factors due to which the city is getting professional, knowledgeable and newbie employees and students not only from Native indian but also from whole group. Pune property industry is at its development interval and seeing much development functions that is modifying the looking of the city.

Pune features are offering enough area to all the migrants across the group by structured development work under taken by various property developers of Pune. The quick industrialization of Pune has created the city one of the money rich locations of Native indian. The designs of the professional and company factors in Pune appear to be the contemporary creating in the Western countries. Moreover, these creating are developed in such a design to offer more leisure to employees and to meet up with the needs of company business employers. Further, many multiplexes and locations are also linked in the Pune property to make the life of people more relaxed, happening, and peaceful.

Property or home in Pune is well-known by traders and property hunter as well, as Pune happens to be the second biggest city in Maharashtra; the first being Mumbai, and it is also the 9th biggest city in Local indian native. Pune used to be the Monsoon Financial investment and it is also one of the richest locations in Maharashtra. Regarded as the public financial investment of Maharashtra, Property or home source in Pune contains different kinds of home tasks made up of flats, flats, personal cottages, resorts and plots of place to place. Property or home source in Pune has drawn all kinds of clients, be it those looking for homes in Pune or those who are awaiting earnings on financial investment methods by spending in property. Property or home source in Pune is also in need because of academic and IT commanders, as Pune come across as a city well known for its well-known institutions.

The Urban Life is a joint venture project of two developers: Kakade Associates and VTP Group. VTP Group: the company is one of the best real estate companies in India Today and has the experience of almost 25 years in the field. Other than the construction, Urban Life Talegaon has great amenities; the company is pinnacle distributer of cement and steel in Maharashtra. The construction of various 4 star hotels marks the success of the company with the finest quality and design. Kakade Associates: it is the dynamic partnership firm which has made the specific indulgence in the real estate market. The uncompromised quality, matchless architecture and hi-tech engineering make the company much sought in the market.


InvestInNest is a Specialized India Property Advisor to offer the service to Mostly NRIs, to invest money in India’s expanding real estate Sector for last 10 years. To know more details about this kit and receive your FREE Real Estate Wealth Newsletter go to Urban Life Talegaon.

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