Window Fastener

Window Fastener

For the group Macro Monday this week, the theme is "Fastener".

So I chose this old fashioned window latch which fastens the top window to the bottom window, locking the windows closed. It is about 1 1/2 to 2 inches across.

This is the only old fashioned window fastener left in the house… made in the beautifully decorative manner of the 1800s. All the rest of the windows have had the locks replaced.

Taking this photo was incredibly involved!

First, It is above my head, so I had to stand on a ladder.

Second, I couldn’t use my flash because it reflected in the window glass. So I needed a different light. I have several battery operated lights just for this purpose, so I sat one on the windowsill shining on the latch.
This not only was too glaring and diminished the details of the ironwork, but once I had the photo on my computer, the light revealed all sorts of dirt I hadn’t known was there. An entire miniature dust bunny was tucked back in there!

So, third, I had to scrub the area clean! Unfortunately, this somehow deposited hundreds of little green threads all over the latch, which I didn’t see until the next set of photos were on my computer. So I had to clean it again. And then take test photos to blow up on my computer to see if it was really clean this time.

So, fourth, I recruited my husband to hold the light for me, to give me a better light angle but that got old fast, so I finally duck taped the little battery operated light to the window glass.

Fifth, I realized I needed to do a focus stack to get the whole thing in focus. That meant a tripod. But I don’t have a tripod that tall. So I spent a lot of time trying to raise my tripod up upon something. When I finally managed it, I realized that now I couldn’t get the ladder close enough to use the camera. So I had to take apart everything I had built, and use my tripod as a monopod, balanced on top of a plastic storage container. Such classy studio equipment!

Sixth, up on the ladder, leaning over awkwardly, trying to hold the tripod/monopod in position to take three or four different focus shots without moving in between, I got a good sized crick in my neck.

And people think photography is easy! It isn’t, but it is fun!

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My PowerMac G4 at an undisclosed location. Yes, the Kensington security slot is in use as well.

Look for this beautiful computer on eBay sometime next year. Some specs, in case you want to make a great offer now:
– Dual 1GHz PowerPC G4 Processors
– 1.5 GB factory-installed RAM
– Dual 250 GB ATA hard drives, for half a terabyte of internal storage!
– 6 stable FW 400 ports and a 7th finicky one
– Two FW 800 ports
– Two USB ports (not USB 2.0)
– ATI Radeon 9800 Pro graphics card (Core Image and Motion 2.0 compatible)
– Airport Card (802.11b)
– Gigabit Ethernet
– 56kbps V.90 Modem
– Boots into OS 9
– SuperDrive (2X DVD-R)
– Apple Pro Keyboard and Pro Mouse
– Original OS install (9 and X) and Restore CDs included
– Original box/styrofoam included
– Dust-free and polished regularly.

I’ll also include the original NVIDIA GeForceMX video card, which has both VGA and ADC connectors.

More info from….

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Dusty keyboard

Dusty keyboard

Logitech KB320 wireless keyboard with a large amount of dust between the keys. In addition, the lettering and texture on the "A" key has been completely rubbed off from usage.

License this image:….

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