Oka Infinity engine from Richland Piledriver

Oka Infinity engine from Richland Piledriver

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Don’t Be Best – Be Better. The ‘overall well-being of children’ is not a real charity. F#£k Finder and her Schlumberger blow-up blonde bimbo.

5 minute ‘red copper’ chef ‘infused’ with pure copper and anti-scratch technology?. Bull dust; The secrets of China’s social credit system exposed with Google glass and Scientology secret scriptures viewed through Occulus Rift.

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Making of Saxonpc honeycomb grids

Making of Saxonpc honeycomb grids

How I shot the Saxon Computers grids of the other photo.

Come ho fotografato le griglie a nido d’ape di Saxon Computers dell’altra foto.

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Aqeri 31003

Aqeri 31003

Aqeri 31003 is our latest Base Model vehicle and industry computer with an Intel® Mobile Dual Core Atom processor. The computer is specially designed to withstand the rough treatment a computer usually is exposed to in vehicles and heavy industry worldwide. It is resistant to elements as dust, shocks, vibrations, moist, strong heat and cold. It has built in intelligent PSU that are protected against spikes, reversed polarity, function for remote on/off and safe shutdown. The computer has a climate control for heating and cooling and warning system for over heat and under cold.

> Fanless mulitfunctional computer with expansion possiblities
> Designed for vehicle and industry use
> Extended temperature range -20 to +55 degrees operating
> Low power consumption
> Small form factor


Aqeri official home

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I’ve recently forayed back into Linux distributions with an eye to abandoning windows forever. i think the oncoming Longhorn from microsloth is going to be little more than windows xp service pack 3, and it’ll have to pay for the privilege.

So I downloaded five or six Linux live cds, burned them, and ran each off the cd to see if they worked on any of my comps. some did ok, some refused to boot, and one stood out as the easiest to use and most compatible with my hardware.

The beauty of live cds is that you can run Linux without having to install a thing. for permanent install i chose Ubuntu Linux and slapped it onto an ancient gateway p2-333mhz. It booted first time and ran perfectly.

After mucking with it for a day or two to try and learn how to customize it to my liking, I went ahead and installed it on this comp in a dual boot configuration. There were a few minor issues easily solved through the miracle of google, and now it runs.


Really fast, and my machine is not slow.

While it is true that Linux is a different environment than windows, and a n00b requires some training and hand holding, two things became abundantly clear: there is an enormous user community that is mostly patient with n00bs; and the learning curve is not *that* steep. Comparatively speaking, while Linux does require a bit of bravery in the beginning using terminal windows and praying you don’t hose the install, windows, while appearing simple out of the box, is just as perplexing to a true computer newbie as is Linux.

I’ve fixed enough windows problems to know that things that seem simple to me aren’t to users who want to "turn it on and have it work". Trouble with that attitude is that computers, and especially windows, don’t work that way. An entire group of my friends have migrated to Macs, because, as one who writes for his living said, "they just work."

Linux isn’t foolproof, but the desktop versions have gotten so much better than they were when i first tried them out in 1999. And, once the initial learning curve is mastered (akin to reading the manual for your windows comp gathering dust in the bottom of a closet somewhere) it is stable and easy to use to do the things most users want to do.

And it’s free. 🙂

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Golden Axe – DOS Game

Golden Axe - DOS Game

Golden Axe – Player selection

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I installed Ubuntu 9.04 on my wife’s newer (used) laptop computer when we bought it. I liked the new themes, and in particular, the "Dust" theme.

Then 9.10 came out, and I still didn’t see anything – other than the theme – that made me want to go through the hassle of upgrading.

So I installed the theme on my laptop running 8.10. I changes some colors, but otherwise, bone-stock. I’ll probably wait for the next LTS version and upgrade then.

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