Results are in on “Zenith City and Beyond” 500-Image CD-ROM by Jeff Lemke

Results are in on

If you enjoy pictures like the one shown on the cover of my latest project—taken at Duluth, MN. in 1966—then you’ll really enjoy my new Zenith City and Beyond 2016 digital image disc that’s available now. I announced this CD in October and made it available to subscribers for a small donation beginning on November 21st.

Positive vibes are already reaching my email INBOX, such as this one: "Just got my CD and absolutely love it! So many photos of places I have worked, brought back many memories. Thanks again for keeping Twin Ports Rail History alive." Vicki G.

As Vicki already discovered, my new CD contains 500 digital display images covering the Twin Ports of Duluth, Superior and surrounding communities—including the Mesabi Range. She used this link to find out much more information about this product before she made a small donation of just 4 cents an image!

Please check it out for yourself:

My 2016 digital image disc is designed to be viewed digitally—perfect for viewing on your favorite digital device. And if you’re a historian like me then you’ll be happy to learn that you can use my images in a history presentation of your own, as long as they are not modified in any way. These aren’t just quick scans and copies like virtually every other history photo CD on the market today. Each of these images has been restored to remove the dust, fingerprints, film blemishes and scratches. Quality varies depending on the age and condition of the original, but overall—they look pretty darn good.

Content includes both color and black & white images that you can view on your computer through a CD-ROM drive or through your HDTV if connected to your computer network. No special software needed. Each image is its own file. Click through them one at a time or watch in slide show mode on your computer or HDTV. This is silent, no music or annoying beeps or clicks. It’s all about the photos, and each is made from an original film negative or positive.

Railroads include at minimum:

Burlington Northern Railroad
Chicago & North Western Railway
Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Railway
Duluth & Northeastern Railroad
Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific Railway
Great Northern Railway
Lake Superior Terminal & Transfer Railway
Northern Pacific Railway
Milwaukee Road
Soo Line

I’ve included many different industrial topics from around the area too. There are pictures taken from the air and high vantage points, shots of depots, buildings, bridges, trains, train cars, steam and diesel locomotives and details, boats, industries, ore docks, ore trains, ore cars, ore mines, signs, railroad men, interlocking towers, rail yards, roundhouses, and pretty much anything else you can imagine. The oldest image on the CD go back to 1889 while most were taken during the 1950s-1980s. Only a scant handful are more recent than 1980. So please consider making a donation today to help me do much more in 2017. There is a book in the works too so be sure that you are subscribed to my once-a-month e-Newsletter to receive those updates by email.

Thanks so much for your interest and very kind support.

Here’s that information link again:


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Vertical vintage cyberpunk power lines

Vertical vintage cyberpunk power lines

Vertical vintage cyberpunk power lines

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QXY Series Steel Plate Pretreatment Line

QXY Series Steel Plate Pretreatment Line

QXY series Steel Plate Pretreatment Line

1.Steel descaled by this system can lengthen die life, improve burning, welding and machining operations, and provide the proper surface finish for the application of modern coatings.

2.It is mainly formed by pre-heating part, descaling part, spraying paint part and drying part.

3.The descaling part formed by the cantilever centrifugal type impeller heads, the full shutter type sand separator.

4.The pills cleaning adopted high strength nylon rolls and high pressure blower second level cleaning device.

5.The pre-heating and drying part adopted various heating modes, such as electricity, fuel gas, fuel oil and so on.

6.The spraying paint part adopted the high pressure airless spraying.

7.The full line is centralized controlled by Industrial Personal Computer (IPC).

8.As the shape of steel plate is almost regular before processed, it is helpful for mechanical rust removal and automation of spraying paint, improving the efficiency of dust removing, reducing the intensity of labor and environment pollution.

9.Mainly used in the field of shipbuilding, locomotive, antiseptic project and bridge construction industries.

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Video cables

Video cables

Video and sound cables on telestudio in plugs, blue toned

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This was taken for my college A level Photography exam on Distortion. I went to different car dealerships and phootgraphed a Mclaren MP4-12C, Lamborghini Murcielago, Ferrari F430, Audi R8 GT, Aston Martin DBS, several Bentley’s and the 1970’s Mclaren Formula 1 car.

I used close ups and compter editing to distort my images.

Thanks for looking 🙂

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Blue Star Glass Float Glass, Transparent Conductive Film Complete Line Of Industrial Test

Blue Star Glass Float Glass, Transparent Conductive Film Complete Line Of Industrial Test
From Hangzhou Blue Xingxincailiao Technology Co., Ltd., Weihai Blue Star Glass Co., Ltd., Zhejiang University Study and Research for Development, with completely independent intellectual property rights of float glass, transparent conductive film online recently in the company’s third-line float
The industrial testing, with industry conditions, and amorphous silicon thin film solar cells as a substrate of glass on the market, technologies and products to fill the domestic blank.
Preparation of transparent conductive film float glass line is the difference in float glass production line of tin bath and annealing kiln, using chemical vapor deposition coating process, the coating material in the gas jet to heat evenly, clean, High-speed pull attracted onto float glass surface, gaseous material under high temperature in the glass surface transport, decomposition, diffusion, deposition film, and film atomic composition of solid and glass combination covalent bond. Of the respective multi-layer barrier coating layer and the conductive layer to form a “glass / multi-layer barrier layer / multi-layer conductive film,” sandwich-type composite membrane, with the response regulator and regulator to adjust the haze of the film’s surface resistance and conductivity Haze.
Transparent conductive film glass float line can be a large area, the advantages of large-scale continuous stable production is very obvious, which is amorphous silicon thin film solar cell market has gradually become the mainstream of the important reasons. Float glass is a transparent conductive film glass substrate, coated with multilayer films and conductive features to achieve its stability, the largest production area of more than 5 square meters, is a monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon solar cells area several times.
Preparation of transparent conductive film float glass line is not only low cost, high chemical resistance, hardness, good stability and high conductivity, visible through the high surface roughness of the film can easily control the formation of a certain texture and haze, to meet the amorphous silicon thin film solar cells on thin film transparent electrode material requirements.
Currently use the float process to online production of SnO2 transparent conductive film glass company only Japan Plate Glass (NSG) Corporation, the United States AFG company, from the use of effect, the Japanese board Glass (NSG) the company’s product is better than the United States AFG companies that supply China production of amorphous silicon solar cell company price is very high. So Blue Star developed transparent conductive film glass production technology is of great significance, not only to make transparent conductive film SnO2 glass product localization, the formation of independent intellectual property rights, fill technology gaps, but also to the glass industry of solar energy quickly into the conductive substrate advanced in the world.

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Measurement Of Color View The Standard Plasma Enhanced Consumer Transparent Line Of Sight – Plasma,

Measurement Of Color View The Standard Plasma Enhanced Consumer Transparent Line Of Sight – Plasma,
With the Olympics Will end, the whole
Flat Panel TV Market has entered a “post-Olympics” economy. During the Olympics, large-screen full-HD flat panel

TV Start by most consumers. This one, thanks to leading manufacturers of plasma Panasonic Olympic TOP sponsor of the special status, plasma possession of the absolute superiority. Under

Suning Electrical data: Olympics, big screen
Plasma TV Demand has improved significantly, and this one, Panasonic accounted for more than 30% of shipments.

Fact, the market as early as last part of the wealthy manufacturer of vision has been bullish on the future development of plasma TVs, and actively tackle the problem. The plasma TV market performance this year has been very eye-catching, before the Olympic Games, revealing a considerable force people to strength. According to statistics, 2008, 1-10 months, plasma TV market in China retail sales volume of 1.346 million units, up 178%. Which, following the second half of 2007 32-inch plasma in the Chinese market volume is listed, the 2008 market continues to enlarge, become a plasma TV market, a new force, sales share of 49%, in the plasma TV has a traditional advantage of 50 inches and above product volume rose 190%. Correspondingly,

LCD TV 1-10 months of retail sales in 2008 grew 50%. Amount from the market point of view, plasma TV and LCD TV is not, but the growth rate point of view, the situation of the plasma TV market really gratifying.

Plasma, LCD sales comparison Reason why plasma TVs can turn the tide, is also closely related to their own advantage. Compared to LCD TV, plasma in color performance, dynamic definition and other aspects obvious advantages, particularly color perspective, the performance is more prominent. The past, has been criticized by outside plasma TV resolution has long been difficult to raise the issue of dust has become history. With high-definition terrestrial digital broadcasting signals the opening, the whole concept of rapid and profound definition accepted by the people after the Olympics, also appeared in the plasma market, a new growth point?? Full HD products, universal access to age. China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, said the Deputy Secretary-General Lu Renbo, Full HD is the future direction of development, now we can see from 32 inches to 50 inches or larger TVs feature full HD products, this is certainly mainstream in the future development of direction. These technical advantages have ensured the plasma TV market, strong vitality.

Size of the domestic dynamics of plasma
In fact, the market such as Panasonic maker of plasma from 42 inches to 105 inches of product level with a full high-definition, especially as the leader of the Panasonic plasma, the technology has a very strong accumulation. PZ800C its flagship series this year, plasma TV, for example, compared to the previous generation aircraft were fully upgraded: screen with the latest G11 Panasonic Full HD Plasma

Panel This is at present the most advanced one of the plasma panel. FullHD resolution of not only the physical size of 1920 1080, also adhering to the self-luminous plasma TV advantage, almost no viewing angle, and built-in top VrealPRO3 processing chip, support xvColour standard color gamut, a sharp bright screen performance. Scan on the screen while using the 480Hz sub-field drive technology, and joined the TUFdisplay technology to enhance the degree of color and black-screen life has also reached 100,000 hours. In addition, in line with Blu-ray technology, PZ800C also equipped with 24P movie playback mode, can display 24 frames / second film original picture, the dynamic resolution of 1000 lines, the effect is encroaching upon theater. And compared to the same type of LCD TV, PZ800C series screen performance, in particular the strengths perspective is self-evident. But with such a top-end performance of competing products market, Matsushita will outshine others in the field of plasma is not surprising.

Because different imaging principle, LCD and PDP perspective in color performance is different, watching TV, as viewing angle (direction) of the different images of the color change with angle, thus causing a decline in overall image quality . When the color change can be perceived as color when the view angle. In general, when the color changes in the 0.015 or less (ie color u, v, 0.015), it will not be human perception. And higher than 0.015, the color change will lead to image color distortion, chromatic aberration higher the number, the more the image quality dropped. Therefore, a critical value of 0.015, 0.015 or less in the color change in the visual angle increases, the better the performance of color perspective. Can be seen from the figure, PDP, when viewed in the 170, the color change is still not reached the critical value of 0.015, it generally will not break through boundaries of color perspective. The LCD viewing around 100 degrees when the color change has already reached about 0.015. Some say that popular, that is when the viewer and the LCD TV into a 100 degree angle screen time, is almost completely blind to the. The plasma in the offset angle 170, can still be the same with the TV picture horizontal perception. So compared to LCD, plasma has better color performance perspective can be very obvious advantage perspective.

But on the other hand, plasma TVs and prosperity of the state contrary to the much overlooked, is the concept of color, and no clear view put forward, and plasma display differences in testing methods also make corresponding technical parameters of the color is not angle unity, almost every vendor testing methods are different, no less than the competition between each other, and consumers is Ruzhui clouds. This has been the consumer of purchase plasma TV is not a unified technical parameters affect the fairness of market competition, deceived consumers line of sight, to some extent delay the development of the industry.

Order to change the status of this unregulated market, and promote the healthy development of the plasma industry, the China Video Industry Association has said that the national digital audio, video and multimedia product quality supervision and test center Zhangsu Bing, Sun Qifeng, Liu and other industry experts issued draft angle color measurement method of plasma standards.

Because this standard from non-vendor third party, and in a test environment and calculation methods, and relatively uniform, and therefore the results objectively and impartially, and with horizontal, as the market standard for the promotion. The angle measurement standard color promotion, will also drive the plasma market, flat market norms and the whole building. Even
. Jpg

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Antioxidant Body Cream – Your First Line of Defense Against Free Radicals

Antioxidant Body Cream – Your First Line of Defense Against Free Radicals

Antioxidant body cream is my first choice for fighting free radical damage to my skin. Many people have never heard of free radicals and are not aware of the havoc they do to our bodies over the course of a lifetime.

Consider your body a castle that is constantly being bombarded by environmental toxins, harmful chemicals in skin care products and pollution in the air. They are called free radicals, the bad guys and they mean business.

Antioxidants, also called the good guys, are vitamins that protect that castle from being invaded by the bad guys. It is a constant battle everybody fights on a daily basis. Antioxidant body cream is the heavy duty artillery I have enlisted to combat the damage that free radicals can do.

Along with proper nutrition on the inside, it is just as important to use good things on our skin because what we put on the outside is absorbed into our bodies through that avenue. We are born with the perfect, soft, supple covering and we can keep it that way with the proper nourishment and care.

We can not replace our skin when it becomes damaged, so I make sure to protect it with antioxidant body cream every day. My fortress is well protected using trusted products with quality ingredients derived from nature.

The right product will be high in the essential vitamins needed to protect your skin from the continued attacks of free radicals that never cease fire, day or night. A good quality cream is something nobody should overlook when creating a daily beauty regime.

In conclusion, it is never too late to protect your fortress from these constant attacks. There are a variety of products available. I personally use an antioxidant body cream with rejuvenation properties. I now have a renewed youthful glow I thought was lost.

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wind furniture

wind furniture

This week represents the end of a bit of a photography spending spree that coincides with the end of a very difficult divorce process. As an act of personal freedom I’ve geared up with a camera body, lenses and now a computer (using an iMac 24 for the first time as well as a PC).

This is the first image that I’ve cleaned up, cropped and framed using the Mac version of Photoshop Elements 6. It was very scary to see how many tiny specks of dust the full frame sensor had picked up and the large bright screen had revealed. Thank goodness for the healing and cloning tools!

Anyway the point of this image is to represent my bright, cheerful and energetic future with many strands of personal and professional success.

Wish me luck!

Best regards and thank you


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