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LENS: 70’s Nikon E 50mm 1.8 @ f8
TYPE: Single exposure (exp. time unknown)
ISO 100

POST-PROCESSING: Photoshop CC @ 16 bpc

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Leave the Urban Chaos Behind ? Five Star Resorts in Goa

Leave the Urban Chaos Behind ? Five Star Resorts in Goa

Goa, situated on the coast of Arabian sea, is one of the hottest tourist destinations in this part of the world with millions of tourists frequenting its beaches, churches, architectural marvels and the breathtaking carnivals every year. Being at the top in terms of per capita income and with its ultra modern infrastructure, Goa may paint an incorrect picture of India but it is at least an example of where this nation is headed and soon more of India will look like what Goa promises. The party mood and the never ending spirit of the local population and the tourists alike give Goa a unique nature and thus a vacation here becomes a thrilling and memorable affair.

While most of the tourism is limited to the coastline with five star resorts in Goa where sandy beaches make for perfect romantic walks or those late evening parties with friends, the inland areas of this majestic state also sees a lot of tourist activity as the streets are lined with magnificent architectural facades which date back to 16th century and exhibit the Portugal influence in its stark nakedness. Two most popular architectural delights include the world heritage sites of Bom Jesus Basilica and churches and convents of Old Goa among a host of other churches, temples and the majestic ruins of old forts. Best beach resorts in Goa offer to their guests a scenic view of the Arabian sea and private beaches for you and your loved ones to enjoy at the shore without being cramped for space or without invasion of privacy.

Best beach resorts in Goa have luxurious and spacious rooms with all basic facilities available round the clock. From in-house bars and restaurants to poolside café which overlooks the blue water of Arabian sea till your sight collides with the horizon, from Live music to a burning dance floor, five star resorts in Goa have all that it takes to make your holidays thoroughly enjoyable and equally memorable. Bookings can be made online subject to availability and you can expect a warm reception at your arrival with complimentary beverages and drinks. The never ending saga which Goa is plays tricks on your mind and you can not remain untouched by the infectious energy Goa transfuses into you. Best beach resorts in Goa are the only way to really appreciate the spirit of this magical place and anything less is just a compromise.

Anu Sharma is article-marketing manager of Kenilworth Hotels. Provides Five Star Resorts in Goa, boutique hotels and hotel packages for business, leisure and family.