2012 China Will Become The World’s Largest Urban Rail Transit Market – Mass Transit, Subway,

2012 China Will Become The World’s Largest Urban Rail Transit Market – Mass Transit, Subway,
According to the Chinese national standard “terminology commonly used in urban public transport” is defined, urban rail transit is usually electric-powered, wheel-rail operation mode to the rapid and large capacity public transport in general. Common types of urban rail transit subway (Metro / Subway), light (Lightrail), Monorail (Monorail) and tram (Tram), which often appear in the single-track in southwest China, tram and more concentrated in the northern region.

Since the first subway line in London, the level of development of urban rail transit on behalf of the city to some extent the level of modernization. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the total population of urban residents in China to grow at a rate of 3.4% per year, while civilian car ownership is the annual average growth rate reached 16.0%, which means that China’s urban transport situation is faced with severe challenges. Compared to other modes of public transport, urban rail transit has large capacity, low power, high speed, high security and other significant advantages, which has met the needs of modern urban construction, which is highly progressive urban rail transit concern.

The late 90s in the last century, a time when the Chinese government in order to prevent excessive investment, once halted a series of urban rail transit construction projects. The silent period lasted until 2005, the Government began to re-examine the need for urban rail transit construction, and introduced a “priority development of urban public transport on the views of” the relevant local governments to put in place to encourage the urban rail transit construction plan, a clear urban Rail traffic on the global impact of urban development. In response to the global financial crisis in 2008, the Chinese government implemented a package of economic stimulus, including the vigorous development of urban rail transit. In August 2009, the State Council approved the 22 approved the city’s subway construction plan, the total construction length of about 2,500 kilometers, the total investment is expected to nearly 9,000 billion yuan.

General Office of the State Council in 2003 released “on the strengthening of urban rail transit construction management notice” requirement, to declare the development of metro cities should meet the following basic conditions: the local general budget revenue of 100 billion yuan, China GDP reached 1,000 billion yuan, urban population of 300 million people. It is estimated that the country can achieve a number of requirements that are about 40 cities. Currently, 27 cities have developed a clear urban rail transit planning, and some other cities are also in the process of development.

At the end of 2009, China’s urban rail transit operators in total mileage up to 1,038.7 km, is located after the United States, ranking second in the world. According to Frost & Sullivan forecast that China in the next 5 years, each building will be more than 500 km mileage, and maintain a compound growth rate of 13.4%. This means that China will overtake the U.S. in 2012 to become the world’s largest rail market.

According to Frost & Sullivan’s calculations, China’s average per km of urban rail transit construction of about 400 million yuan of investment, so the next five years, China’s total investment in urban rail transport will reach 1.5 trillion yuan.

The cost of urban rail transit terms of the structure, engineering design consulting and management fees of approximately 8% of the total cost, land acquisition and housing demolition of about 14% of the total cost of civil works costs can account for half of the remaining part is related to equipment purchase and installation costs, of which about 6% of installation costs, equipment purchase costs account for 22%.

Urban rail transit construction is a huge project, involving many systems and equipment, in accordance with the normal budgeting can be divided into the following components: 1) vehicle, the purchase of equipment purchased about 30% to 40 %; 2) communication and signal systems, primarily by private communication, consumer communications, public security communication and signal systems constitute about 20% of equipment form; 3) power supply system, primarily by changing

Power Equipment
, Catenary, lighting and power monitoring equipment, constitute about 15% of equipment costs; 4) station auxiliary equipment, including escalators, elevators and security gates, about 11% of equipment costs; 5), ventilation and air conditioning systems, mainly chillers, fans, air conditioning units, etc., and about 6% of equipment costs; 6) ticketing system, the automatic ticketing system and fare collection system constitute about 6% of equipment costs; 7) other systems, including comprehensive monitoring system and fire protection, access control systems form.

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Austin, Texas – Home Of North America’s Largest Urban Bat Community

Austin, Texas – Home Of North America’s Largest Urban Bat Community
Austin is home to several things: live music, the University of Texas, the state capital; however several folks don’t understand Austin is additionally home to the state’s largest urban bat community-and it’s right downtown. A lot of than 750,000 Mexican Free-Tail bats build their home underneath the beams of the Congress Avenue bridge. Following renovations of the iconic bridge in 1980, the bat population took up shelter beneath the bridge, and it’s been their home every summer since.

During the cooler months, the bats build their home in Mexico, however every year during March and April they make their way North to Austin to offer birth and go after the cities abundant bugs (coincidentally, the summer months are when Austin’s cricket population reaches its height yet). And before the sun goes down, when they’re resting up for their nightly romp around Austin, the bats pay their time underneath the Congress Avenue bridge. Every evening, just before nightfall, the bats leave their refuge en masse, in an unbelievable natural exodus-a huge swarm of tons of thousands of Mexican Free-Tail bats swirls its manner up round the bridge, then dissipates as the bats head off in every direction to feast.

Apparently, the renovations created in 1980 left deep crevices within the bridge, which provide an ideal habitat for the bat colony. Many Austinites think about this an accidental blessing, as the bats are credited with greatly clipping on the insect population each inside the city and throughout the encompassing countryside. Of course, it’s estimated that, as a cluster, the bats consume between 10,000 and 30,000 pounds of insects!

This unbelievable sight has become an integral part of summer in Austin, and attracts tons of spectators nightly throughout the summer months, culminating in late August, when the colony is at its largest-averaging around 1.5 million bats. Austinites have come to treasure and even celebrate this unique natural phenomenon, with a summer celebration called BatFest. Held throughout the last weekend of August each year, BatFest brings together all of Austin’s favorite things-live music, food, folks and (you guessed it) the Mexican Free-Tail bats. The family-friendly event features academic displays, arts and crafts, and a whole host of activities centering around the Congress Avenue bridge bats-plus more than 30 bands rocking the weekend away from 2 totally different stages.

Austinites love a smart reason to party-it’s a trait town is well known for. In fact, BatFast falls just some weeks before Austin’s biggest music competition, Austin City Limits, which draws thousands of guests a year and brings the country’s hottest bands to Austin, Texas, for one sweltering weekend each September. But, in contrast to ACL or South by Southwest-Austin’s other major music competition, that conjointly doubles as a film pageant-BatFest is initial and foremost regarding promoting the protection and appreciation of one of Austin’s natural wonders.

During a city with such strong environmental pride, and wonderful resources like Barton Springs Pool and Edwards Aquifer, it’s no wonder this unimaginable phenomenon would capture the imaginations-and hearts-of thus many.

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Quot;Optical Valley” Big Three build the largest reorganization of laser companies – Reorganiz

Quot;Optical Valley” Big Three build the largest reorganization of laser companies – Reorganiz

About 3 times, about 5 years, “Optics Valley of China” Laser focused on the three M & finally settled. Clearly, laser industry has already become one of the top four of the Chinese workers

Technology , Chutian Laser, Laser united together to form a new company, its size will exceed the Shenzhen Han’s Laser and “became the largest laser companies.”

Together to enhance the competitiveness of the Big Three

1 13, the signing of the merger agreement restructuring the statement, the chairman of Sun Yat Chutian laser excited several times raising his voice: “Today is a milestone in China’s laser industry day will be shocked the world laser field day! “

According to reports, the new listed company will choose an auspicious day, the three M & A specific way: Chinese workers and Technology through a private placement to raise funds 300,000,000 yuan, available funds, the Chinese laborers technology investment 100 million yuan, with the laser to be re-Chutian quality assets, joint venture, a joint venture by the Chinese laborers Technology Holdings, the main business of medical laser products; laborers technology investment 100 million yuan, and the unity of laser quality assets to be re-established joint venture, a joint venture by the Chinese laborers Technology Holdings, operates mainly in high-power cutting, Longitudinal flow laser products; laborers laborers laser technology capital increase to 100 million yuan, mainly

Investment Fiber Laser , Semiconductor Pump laser and other projects.

Reorganization is complete, “Optics Valley of China” laser industry, will focus on the core competitiveness of Chinese laborers to the listed company’s technology to form the main body of the three clear division of labor: Chinese laborers laser, Chinese workers and Chinese workers Chutian unity. Highlight the three core business, significant economies of scale, will form a leader, a division of labor and cooperation, a new pattern of industrial concentration.

Chairman Ma Xinjiang Science and Technology said Chinese workers, Chinese laborers after the reorganization of industrial laser technology will become the largest high-power laser

Equipment manufacturing Business, the first laser

Medical equipment Small and medium sized manufacturers and the first power laser equipment manufacturers, and international laser industry giants to contend with.

Signed the agreement in two weeks ago, Sun Yat-sen and his competitors?? Laborers Technology Chairman Ma Xinjiang as the central business representatives, along with being nominated for CCTV’s “China Year”, but ultimately unsuccessful.

An insider said: “If the agreement signed last year, at least one person to screen!” Indeed, despite all the domestic laser industry “leader”, but the relative size of other areas of their businesses that are much smaller. According to statistics, “Optics Valley of China” laser focus on the three companies last year’s sales total income of less than 1 billion yuan.

Goal: to expand the international market

“Not surprisingly, the new company after the reorganization will be officially launched in February this year, sales revenue is expected rushed to 1.2 billion years.” Wuhan East Lake Development Zone, revealed that a responsible person.

Chutian laser or before the reorganization of Asia’s largest manufacturer of medical laser products. But still ambitious sen, said: “Chinese workers are technology companies raise money through targeted support, the confidence to do that we will have double value for 5 consecutive years, further expansion into international markets.”

Few years ago, is sen optical transmission over a continuous R & D

Laser welding machine Not only replace a large number of import equipment, and successfully exported to the U.S. Silicon Valley, to achieve exports of developed countries, China’s laser “zero” breakthrough.

Chair the new company will be fully working Maxin Jiang also said that restructuring is complete, “Optics Valley of China” main laser industry will focus its technology to Chinese workers to form the main body of the three clear division of labor: Chinese laborers laser, Chinese workers and Chinese workers Chutian unity. The three companies will form a leader, a division of labor and cooperation, industrial concentration pattern of the laser industry, to build to the source of Huazhong University of technology, internationally competitive industry, a complete laser chain, so as to drive China’s laser industry group toward a more good direction.

Small Baotuan triggered “self”

Laborers science and technology in business planning and restructuring of the three laser focus, while mergers and acquisitions, “Optics Valley of China” the other dozens of small and medium enterprises have already begun planning for laser alignment to counter the dangers coming market. In mid-December 2006, the public and Thailand lasers, optoelectronics, Wuhan Lingyun bleomycin and 6 small laser company set up in Wuhan, “Wuhan laser? Light

Electronic Industry Alliance “, and began to accept other conditions for approval of the laser line business to join.

According to reports, the “China Optics Valley” is known as a barometer of China’s laser industry, now has developed into the largest laser research and development, production, and high-level personnel training as an important base, the existing more than 50 laser production more than 40 kinds of products, the domestic market share has remained at about 50%.

Laser for many small and medium enterprises, three laser giant restructuring will further aggravate “the upper and lower pincer attack” of survival: the giant laser to deal with large-scale competition, the next to suffer a small laser workshop of spoiler.

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