Extinction of the dinosaurs. Computer artwork of a group of dinosaurs and flying reptiles fleeing a vast fire. This may have been caused by a volcanic eruption or meteorite impact. Such events have occurred before in Earth’s history, and will do so again. Both events can trigger a lowering of global temperatures as clouds of dust and ash reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the surface. Plant and then animal life dies off. The mass loss of life that included the extinction of the dinosaurs took place some 65 million years ago at the end of the Cretaceous period. The flying reptiles here are Pteranodons, and the quadraped dinosaur are sauropods called Titanosaurs.

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Kokerboom tree

Kokerboom tree

Kokerboom tree in Augrabies National Park. Taken at the end of 2008 and just been gathering dust on my computer since then.

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“Eye-Fi + Canon EOS M + tripod for Serenity” #photography #tools/ SML.20130123.223056.IP3.645Pro

“Eye-Fi + Canon EOS M + tripod for Serenity” #photography #tools/ SML.20130123.223056.IP3.645Pro

I bought an Eye-Fi card a while back assuming that it could geotag photos for me on the G12 if I use the iPhone app but no matter what I do I couldn’t get that to work so I finally gave up and it was sitting dust.

But now that I have the EOS M semi-permanently mounted on a tripod next to the window so I never miss anything for the Serenity series, it has a new found use—automatically transferring raw and video captures to my computer while I photograph—thus removing the need to open SD card, import photos and put it back onto the camera. A great improvement to the workflow. Super sweet.

Through the reflection you can also see me photographing this with the iPad 3 mounted on the hover bar, thus leaving both hands free for controls. By using 645pro set to Nighttime mode, this capture works well as the slow-shutter is no longer an issue.

Photographed as RAW TIFF on 645pro, cropped down and processed in Lightroom 4. As usual, pardon the chaos. Also you will note that I have downsized to a twin from my New York queen bed. A bit sad but then space is expensive in Hong Kong and I get used to it.

“Eye-Fi + Canon EOS M + tripod for Serenity” #photography #tools
/ SML.20130123.223056.IP3.645Pro
/ #SMLSetup #SMLOpinions #SMLMe #CCBY #SMLPhotography #SMLUniverse
/ #Eyefi #Canon #CanonEOSM #EOSM #Manfrotto #tripod photography tools setup #LGBT #同志 #gay #男 #men #人 #people #biobots #photography #645pro
/ #HongKong #China #MaOnShan

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More than the sum of its parts: 2-mistakes-in-one shot + one normal 6×9 makes for a fantastic pano

More than the sum of its parts: 2-mistakes-in-one shot + one normal 6x9 makes for a fantastic pano

yup this was done on a 1936 6×9 manual wind rangefinder – it still has a lens that will kick dust in the eyes of any Canon or Nikon.

scanned to the films full resolution, this fine grain will render a 165megapixel image – an just less than the monstrous 6×17 cameras… wallpaper in a box. the stunning thing about the Ikonta is its folding bellows, so it is still the best quality : size / weight ratio of any consumer camera (i have to say "consumer" because i bet the military have something better, but only be a smidgen i’d say.perhaps a 8×10 version of this camera design with finegrain 3200 film if that is even possible?
scanned on an Imacon, this image, unedited renders a 1GB tif file. it take a while to open even on super computers, never mind a white iMac, so i hop you appreciate this one being in the stream 😉 i know i sure do.

the overlapping was due to the film not being advanced far enough to seperate the two frames. the lefthand side was also accidentally exposed twice. (no means on the camera to tell weather or not you’ve already hit the shutter.
the fact the hills line up in the middle is pure luck.

this must be one of my favorite shots – like top 10. and ive KNOW ive got more that 1000, possibly even close to 2000 photos on my hard drive.

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Take Me Home Dirt Road

Take Me Home Dirt Road

You travel on one dirt road, you feel like you’ve been on them all. Just seems like time moves slow when you’ve got the sun beating down while the dust fills all your pores and nostrils. But if the artist stops and looks long enough, even on the dusty road a painting can be found.

A little later in the day, and down the road a bit, we met-up with some kangaroos… but that’s another story, and another painting.


The artist is both professionally trained and self-taught in traditional art mediums… as well as utilizing the computer for yet another means to a visual end.

My subjects include the familiar world around us… nature in all it’s beauty; the four seasons; people; places; the effects of our involvement upon our world; the animal world; etc. I also accept special orders and paint custom subjects upon request… just contact me!


All limited edition, hand signed prints can be purchased.

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One day I learned that the official meteoroligical name for dust storms is "haboob" (pronounce ha-bob). While playing at the computer I created this. It reminds me of the great dust storms we had (have) in Arizona before it became so populated with office buildings. Remember walking home from school in dust storms. I almost "blowed away."

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Waeranga trail ride panorama

Waeranga trail ride panorama

MR Motorcycles Waeranga school fundraiser dirtbike trail ride Sunday 5 April 2009.

Best to click on "all sizes", then "original" then scroll across. (this is a small version of the real original – created from 4x21MP images stitched together). I can see 12 dirtbikes in the full sized panorama.

As I arrived, late (as usual), the meat wagon (ambulance) was returning. It was re-assuring that it was there, but disconcerting that it had been busy. As I signed on the lady said to be careful as there had been a few casualties (she probably noticed that I was no youngster and would probably not bounce and recover as well as the young guys and gals). Hmmmm…

You start, right beside the carpark, with a wide and fairly deep river, with big rocks, and a slippery exit that goes straight up a steep twisty hill that goes on for 2kms. Then it gets harder! Yes, you know you are on a MR Motorcycles ride!

It was excellent, with all the usual ingredients, including many stream crossings – one a triple stream crossing where the river meanders. I almost lost it last time around the 30k (exactly on my computer) loop, exiting the last crossing of the triple, which was steep with big wet rocks – the steering damper, I’m sure, saved me. The signs and markings, including distance travelled, were perfect.

A few uphills were a challenge and a bit scary on my CRF250R, grovelling with one leg on the right peg and the left one sticking out and expecting to endo on the next big bump. I think my XR400 might have made it easier, ‘cause I could have gone slower without risk of stalling. I stalled a couple of times on slow tricky bits – that would not happen with the XR. But, I loved the light CRF250 and the wheelie power. The suspension is also way better, in a different league when I go hard, but still a bit harsh when I’m going slow over sharp bumpy cow tracks with current settings – will turn out clickers more.

Throughout the trails there were many dangerous steep drop-offs, some beside slippery bits where springs came out of the bank – a bit scary. There were also some lovely native and twisty bush tracks with some roots but no real hard bits.

I clocked 97kms per hour on one of the many great fast open country bits with perfect natural jumps for the brave – I did get a little air (outside my tyres that is)!

The scenery was postcard NZ hilly farmland on a perfect day – as you can see. You can even see some bikes raising dust near the top of the hill. It was a great ride.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention – I stayed on today – just.


(Lewis my son still has a front brake problem so missed it).

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Apache Trail Mountain Vista

Apache Trail Mountain Vista

I uploaded this in February ’07 after taking it in December ’06 because, when I took it, it had so many spots from sensor dust and I didn’t have the patience to blot out all the spots in postprocessing. I doubled my system memory from 1 GB to 2 GB RAM, though, and decided to use my computer’s increased responsiveness to fix this beautiful photo and post it, finally, on Flickr.

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