Cute Covers Make Kids Wear Safety Helmets At All Times

Cute Covers Make Kids Wear Safety Helmets At All Times

The great problem with kids, and this seems to be true no matter which part of the world they come from, is that they will never want to do anything that is good for them. Cycle enthusiasts of any age must wear protective gear at all times, but try getting the kids to wear something that they think is unfashionable. These days though, there are some rather innovative helmet covers which come in some trendy and cute designs that the kids just love. Even an informed adult will don a helmet cover particularly if he is trying to encourage his own kids to do the same.

For the adult cycle enthusiast there are some more grown up styles which suit practically every occasion. Even if a lady enthusiast is getting married, there is one that slips over the headgear in the shape of a veil and tiara. This may sound a little odd but so popular are they that some companies have several varieties to suit just about any color scheme.

Really though, it is the kids who have more variety than anyone else. Those in the shape of a princess style goes down well particularly in the younger set. Indeed, in all shades of pink and little girls will tell you is the ‘in’ color, there are so many different designs that some girls will want more than one for sure. Then she can pick and choose what to wear on any particular day.

We all know that small boys like just about anything green and grisly and here they have a whole array of different styles to choose from. Monster heads and little devil styles seems to be the order of the day but most opt for a superhero of some kind to whiz around the neighborhood in. Anything which keeps the hat on the head, of course, must be well worth it no matter how silly it may look to some.

These particular add-ons are also good for skiing and skating activities too when the participant has to protect his head. Because of the hazards involved, these should be introduced to encourage the use of safety gear at all times. As they become more proficient they may want to stop wearing them but if the adults are sporting something trendy then odds on the kids will want to follow suit too.

On snow and ice these particular add-ons also serve another purpose of course. Sometimes there is an unexpected snow fall or landslide and people are caught up in a flurry of the white stuff. Anyone caught out in this must wear something very brightly colored so that rescuers can find them when necessary. Indeed, even clothing should be as bright as possible too since an unconscious skier will not be able to raise the alarm.

For the smaller kids out there, a bumblebee or butterfly looks absolutely cute and adorable, get out the cameras, but still serves the safety aspect. Made from stretch Lycra style materials, these handy and useful additions to the wardrobe make life safer all round.

Stewart Wrighter’s wife recently purchased a specialty helmet cover online for their daughter’s birthday party. His wife loved the large selection of helmet covers she found online.

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Positive Motivation for Kids

Positive Motivation for Kids

When you think back on  your own childhood, you likely have key memories of your parents offering you either negative or positive motivation. Parents are typically among the most influential figures in children’s lives, and when you are constantly spreading a “can’t do” message to them, that message is internalized and carried for the rest of their lives. It becomes a mantra of sorts, and it can effect if they sit back and watch life go by or if they jump in and take chances that can lead them on the path to success.

As a parent, positive motivation is among the most important things you can provide to your child. Every parent wants their child to grow up happy and to lead a successful life, and when you shower your child with motivation and solid energy, you will instill a certain “can do” mindset in  your child that will take him or her to incredible heights in life. Consider using motivating words and phrases in key areas of their life from sports games and academics to even their daily tasks like chores and eating all of their green beans. In addition, you will want to make sure that they hear positive and uplifting comments not just spoken to them but spoken to others close to them as well.

Children internalize words and actions, and this is especially true when they come from a trusted and loved source such as their parents. As a parent, it is important that you are a source of positive motivation, as this will be internalized by them and carried through into their adulthood long after you are no longer a daily guiding force in their life. Take the first step today by  making a point to offer encouraging feedback to your child on minor and major tasks and goals, and then follow that up with daily reinforcement going forward.

Carla Kaplan is a writer and researcher on positive motivation. Find insight, inspiration, and tips on how to stay positively motivated at this blog:

Gem is Valuable.. So You are :)

Gem is Valuable.. So You are :)

People sometimes feel they are on the wrong place,

or going through awful situations..

Maybe we spend time on Mud 🙁 alot but that doesn’t

mean that we aren’t valuable..

The most important thing is that Allah is

Satisfied and to him we are Valuable.. 🙂

And Sure one day Gem will go to the right place,
and same for Dust.

Posted by Muslim & Proud on 2009-11-30 19:46:49

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No Direction Home

No Direction Home

"No Direction Home" . . .

I’ve always loved jumping straight onto the computer to begin editing after my photoshoot and last nights shoot was no exception. I’ve had this loose concept of orphaned siblings in my mind for so long now, it’s extremely wonderful that I actually managed to get it all together and off the ground. I have joyfully and unceasingly been editing this photograph through last night and all of today. Normally I would wait a day or two to publish incase I spot any mistakes I didn’t catch but this time I just can’t keep my fingers from hitting that little blue ‘publish’ button.

A HUGE thank you to my models – Aria, Zenya, Oscar and Xavier. They put up with crazy winds, dust and ash on their faces, itchy grass and a whole lot more.
I also have to say a massive thank you to everyone behind the scenes who helped me, which include but not limited to – Whitney Foster Photography who is not only my dear and wonderful friend but also my true photography companion. Em who is usually the one modelling for me but this time was holding down the fort with her brother and sister in law, Dan and Amanda who are also the parents of Xavier and Oscar.
Last but certainly not least, a thank you to my friend Ellen who made the Costume Aria, the eldest, is wearing. She is a FANTASTIC costume designer and helped me out of a tight spot as I had nothing for Aria to wear with only two days to spare. Check out her instagram @sharpscissors for more of her amazing work.

It may not be what I usually create but I’m happy with the outcome and I hope you guys are too.

Till next time folks … x

Posted by Sian Grahl on 2015-12-21 06:03:44

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The Computer Room

The Computer Room

My big concern before i came out is that the schools primary need would be for physical installation and computer maintenance – skills those who know me know i possess extremely little of. Various queries to Emma were met with reassuring, yet decidedly non-definite, assurances that this would not be the case.

Yet on my first day i was met with the site of around 20 10+ yr old base units smothered in dust and in various states of decay and disassembly; some 2 dozen monitors in a similar state and a plethora of discs, CDs, cables and peripherals scattered in boxes, on the floor and piled on tables. Rats had done considerable damage to the cables and insides of many of the base units and i had not one actual functioning PC!

This pic shows the state of things after a good week of cleaning and auditing.

Now things are much improved – i have a decent P3 with 40Gb hard drive as a master ‘puta, 2 Dell P3 laptops and a motley yet fully-functioning collection of 8 working mid 1990’s Pentium 1’s (or less!), with between 16 – 64 MB memory and sub 2Gb hard-drives all running Windows 98 and Office 2000. each has a working floppy and CD drive (from quad speed to the lightening quick 8x *LAUGH**) with various bits culled from the dozen or so fatalities that are now good only as footstools (or the last refuge of the wretched Ratticus Cableus Chewitus)

All have full virus protection – the laptops and the P3 master ‘puta were riddled with serious worms & viruses that almost derailed the entire project by infecting my essential and precious flash drives

I’m damn proud of what’s been achieved so far and the best is yet to come…..

Posted by leeabroad on 2007-03-03 08:43:54

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Raising Kids with Wisdom

Raising Kids with Wisdom

Raising kids can be the most demanding, time consuming, sleep depriving, stressful and wonderful time of your life. The spectacular little ones that you and your spouse created and brought into the world are growing into little people who have thoughts and ideas of their own. It is a splendid feeling watching your little babies grow into their own individual selves; however, it can be problematic once they start to use the word “no” or begin to talk back. This is when raising kids can become a battle between the child and the parents. Hold on tight because help is on the way!

Learn to Take Your Own Time-Out

Time-outs aren’t just for kids anymore. Sometimes, parents need to take their own time-outs in order to maintain their composure as well as their sanity. It can be brutal raising kids, especially once they start school and begin to mimic the behaviors of their classmates. This is one thing that can bring even the most harmonious and close-knit family to their knees.

Sometimes, a three-minute parent’s time-out can help. Of course don’t leave your small children unattended, but a child who is school age should be fine for those three minutes while you calm yourself. During your time out, you should think of some inspirational quotes about the wisdom needed while raising kids, such as Charles Swindoll’s “Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.” The famous advice columnist Ann Landers said, “In the final analysis, it is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings”. The use of quotes for wisdom may sound corny to some, but they are truly effective while you are trying to exercise your effective parenting skills.

Being Involved Is a Part of Good Parenting

Parents should not intrude on and be overbearing in their children’ lives. Allowing children to handle certain situations on their own helps them to become independent and strong individuals. However, there are aspects of your child’s life that you absolutely must be actively involved in as a part of your good parenting plan.

Raising kids without active parental involvement can make them feel that they aren’t worthy of, or important enough to get your time. This can lead to self-esteem issues now, and later in life. Be active in your children’ school and other activities. Showing your children that you are willing to forgo other things to ensure their success will instill the same wisdom in them, and they will in turn pass that onto future generations. Being supportive, helping your children with their problems, teaching them good values and teaching them how to live with integrity is nurturing them to have success and happiness in their lives.

  Noah Brown is a freelance writer who writes extensively on child parent relationship and offer

May 19, 2008 – New Old Computer

May 19, 2008 - New Old Computer

May 19, 140/366

When I hooked up my new wide screen monitor the kids got one of the 17" ones to go with the 8 year-old HP that I blew the dust off of. They were pretty giddy but the snail’s pace of that computer about drove me bonkers trying to load some games for them.

Posted by James Grayson on 2008-05-20 02:15:28

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