How to Keep an ExLover as a Good Friend

How to Keep an ExLover as a Good Friend

Breaking up with a girlfriend that you genuinely want to keep as a friend isn’t as hard to do as you may think. There are any number of reasons why you may want to break up with a girlfriend that you still like but have fallen out of love with. Obviously her feelings will be hurt but you can limit that hurt by being honest and un-patronising. By this we mean don’t make her feel like an old shoe that has been polished and then discarded for the latest fashion.

There is absolutely no reason what-so-ever that ex-lovers can’t be friends. If anything, these are often the relationships that evolve into being some of your best friends. After all, at some point you have shared not only bodily fluids but part of your soul.

We are not discussing the one-night stand sexual encounter but we are talking about someone that you have shared time with. Someone who has meant enough to you to share part of your limited time on earth with to enjoy some earthly pleasures.

If this person has contributed to your growth as a person then they will most likely be someone that you will like to keep as a genuine friend. This will become a genuine friendship without benefits, as today’s saying goes.

A friend-with-benefits is someone who you share sexual favours with and a friend is a platonic friend. A platonic friend is ‘a friend-without-benefits’. If you both decide that you want the benefits to remain in your relationship then that is a joint decision and there is no real reason this can’t happen providing all people concerned, including the new girlfriend that you want relations with, knows and accepts the situation.

This is far from a recommended course of action though simply because the chances of everyone, including you, being hurt are extremely high. Not only will everyone likely get hurt but you will destroy the chance of forming a long-term friendship with an ex and this would be a great loss to both you and your ex-girlfriend.

If you are considering breaking up with a girlfriend, don’t tell her one night that you love her and then the next night break up with her. This will destroy every ounce of credibility you may think you have. You may also not like yourself very much either because you will lose your own self-esteem. Once you lose your own self-respect, you are on a slippery path to nowhere fast. Frankly, there is no need for either of you to lose face or have your feelings destroyed if you treat each other with the respect that you would like to be treated with.

When you get old and grey and are sitting in your rocking chair on the front porch, these are but some of the memories that you will look back on. How you view them then depends on how you deal with the situation today. It gets even better when the person coming to visit you is the ex -girlfriend from all those years ago.

Learning how to develop relationship skills through building self-confidence and a good rapport with people leads to a happier and more prosperous life

Online Dating Hints- The Power Of Positive Attitude – How To Keep A Positive Attitude

Online Dating Hints- The Power Of Positive Attitude – How To Keep A Positive Attitude

Have you ever heard that “Our Attitude Determines Our Altitude!” I think that nothing could be more accurate, especially when it comes to our love life. Many of us have had so many bad experiences we are just fed up. So how do we keep a smile on our face when everything around us seems to crumble? Perspective is the key when you are dealing with life’s problems. The bad times can kill us or make us stronger. Everyone gets knocked down, the only real losers are the ones who don’t get back up.

I heard a story once about a kid who wanted with all his heart to have a pony. The boy’s father thought it would be funny so he gave him a shovel. He took the boy to the barn and put him in a room that was filled four feet high with horse manure. The boy was told that he needed to shovel out all the horse dung. Several hours later the Dad came back only to find the boy with a smile on his face and happily still in the room shoveling away at the mess. When the Dad asked him why he was so happy the boy said, “With all this manure, I know my pony is in there somewhere!” Life’s problems are all about perspective.

I have met a guy who spent seven long years in a prison for something that he didn’t even do. He told me that he made a vow to himself during his first week in there that he would redeem his time. He used his time wisely by spending it reading books, writing and going to college classes. By the time he went through all that he was well educated. He even had a college degree. No matter what your struggle is you can choose whether to let it master you, or you be the master of it. The bad times can kill us or make us stronger.

I heard a very wealthy man in response to someone saying how “lucky” he is say this, “It seems the harder I work, the luckier I get!” Everyone gets knocked down. Life is a battle for everyone, some face tougher challenges but none of us are without pain. If you want to be truly successful in anything remember Winston Churchill’s famous quote, “Never, ever, ever, ever give up!” Everyone gets knocked down, the only real losers are the ones who don’t get back up.

When you are just about ready to throw in the towel on your dating life, when you want to give up remember what has been said here. I cannot think of a single thing that is more important than who you spend your life with. There is no greater task that you can be given than to find the right partner. Don’t give up! Make the best out of bad times, and remember that life is all about perspective.

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How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want and Miss You – Expert Tips To Keep Him From Moving On!

How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want and Miss You – Expert Tips To Keep Him From Moving On!

After a breakup, you will desperately want you ex boyfriend back. But, you will never get him back unless you make him want you again. In order to make him want you again, you have to get back inside his head. Once you have him thinking of you he will begin to miss you. That will make your ex boyfriend want and miss you. But you will need to do more.

You must make him see he needs you in his life and keep him from moving on. To do this, you need to get him thinking about you as much as possible. But you will have to do all of this while having no contact with him at all. This might sound impossible, but, there are ways to get back into your ex boyfriends mind without him even knowing you are doing it.

Once you are occupying his mind, it will make getting your ex back a lot easier. The trick is to make him think it is his idea to get back with you. Of course by not being in touch with him, you will not know for sure if your plan is working, so you will need to be patient. Even if you happen to run into him accidentally, he will not let you know what he is really feeling.

But, you will be able to get some clues from his body language. If you catch him staring at you or trying to be closer to you, it will be a good indication your plan is working. Your ex will try to suppress his feelings for you because when he broke up with you, he intended to move on. He won’t be able to do that unless he can bury his feelings for you. That is why he will be trying hard to not think of what he is giving up by losing you.

But that will create a longing for you that he had not expected to have when he broke up with you. He will be finding that it is not so easy to forget you as he thought it would be. Your ex boyfriend will start to realize that he is still in love with you. This will cause him to want to keep his feelings for you buried and that can be a problem for you. It might cause you to become over anxious.

Many women when they sense that their ex is becoming interested in them again, will move too fast. If you become to anxious and start trying to make him show his feelings for you he will pull away again. You will have to let him bring his buried feelings to the surface himself. The best way to do that is to make him think you are on the verge of moving on. If he thinks he is losing you, all of the good memories of you will surface and your ex boyfriend will find himself missing and wanting you again.

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Overcoming Geography to Find True Love and Keep it!

Overcoming Geography to Find True Love and Keep it!

We all know how hard it is to find someone whom we can spend a long-term relationship with.  Someone you can tell your problems to or someone you can laugh with.  Finding true love can conquer latitudes and time zones.  Especially now that we have the power of the world wide web.  Online dating sites can be of great help in order to find the girl of your dreams.


The moment you find that person, distance may not matter anymore.  It might be hard, but, what the heck!  Even when you both live in the same area, it sometimes is hard too.  Overcoming distance just to find true love, can be done with a few clicks of the mouse.


When venturing on online dating, it is important to lay your cards down straight forwardly.  I don’t recommend lying about your looks or standard of living.  In fact, it is better to uncover the worst things in your life to a possible future mate.  This way, you will know if she is really into a serious relationship or is just up for something else.


If a relationship was formed while couples are miles apart, it might be a lot easier to sustain a long-distance relationship.  The probability of it to work might be higher.  Yet, it all actually depends on how much you’ve learned to care for each other and how much you want to make the relationship work.


Use all opportunity and tools to communicate.  If this kind of relationship happened on you 20 years ago, you might end up a total failure.  But since the computer era is on its heights, we can now easily communicate with others with almost zero trouble.  Communication with the people that we love, will now no longer take months of waiting.  Because of the computer technology, your woman seems to be just in the neighborhood. Send messages and use the web cam to be able to feel closer to your girl.


Schedule when you are going to communicate.  Since, probably, both of you are busy from whatever you are doing, you need to set a regular time to avoid miscommunication.  This is very important, especially, if your girl is at the other side of the world where an 8-hour-time difference is in the middle.


Snail mail might be corny for some, but it feels good receiving letters.  You should both send long love letters via mail.  It will make your girl want more of you. Videos and pictures help too.


Try this.  Agree on doing something at the same time and talk about it after.  Seeing a movie perhaps, while your Skype lines are open?


Keep the romance alive.  It might be hard since you both live in different continents.  But if you truly love each other, then it will be easy to bridge that gap.  You can both go to a park and take pictures, then you can exchange photos showing each place you wish to have visited together.


To find and keep true love, we need to sacrifice our time and money.

To find and keep true love, we need to sacrifice our time and money.  Travel to see her.  If you haven’t seen her since you started your relationship online, it would be great if you can take a few days off and see her.  She will definitely enjoy the idea of finally talking to you in person and really knowing you better.


In the end, to find and keep true love, you should trust her.  It might be hard, for you don’t really know what she does when she’s not in front of the computer and you are miles away to check things out but, that’s the risk you need to take.



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3 Tips to Keep Your Love Alive

3 Tips to Keep Your Love Alive

It’s quite common to find the flame of passion go out after years of togetherness. The couple are not as intimate as before, the relationship is taken for granted, and the romance dies out completely. It’s an inevitable element that nearly every long-time relationship will meet. When facing this dilemma some choose to continue the fading love, some choose to do something about it to keep love alive. Here are a few uncomplicated and absolutely practical suggestions to help you with the problem.
Care for each other After years of togetherness, the couple are likely to take the relationship for granted and no longer care for each other as before. Also, many other things like work and friends take big part of your life, which making the couple not intimate with each other any more. Then, you need to put aside your work, and spend some time with your partner to close the distance. For example, the husband can help with the wife do some cleaning, and the wife can accompany the husband take a walk after dinner. The relationship needs your care to keep it alive.
Keep appropriate distance Distance is another important element to maintain a long-time relationship. It’s more likely to put out the flame of passion if the couple keep too close to each other, as the longer you stay together, the sooner you see through each other. So, keep distance with your partner so as to maintain the feeling of freshness and mystery in your relationship. Besides, personal space and privacy need enough respect.
Have occasional romance As time goes by, the romance has no longer lived in your love, and the passion has also died out. But, you should know that love is like delicate roses which require constant care and cultivation, while romance is the nutrition for the roses. Occasional romance is the best way to help you regain the lost freshness and passion in love. Prepare a romantic dinner or have a sweet date just like when you were in deep love before. You also need to pick up some sexy lingerie for the time after romantic dinner. We all know men love sexy lingerie, and they can spicy up your sexual relationship and bring the spark back to you.
It’s hard to meet those who love and matches you, and it’s even harder to maintain a relationship. My suggestions will certainly help you to build a strong and happy relationship and regain the lost passion and romance in love.

Ally Keer is an expert author who has been writing on diet, fitness, weight loss, and relationship for over 4 years. She is also a fashion addict, who is especially interested in lingerie. is one of her favorite lingerie online shops, which provides sexy and cheap lingerie and naughty costumes.

Five Motivating Tips to Keep You Motivated

Five Motivating Tips to Keep You Motivated

I love being motivated, and I love motivating others. Motivation puts a smile on my face. What motivates me? Well, I have my own self starters and here are five that get me going.

Tip One: There is no question that our happiness is a product of our attitude. Will I have a mediocre attitude or a happy attitude today? It’s up to me. If I’m happy, I’m more motivated to get things done. Note to self: Decide to have a happy attitude.

Tip Two: Every cause brings its effect. Every action has a consequence. Note to self: Make sure everything you do today brings the right effect into your life. Make sure every action you take today is an action that brings the right consequence into your life.

Tip Three: Pretend you are talking to a little two or three-year-old. What would you say to that two or three-year-old to motivate them? “Isn’t this going to be fun? Aren’t you glad you came? Don’t you just love to learn? Picture how great it’s going to be.” Note to self: Keep talking and visualizing until you feel motivated! (It’s that easy!)

Tip Four: Do you know someone you can help? Do you know you are making the decision not to help that person just by standing by and watching? Make a decision to consciously make a decision from now on. Note to self: Be responsible for every action you take. Help someone out today.

Tip Five: Act as though it’s impossible to fail — and it shall be. Act as though it’s possible to fail — and it shall be. The sentence you use is the one that works, so make sure you’re using the one you want to work. Note to self: Remember, your brain is listening to everything you think/say today, so make today the best that it can be.

I hope I have given you some great motivating tips. If you would like more, here is a web page, “Motivating Tips”.

Psychic Elizabeth Asks – Do You Keep Your Heart Open Or Closed?

Psychic Elizabeth Asks – Do You Keep Your Heart Open Or Closed?

Do you keep your heart open or is your heart closed? Lots of people choose to shut down their hearts to prevent further pain. Some people have had horrific childhoods and never actually learned how to accept, or even feel and process, love and loving feelings.

Today’s Daily Quote is from Deepak Chopra. It’s his birthday today, October 22nd. He is considered a philosopher but he is so much more. He has progressive health clinics open throughout the world including one in Birmingham, Alabama, of all places. He is an author. He is a teacher. Deepak Chopra has been criticized over the years for his beliefs about mind-body medicine. He chooses to keep his heart open. He doesn’t shut down and run away from the criticism. He said the following:

The less you open your heart to others, the more your heart suffers.

You aren’t hurting other people by shutting them down or blocking them out. You are hurting yourself and your own heart. If you choose to keep your heart open, you can receive all the blessings that are due you. If you close your heart, nothing can come to you. Now granted, there are some people who should not be in our lives. The abusive ex-boyfriend who never speaks anything but mean words needs to be gone. However, you can get rid of a person and keep your heart open at the same time. You can say things like, “That person was not good for me but that doesn’t mean I will never find someone who respects and protects me.”.

If you have a dream, that is because that dream was put there by a higher power. That dream is something that you can achieve. I know sometimes the going gets very tough. Keep your heart open. Keep your eyes on your goal. Do not look down at what you do not have right now. Be grateful for what you do have. Stay in a state of expectation. As Mike Dooley always says, “Thoughts become things.”. Make sure you are choosing power-full ones.

For today, keep your heart open when you realize you are trying to slam it shut. Take a breath and choose to stay open and in an acceptance mode. I know it’s scary. I know it’s hard. I know you’ve been through some awfulness in your life. You would not have the vision of a better life if it were not attainable. THAT is a fact and a promise from the Universe. If you can see it, you can have it. Stay alert. Stay awake. Keep your heart open. Trust that your time is coming, because it is!

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Keep Your Head Back and Behind the Ball Through Impact! Six Top Golf Pros Agree

Keep Your Head Back and Behind the Ball Through Impact! Six Top Golf Pros Agree

Fifty of these columns were compiled and printed in a book entitled The Best of Bobby Jones on Golf, published in 1996. Jones was quoted: “Stay behind the ball is a splendid maxim. Should your head ever get ahead of the ball, at any point in the swing, a poor shot will no doubt result.”

In Harvey Penick’s, The Little Red Book, published in 1992, page 75 is entitled “Stay Behind the Ball” “All great golfers move their head slightly backward before and during impact, but never forward. A golfer must stay behind the ball. I mean set up with your head behind the ball and keep your head behind the ball. If you move your head forward during your downswing or through impact, you will hit a wee, ugly shot, probably a pulled slice.”

Tommy Armour, in How to Play Your Best Golf All the Time, (1953) emphasizes: The cardinal principle of all golf shot making is that if you move your head, you ruin body action. In his 12 key points summary to his book, Armour lists key points 5, 10 and 12 identically as “keep your head steady.” Interestingly however, in all pictures of golfers’ swings throughout the book, the head is seen as behind the ball through the impact area.

David Leadbetter in 100% Golf, 2004, states: “the head and upper body stay behind the ball as you unswing and accelerate into impact.” Try to maintain your spine angle from the set up all the way to the moment of impact and don’t worry if your head has a little lateral movement. Your head and spine are behind the ball at impact.

Jack Nicklaus is the most steadfast about head movement. In his book Golf My Way (2005), Nicklaus offers this warning: “If you are hoping to improve your game through these pages, but can’t or won’t learn to keep your head steady throughout the swing, read no further. There is nothing I, or anyone else, can do for your golf game. Any shifting of the head, at any point from address to impact, will alter the arc and plane of the swing, which, if not a totally destructive factor, is certainly a complicating one.” All swing pictures of Jack show his head to be held steady, but also well behind the ball until after impact.

Like many golfers, I have tried dozens of tips and instructional techniques, all to little or no avail. It was not until I focused on this aspect of the swing, did I finally break 80, and that was at age 65. Since then, I have broken 80 several times and I am finally able to enjoy the game. Learning to keep the head back was not easy. It required considerable practice, much of which was done without hitting balls. New muscle memory had to be learned and such was not easy, particularly at my age. But with tactile feedback to the head, the bad habit of “looking up” could be overcome.

Tiger Woods published his book, How I Play Golf, in 2007 and already it has become a bestseller. He writes: “Impact should look like address. My spine angle is the same and my head is in virtually the same spot.” The accompanying picture shows his head to be well behind the ball. He concludes: “It proves how uncomplicated the golf swing can be.”

What makes the golf swing complicated is the often contradictory instruction that can be found in print and by word of mouth. Some pros will teach that the head should remain steady throughout the swing. Some will preach that it is OK to have some backward or lateral movement on the backswing and just before impact. Others will say to keep your eye on the ball. But NONE will suggest that the head come up, or move forward of the ball until after impact. As written above, most if not all pros will agree that the head MUST stay back and behind the shot through the impact zone.

Robert S. (Bob) Doyle is the founder and president of Forever Better Golf Inc. a golf equipment and training aid company dedicated to helping all golfers improve their swings and lower their scores. Their flagship product is the PRO-HEAD Trainer, a full swing training aid that helps golfers maintain their spine angles and keep their heads back and behind the ball through impact. To see the PRO-HEAD Trainer in use and take the 60 second challenge, visit

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Farmers Keep The Major Household Appliances More Than Urban Residents – Home Appliances, Air

Farmers Keep The Major Household Appliances More Than Urban Residents – Home Appliances, Air
The current 1.17 million farmers in Beijing’s demand for home appliances have been from the “add new” to the “Update” in the varieties of all sales, the more high-end refrigerators, washing machines the most popular. According to the municipal Bureau of Statistics data show that for every 100 rural residents of the city’s refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, mobile phone ownership in more than urban residents.

Yesterday (August 9, 2009), who lives in Mapo Town, Shunyi Feng uncle in a house painted a new move

TV Installation Air conditioning , Washing machine And spent a busy day. His family of new appliances both large and small, are last month

Bringing home appliances Products chosen. Recently, this reporter learned from the Municipal Commission of Commerce, with products to promote in-depth, in July the city bringing home appliances products

Sell New record high, breaking 60,000,000 yuan.

Nearly 150 million yuan sales of home appliances to the countryside

With the constant familiar appliances to the countryside, more and more farmers began to replace the city in the “large child.” Shows, this year in February, the city’s “home appliances to the countryside” products on sales of 12.5 million; in March doubled the daily sales of nearly 3-fold, reaching 356,000 yuan; April sales of 440,000 yuan daily ; May daily sales of 861,000 yuan; in June sales of 990,000 yuan the day, while in July and then double the daily sales have nearly 200 million in monthly sales is more than 60 million yuan . As of now, the city appliances to rural areas has reached 147 million yuan in sales.

Reporter found that in last month’s best-selling products,

Refrigerator , Air conditioning and other appliances used most frequently in summer to the top of the list on sales of nearly ten thousand units, while sales volume is not high once

Mobile Last month suddenly popular, what the Department sold more than 3300, as sales of the third overall standings.

Main electrical farmers keep more than urban households

Municipal Commission of Commerce of the responsible person, now the city 1.17 million farmers demand for electric appliances have been from the “add new” to the “Update” in the varieties of all sales, the more high-end refrigerators, washing machines the most popular .

According to Statistics Bureau data show that for every 100 rural residents of the city’s refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, mobile phone ownership in more than urban residents.

Network launched this month, check specification

It is understood that the city does not belong to home appliances to the countryside there are individual sales outlets of enterprises are selling home appliances to the countryside products. If rural residents to buy the products of these enterprises will be sealed and not because they can not receive subsidies. This City Commission of Commerce issued the “Beijing bringing home appliances sales network management practices”, started from this month check network specifications.

According to City Business Committee responsible person, in order for farmers to purchase household appliances to the countryside products, Business Committee organized a number of “free caravan appliances to the countryside” campaign to

TV , Refrigerators, mobile phones, computers and other appliances to the countryside to subsidize products to sell on site, so that farmers can not see into the physical shopping and activities in the implementation of field sales, field way of subsidies, farmers can receive subsidy payments on the spot.

Learned that in order to facilitate rural farmers to purchase household appliances to the countryside product in the future, “Caravan” village-site sales and marketing will further expand the scope. The reporters also learned that there are already some districts and counties will “examine rural, district honor” of steps to streamline the direct examination by the rural financial payment, will shorten the period of 15 days 5 working days, while the introduction of the online banking payment system, farmers cleared at the scene, you can go directly to the rural commercial banks to receive cash subsidies.

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Keep Your Business Process Transparent with Master Data Management

Keep Your Business Process Transparent with Master Data Management

Master data management (MDM) has created a deafening buzz around various industries. Large companies that implement the system have attested its capacity to create a single version of truth within the organization. But even with testimonials that the system assists to avoid misunderstanding, fix workflow issues, and prevent inaccuracies among others, some company owners or CEOs are still threatened to use this platform. They think that this will only complicate their already smooth business workflow. What they didn’t understand is that aside from creating a more solid and fluid workflow, this system lets them discover issues that may have been happening without their direct knowledge.


You may position yourself at the top of the pyramid as the company’s owner or manager, but your employees have the ability to hide problems from you. Either they try to solve them on their own or they do not want to be reprimanded (even suspended or fired). Whichever reason, they have no right to decide on issues that affect your business extremely. But then again, they can do this without you knowing it and they can continue doing this without considering the would-be fate of your firm.


Because you do wish to be at the helm of your business process and you want to ensure profitability and growth, you will need the help of MDM. Through the deployment of this business solution, you can follow every move and every task of your staff. You can determine at which point of the workflow the problem arises. You will know who is responsible for what. This means that you have your eyes on your entire venture. Nobody can hide things from you.  Or better yet, you will not encounter any issues when it comes to your company data because this system provides an almost perfect solution.


This tool ensures accuracy in all your company information as you are able to gather them in one master data. The use of third party programs like customer data integration and enterprise data management is possible and, with this capability, you’re provided with a better way to synchronize all your data. This reduces logistics costs and other operational expenditures. More significantly, this makes your relationship with your trading partners more harmonious because every piece of information exchanged and shared is guaranteed dependable.


Internal company problems that are brought by employees are dealt with because master data management promotes transparency. And when internal problems are corrected and addressed, external processes are delivered more efficiently.

The aim for data quality improvement is better achieved with’ master data management platform. Their MDM system is packed with tools that meet the challenges of turning master data into trusted assets.