hi guys today is valentines day!!

hi guys today is valentines day!!

Evolution and Creation

This morning when I awoke, my dog jumped up on the bed beside me and had his head laying beside my chest.

I was patting him and was looking into his face.

Strange, as I was doing that, I observed how God made it so that the thousands of hairs that surround his eyes are all perfectly aligned, so that not one of the thousands points inwards towards his eyes, but away.

Each is growing perfectly so that a perfect pattern is growing around his eyes, and not one looks out of place even though they point in all directions around his eyes.

Could this perfect symetry of hairs growing around the eyes of a dog happen by chance as evolutions would have us to believe?

Or is there a master designer who created the dog with a perfect growth pattern of hair around his eyes, with perfect pattern of colour as well?

Valentines Day

Hi Guys.

Today is Valentines Day.

Many people’s thoughts will turn to their loved spouses and so they should. Christians also have another love we must not forget this day.

Jesus Christ is our first love and should always be in our hearts.

Do not forget to give Him thanks for the one He has given you to love and to cherish.

And do not forget to thank Him, who is love and for the Love He has demonstrated to you by dying on the cross for you so long ago. André

Food for Thought

Hi guys.

Here is some food for thought.

May God use it to bless you, encourage and uplift you.


Recently while reading a book I came across these words in a fictional story about a Chinese man and an American business man who were once Harvard room mates. They were both standing on the Great Wall of China and the American saw the greatness and technical marvel of Chinese ingenuity. The Chinese saw the deaths of millions and the sorrow and pain of the slaves who built the wall.

The Chinese fellow said that we in the America’s only see what the Chinese authority wants us to see, we do not see the whole picture, we do not see what went behind the building of the wall.

We do not see the misery, the persecution of the Chinese Christians and of the poor in China.

He used the following to illustrate this point.

A frog was in a well.
A bird stopped to drink at the well.
They argued about how the sky looked.
The frog thought it looked very small.
The bird thought it was very big.
The bird could see the sky as it really was.
The frog could only see a part of it.

We also do not always see clearly as we think we do see.
I am reminded that our lives on this earth are a reflection of this story.

Especially our spiritual lives. We see and often act and react according to what the world, and to what Satan whispers in our ears.

Consequently more times than not we take the wrong step and we fall into sin.

As you know the result is pain and suffering, perhaps even death.

God cannot allow us to sin. He gives us ample opportunity to repent and come back to Him. But again, as often as not, we forget the bird in the sky view of what God sees and we listen to the words of Satan and of the world.

We hear only the views of the frog.

God has given us His instruction book to help us to walk as He would wish us to walk to avoid the pitfalls of sin.

We are fortunate in this day in age to have the Bible so available to us. Sadly it sits too often on the shelf collecting dust.

What good is an instruction book on the shelf if all it does is collect dust. It would be like a student trying to do repairs to the carburetor in your car without having first some instructions on how to do the repairs.

The result of course would be perhaps pain, suffering and quite possibly death.
The Chinese man said something interesting. He said: "The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right name."

As sinners we tend to want to give in to our sins, that is we want to hang on to them often because instead of seeing things as God sees them we believe the lies, and Satan, being the great deceiver that he is calls things the opposite of what things really are.

So where do we turn to, to learn and the truth. The Bible is God’s truth.

Ps. 111:10 says "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth for ever."

Also Prov. 1:7 says: "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction." (both King James Version)

If we want to be wise and live a Godly life we need to follow the wisdom of God found only in the Bible. If we want His understanding and to live according to His commandments we need to be reading His Words.

A Bible sitting on the shelf collecting dust is as worthless as the car repair manual also collecting dust. It is totally worthless.

God instructed the people in the days of Joshua to put the words of the Lord in front of their eyes, to put them on their door posts and gates so that they will be forever reading them and learning His ways and words and instructions.

In so doing, they will by way of absorbing God’s words, begin to not only read, but also to live a godly life and thus avoid the pitfalls of sin.

Because, when you are reading and living, and breathing God’s Word daily, you are not falling into the well and only seeing a portion of what God wants you to see.

You are seeing and living the whole of Him.

And thus you will not fall into the temptations and snares of the world and the devil.

You will not be believing and listening to the lies and misrepresentation of the world and Satan.

God wants us to live a joyful life with Him as our Father and guide. He wants to be part of your life. He wants to live in you, and you in Him.

Take a moment and reflect and think hard on your own personal life and see if you are listening to the words of the frog or of the bird.

Perhaps you are listening to the frog and you are grappling and struggling with your sins, struggling with your addictions.

Perhaps it is time to climb out of the well of despair and fly and be as a bird and live your life the way God intended it to be.

We do not always see as clearly as we think we do when we are living in a well. But surely if we climb out and fly in the glory and brightness of the Lord, we will see things clearly as they are.

We will then ignore and walk away from the temptations and lusts of the world and be free. Jesus wants you to be free. He said the Truth shall set you free.

Do you want to be free?

Take that Bible now off of the shelf.

Dust it off.

Toss away things on your computer, books and things of the world that corrupt your mind, and begin a new day, a new way and fly and be free.

As one radio Bible broadcaster says: "Have a good and godly day; for what lasting value is a good day, if it is also not a godly day."



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From the category…"Things you won’t see in mainland China…".

I visited Hong Kong this past weekend with my friend Robert Lio. While there, we met Arndsan, Mr. Chan and Yangshuoren Jonky for a bit of a Flickr meet-walk. Flickr amazes me like that, 5 guys from across the globe, brought together in Hong Kong, by a love for photography. These guys are all very skilled artists, I highly recommend taking some time to look at their work.

I am happy to say I was able to fulfill one of my main missions, when Robert found a great Mexican restaurant in Shenzhen. 15 months without Mexican food. I am a survivor.

On a down note, my computer has officially bit the dust, the hard-drive is gone and a lot of my data went with it. Fortunately most of the photos were backed up. I’ll be getting something new soon. I don’t have the disks for PS or LR and of course I didn’t write down the activation codes anywhere! IF ANYONE CAN HELP ME OUT WITH DISKS OR ACTIVATION CODES FOR PS & LR PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

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Shadows Jesus and Conflict

Shadows Jesus and Conflict

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Radical Jesus Teachings on Effective Time Management

Radical Jesus Teachings on Effective Time Management

Effective time management today often means having everything planned out in a rigid and detailed schedule. There’s the daily schedule, the weekly schedule, the monthly schedule, and the 5 to 10 year plans. When you have these, people say you are a good time manager. They call it good time stewardship.

People handling enormous tasks are all the more expected to have effective time management. Especially people who own or operate big companies. But no matter how big and global the company is, it is no match to the task that Jesus Christ had in his day: saving all mankind. And “mankind” since the day of creation to this day can number any billions of people. Jesus must have had an effective time management. He finished the task successfully, having its impact felt powerfully even today after some 2000 years hence. What was his time stewardship style?

Radical Jesus Teachings on Effective Time Management

Jesus introduced a lot of radical reversals that orthodox management practices in known organizations today would definitely reject. Assigned with the gargantuan task of saving the whole world, how did he manage his time? What were his priorities, given a limited 3-year initial soft launch to set the whole enterprise in full swing operation after?

Radical Jesus Teaching Secret: Just Meditate God

If we were given that big task of saving the world, what would be our priority? Probably, planning. We would have planned our schedules and action strategies pronto, like adroit corporate planners would today. In fact, that’s what churches do today. We would have lots of closed door meetings. But Jesus went out to remote places alone and meditated, not his own plans, but God’s plans. According to him, he never made his own plans at all. He just sought his Father’s plans and implemented them.

To Jesus, effective time management is spending lengths of time meditating God, getting action plans straight from him, and implementing those alone. One may probably argue that radical Jesus teachings on effective time management apply only to church ministries and not to daily life, especially corporate life. Well, nothing can be farther from the truth. The fact is, many church ministries don’t believe this. They, like secular organizations, have the proclivity to plan their own from start to finish. The only difference perhaps is that they pray for their plans.

World empires have come and gone and doubtless they were all built by man’s plans and effective time management. Yet none had the endurance and stability that the Jesus enterprise, which was started and sustained by radical Jesus teachings, has. And the key secret to this was doing nothing except what God instructed.

A Timeless and Powerful Management Principle No One wants

Most people would rather confine radical Jesus teachings, like those on stewardship of time, to religious and spiritual matters. They don’t realize, these principles are boundless. They encompass all things in this world. But they’re so extremely radical, no one wants to try them seriously, not even the church at large. Though most people would readily give their nod to the idea that radical Jesus teachings are what wisdom is all about.

If you want success in time management that lasts long, check out Jesus’ style.

Juancho S. Gaerlan, aside from being a diet and fitness article expert, is an authority on modern radical Christology. He has written 7 hard-copy inspirational books on the subject and contributes literature on spiritual radicalism at http://whatjesussays.webs.com on a regular basis.



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introducing cowboy 2.0

introducing cowboy 2.0

Welcome to "the hat chronicles" Season 3 – Episode 1:
he’s been training folks. he’s been studying too. he’s got some new gear and he’s not going to leave a fedora unturned… the cowboy is back! paybacks a bitch, isn’t it?

Welcome back everyone for Season Three of the Hat Chronicles. The third season of the hat chronicles starts…… NNNNNNNNow!

Since I’m the narrator for this story, I largely get blamed if things suck around here. I wanted to make up for season two ending abruptly. So I decided to go up to Heaven to kick off season three.

I reached the pearly gates in no time. When I got there Moses was waiting with the Holy Spirit shining his shoes waiting for me to arrive. The following conversation ensued:

narrator: "Wow cool hi Moses. I’m not trying to be a dick, but how come God didn’t come out to greet me too?"

Moses: "Silence! This isn’t an after school special young man. We send who is available. The Holy Spirit is here too and he gives great back rubs. Isn’t that good enough?"

Narrator: "Honestly I always wanted to meet you Moses. But no one cares about the Holy Spirit. Not even church goers seem to mention him except during that one stupid prayer. He’s like the red headed step child of all of God’s main club members. Plus he’s talking on his iPhone right now and not even paying attention to me. He’s a fraud."

Moses: "You’re verbage is that of ill-wit and speaks from lack of experience. That’s not a regular iPhone young man, that is a holy iPhone. It’s been blessed with holy water."

narrator: "and it still works??"

Moses: "We don’t have time to discuss the specifics of our holy water young man. God says it’s blessed so that makes it holy and that means it’s superior to any water you have ever known, okay? Now do you see the line of people behind you? What can we do you for?"

narrator: "Well Moses I don’t want to stick around. I’m not staying. I’m having one of those afterlife after-pimp experiences that happens when you view his photos for too long. In fact my body is passed out by my computer down on earth right now"

Moses: "We get a lot of people here at the pearly gates in the middle of an after-pimp experience. You are the first to be male though."

narrator: "Um, yeah. This is different. I need to ask a favor of you."

Moses: "If this has anything to do with getting me to do me to do that falling to the floor evangelist Christian impersonation, God told me to stop doing it in public. It causes too much of a stir. I guess I could abee………"

Holy Spirit (interupting…): "…….hey amigo, I have a holy sombrero hat. i give to you no problem. you want to wear i give to you"

narrator (looking at Moses): "Why does the holy spirit sound like a Mexican strawberry field worker?"

Moses (with eyes up in the air): "Listen young soul, what do you need of us here in Heaven? Your time is running out."

narrator: "Okay. Here it goes. I just want you to give me someone or something to make this new season of hat chronicles interesting. Can you help Moses?"

Moses: "Hmmmm. I can part with the Holy Spirit. Would you like to take him? He makes good burritos!"

narrator: "Come on Moses stop being funny! That’s really fucked up. Please!"

Moses (giggling): Jesus always tells me to try pawning him off first before committing miracles. I had to try! Now hmmmm. I know. I have the perfect person for you. He lives by himself on the outer limits of Heaven. I will call for him to come immediately.

narrator: "Oh Moses thank you so much"

Holy Spirit: "Yo Güey, you taken a "Jesus Is Coming, Look Busy" bumper sticker for you car vato?"

narrator: "This is perfect Mr. Spirit. The message is straight from Heaven, right? This is sound advice. Thank you both!"

Moses: "Now be on your way and be gone. Back to Earth with you!"

And at that, the narrator fell back to earth through a tunnel. Moses stepped aside to help the other dead people entering heaven. The Holy Spirit began fiddling with a soccer ball he had in his back pocket.

After about ten minutes, a man started coming out from the dark strangely lit hallways of heaven.

He was fittingly leaving a trail of pixie dust behind him as he bucked his way towards the pearly gates.

It wasn’t until he got right to the entrance that anyone watching could be sure who it was. Because when that cowboy hat finally was viewable in the lights leading to the gates, it was confirmed.

Could it be????


THE COWBOY!!!!!!!!!????????? Does he ever really die? Is it really him?????

Any doubt that it was truly him was squashed when he let out his familar chuckle followed by a spoken monologue given in the third person:

"Muhahahaaha!!! YEHAW!!. The cowboy has a score to settle! I’m having fedora’s for breakfast tomorrow y’all. Giddy up! YEEEEHAWWWWWWWWWW bitches!"

And at that he jumped on a cloud taxi and headed straight for the a pimp stream near you. Nothing and no one associating with pimp is safe now people.


…to be continued.

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