Clutter out of Mind

Clutter out of Mind

The cables and clutter behind my computer. If I don’t see them, I don’t worry about them… (Actually, I’ve had much more cluttered set ups in the past – this isn’t too bad at all and I dust it every ten days or so to remove cat fur and dust.)

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I’m standing on the YABUCHI ISLAND BRIDGE, looking due north to THE GREAT HENZA MID-OCEAN BRIDGE, just over a kilometer away.

The "string" of LED lights is 280 meters / 310 yards across.

Although this Bridge-to-Bridge image actually calls for a much higher quality camera, optics, and exposure controls, I’m amazed that my little point-and-shoot caught the jist of the scene as well as it did.

To the naked eye, the powerful LED "rainbow lights" were much sharper and more vibrant than seen here, with a much deeper range of color.

The LED illumination alternates between all white, and the rainbow. Perhaps 10 minutes each ?

Within 60 seconds of taking this photo, the entire bridge went dark. It was 11:00 pm, and the powers that be had decided that was the best time to start saving on the City’s electric bill — until tomorrow night.

I’M STANDING HERE : 26°19’17.31"N 127°54’59.58"E

BONUS PHOTO APPLICATION : It will reveal dirt and dust on your computer monitor.


It’s late at night on CHILDREN’S DAY EVE. The illuminated Pylon and Cable-Stays of the Great Henza Mid-Ocean Bridge rise into the moon-lit sky — although the moon is behind me for this shot.

The image is only a poor rendition of what the more sensitive eye can see, but, do I mind ? No. For me, these photos are good enough visual cues to release the absolutely perfect, high resolution images stored in my brain’s photographic memory — memories that include the cool sea breeze, and the sound of the water lapping at the bridge pillar beneath me.

If you are living on Okinawa, and never made this cross-ocean drive, by all means make an effort to do so. There are four different islands out here waiting to be explored, all connected by roads and bridges, and with enough Mama-san Stores scattered throughout the villages to prevent you from starving to death



HENZA BRIDGE, CENTRAL RED PYLON : 26°19’54.14"N 127°54’57.99"E


海中道路, 平安座海中大橋, 10号線, 沖縄県道10号伊計平良川線, 伊計平良川線, 沖縄県道10号伊計平良川線, 勝連半島, 平安座島, うるま市, 沖縄県, 沖縄.

"Henza Kai-chu Oohashi" 平安座海中大橋 Causeway Bridge Okinawa Okinawa-ken "Okinawa Prefecture" 海中道路 10号線 沖縄県道10号伊計平良川線 勝連半島 平安座島 うるま市 沖縄県 沖縄.





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The Belt

The Belt

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Cute color ♡

Cute color ♡

2016 10 16

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dust bunny . kitty computer . pink
dust bunny . kitty computer . white

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Many thanks to you!

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This is a "M-Lover Maaie Type", just one of many weird and wonderful creations from that weird and wonderful anime, "Super Dimensional Century Orguss" (moral of the show? Mecha pilots! Keep it zipped, lest you shatter the space/time continuum and cause no end of relationship problems!).

M-Lovers are used as a sort of combination utility/lift/fighter craft by the travelling race of traders, the Emaan. Somewhat interestingly, its one of a very few mecha or fighter designs in either anime or real life to make use of a prone position for the pilot. In theory, this reduces the G-loads acting on the pilot, though in practice I think its just used to show off the rear ends of the (naturally) cute female Emaan flyers.

This toy, made by Takatoku during Takatokus legendary 80s era-of-toy-awesome, has a reputation for extreme fragility (the plastic-on-metal arm joints don’t help), with examples being found broken even in otherwise mint boxes. Mine, however, once survived a fall off a computer tower intact. It *does*, though, seem to attract more dust than pretty much any other Japanese toy I own.

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Vacro Series: 21 of 105

Vacro Series: 21 of 105

This is an extremely large series, even by my standards. So I think an explanation is needed here to really appreciate what you’re looking at.
As a kid I used to love taking apart electronics. Clocks, TVs, Tape recorders, anything I could get my hands on. But my favorite thing to take apart was a VCRs. 30 years later and I’m still taking apart VRCrs. Only now instead of VCRs that costs hundreds of dollars, I’ve graduated to this High End Panasonic Editing Deck that was worth $5000 new. The heads where out of alignment. The cost involved in fixing it was out of the question. So the original owner, who knew of the macro work, happily handed it over to me.
Except for the electronic boards, no piece is bigger than a golf ball. The smallest piece, (#011), is about an 8th of an inch.
I took about a month taking apart this ProVCR. Taking my sweet time. Great loving care went into taking this apart, only using a screw driver and a set of needle nose pliers. There was only one piece I had to break (shot #017). I had to use industrial strength bolt cutters to get that one out.
After I was done taking it apart I took over a thousand shots. So what you see here are the best of the best! Photoshop was used but only in cleaning dust particles and building the presentation frames. The lighting you see was done in the studio.
An interesting thing about how this VCR was put together was that there was no actual case holding it together. It was a series of metal plates interlocking and held by screws. One of the main components of any piece of electronic equipment is the wiring. Well in this thing, all the wiring was held together as one single bundle. So I was able to take it apart with that bundle of wires intact. I used that bundle of wires in THIS shoot.
My personal favorite is #009.

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how happy Hopper is

how happy Hopper is

"Shiroi, would you like to guess how happy I am at this very moment?"
"Well, Hopper, I suppose you’d be peaking any bunny happy meter aimed at you right now if I had one."
"That’s right! I’ve waited all year for moments like this!"
"Actually it was a little over a year since you saw her last, right, Hopper?"
"That’s right, Shiroi! it was so long! How could you have deprived me so?"
"I’m not made of money, Hopper."
"You never shot Yuina in a bikini before today. You should have remembered how you saw how some other guys have, and gotten more motivation to make more money to get back here sooner."
"Hopper, the overall appeal of Japan is what motivated me to spend as much on this trip as I have."
"Especially Yuina!"
"Especially the nice people in general, Hopper."
"Except you don’t want to see that nice man at the hotel reservation desk in a bikini, Shiroi."
"That’s right, Hopper. As if he would even wear one. Yuina, known as Maron today, is an absolute delight in many ways, but I was referring to the overall appeal of Japan for me."
"And of models wearing pink! And not much else!"
"Hopper, I like classy bikinis. But the model before Yuina chose not to wear one, and that was fine with me. I want them to wear what they are comfortable wearing. And Sara a few days ago wanted me to choose all her outfits. Did I choose four bikinis? No. One bikini. One lingerie. One seifuku. One yukata kimono. Traditional kimonos don’t show a lot of skin, but they are gorgeous."
"Um, right, Shiroi. Yuina is gorgeous no matter what she wears, but right now, since I have no neck, I can’t wait until she moves her finger I’m clinging to around so I can get an even better view!"
"You’ll be able to get plenty of good views from my computer at home, Hopper."
"Sounds great, Shiroi, but right now I am so in the moment I can barely remember what a computer is."

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Tree On The Levee At Dawn

Tree On The Levee At Dawn

I’ve waited a long time to get this shot. It was 5 days short of 9 years since I last shot trees on this levee with a dusting of snow. Back then I was shooting with a simple Canon PowerShot S2 IS and on the earlier shot below a Canon PowerShot S1 IS. I’ve always wanted to shoot it again with a better camera and glass. I finally had the chance at sunrise on December 18th, 2014. The previous times I was shooting these trees were February 2nd, 2005 and December 23rd, 2005. We rarely get more than a few flurries now and then. We had about 2 inches this day. We’ve had a little snow over the years, but usually the heavy, slushy kind and not during the early morning.

It was difficult shooting as it was windy and at times more sleet than snow. I was holding an umbrella to keep the snow / sleet off the glass. I kept getting part of the umbrella in my shots. It ruined a lot of shots but I got a few. But, after getting them in my computer I found that I had a lot of large circles all over the images because of the snow on the lens. I used Pixelmator to clean them up as best I could.

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