Look what my Macbook Pro can do! – You can now find me at www.ipernity.com/blackpaw

Look what my Macbook Pro can do! - You can now find me at www.ipernity.com/blackpaw

You can now find me at www.ipernity.com/blackpaw

Well, when I handed it back over, it couldn’t even do this anymore…

You remember how excited I was only two months ago when Bank_of_Rod came home with my new "upgrade"? Well, my refurbished Macbook Pro is currently dead. A few days ago it crashed and all I got was a blue screen. After shutting down and rebooting, the results were the same. The next day, it miraculously started working again for the day. The following morning it crashed again and wouldn’t be re-started.

Apple, so far, have been the typical tyrant. All they will do is fix it under the warranty conditions under which it was purchased. No exchange or refunds. Not even the offer of an extension of warranty to reignite my faith in their products.

So I took it to the Mac Shop to find out WHY a refurbished laptop should crash and die within two months of purchase.

The tech guy opened it up to find it full of dust (he said more dust than the laptop he’d been working on that was over a year old) and evidence of liquid spills. The logic board needs to be replaced.

So, Apple are meant to be calling me between 9 – 9.15am this morning to discuss how we might proceed with this. What can I expect? Well, I’m not really holding out for much from Apple. I’m not even really sure what I want anymore. I mean, seriously, who wants to keep a lemon that died within two months? Who really wants to replace it with the risk of another lemon dying just outside warranty? Especially given I now know that they don’t bother to actually refurbish their refurbished laptops, and given that I now know this logic board fail is actually a known issue in these laptops, yet Apple continue to sell them and will not repair them outside of warranty. Do I really want to stick with Apple? Or would it be more financially sound to stick with the devil I knew? Because, for the price I paid for this lemon of a laptop, I could have bought a new Windows based one, or a kick ass windows based PC. And when those crash (as inevitably they will… just probably not in such record time as Apple!!) the costs for repairing a Windows based system just pales in comparison to the rip off that is Apple.

So I’m currently thinking I’ll fight for a full refund and take my hard earned money somewhere else. I’ve never been one to run with the crowd, and I’m not afraid to work on a system that’s not "industry standard". I admit, it was nice to work on the Macbook Pro. It’s a very beautiful machine. But beauty is only skin deep, which this Apple has so eloquently demonstrated .

Update – 26/9

So, after an hour and a half on the phone to Apple on Monday, I finally get someone who agrees that this should never have happened, and says he will fight for me to get an extended warranty (which, incidentally, along with iphones and a few other things, is something that it is against Apple policy to offer as compensation… which begs a few more questions, doesn’t it?) I get called back today, and my friend at Apple says "management" have offered a reimbursement of $150. I calmly explained that $150 doesn’t actually address the issue, but perhaps they could offer me a refund for the full cost of the extended warranty, and then I could buy it. He said he’d already asked, and they said "no". So I said I’d take the refund, thanks. If Apple aren’t prepared to stand by their own products, I’m not touching them with a barge pole.

Of course, it’s not going to be quite that easy, is it? No. I think my friend at Apple knows that because he was insistent that he get "management" to call me, and on each occasion when I asked him to sort out the paperwork for a refund, he completely changed the subject back to getting "management" to call me. So I see a future involving Consumer Affairs and a nasty fight before I see my refund.

I can’t think of any reason why I would want to keep this Macbook Pro now.

FURTHER Update 26/9 –

‘Management" called. They are not prepared to stand by their product and we are going our separate ways with a refund. As Bank_of_Rod said, that was an interesting exercise!

Shopping for a new laptop again…

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iPhone iPad Bring Radical Change for Publishing Industry

iPhone iPad Bring Radical Change for Publishing Industry

There are many ipad reading software, there are some famous software, such as Flipboard, Zite, Reeder and so on, these software have used plate characteristic, has realized user reading experience promotion by splendid design.


But, the above application is only preliminary screening for all information. How to compile each place gain’s useful information preservation, with the aim of momentarily glancing through? The answer is one earns the widespread support the cross platform application. Marco Arment Instapaper is precisely this kind of service. In the iOS reading application, Instapaper arranges throughout before the position. It has not only received user’s widespread welcome, earns the numerous third party software’s support, for instance Flipboard/Zite supports the article transmits Instapaper, you may also increase Read in the PC browser the Later label, momentarily captures is interested the homepage. Instapaper existence, enables us to use the scattered time collection information, realizes cross platform reading.


Last month, Instapaper 4.0 issued, have further promoted reading experience. Instapaper founder Marco Arment is not only a splendid application exploiter, and he is also an opinion blog author. when accepts RWW website interviews, he talked about iPhone, specially for ipad, which brings for radical change for Publishing Industry.


iPhone, specially for ipad, which brings for radical change for Publishing Industry. Regarding user, now what may be very easy is the application and the content pays money directly, spends the few money, carries on the massive purchases. Regardless of being the past or the present, this in the network was not actual. Moreover, receives the populace along with iOS to welcome gradually, tens of thousands of people the more machine times will use on the more suitable reading equipment, but is not table model machine and the notebook.


These two transformation has brought new life Publishing Industry, it make effect from big newspaper magazine to individual blog author, it increased content demand, made fees collection easier, but did not need to spike advertisement everywhere.


Instapaper and its each clone, have put up bridge between network and iOS world. At present competion is very little, only because this is a new question which large-scale market not yet realizes. Not only read later, moreover is read everywhere compared with PC browser, the most users like reading experience on iPad. iPad is truly offer us more convenience , especially after video , dvd movies conversion (such as convert dvd to ipad , video to ipad, avi to dvd , movies to ipad ,etc) with some useful software, we can enjoy movies easily. And we can play games on ipad easily.

As an An experienced IT consultant and trainer, I have devoted myself in software development for the past several years. My main contributions is some video,drm formats convert software, such as free ipad to mac transfer , convert mov to ipad on mac, mac video converter etc.Through my ongoing experiences in the field I have gathered useful information and I like to share it with everyone.

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iPad teaser

iPad teaser

After months of consideration, I finally gave in and bought myself an iPad.

I’m in love. This thing is amazing beyond imagination.

All you Apple haters: Show me one portable device that can import your CR2 RAW photographs directly from camera, show them without conversion, and then let you import them as is when you connect it a computer.

This thing is a beauty. I’m in love.

PS: Sorry about all the dust. Don’t know how to deal with it, either in real life or in Photoshop.

PPS: This is SOOC, direct conversion from RAW.

Strobist info:
One YN-460 II through shoot-through umbrella, on the right, 1/128, triggered with RF-602.
Gold reflector on the left.
Plexiglass at the bottom.

The lens was Volna-9, again, and I can’t remember the aperture, but it should be somewhere between 2.8 and 5.6.

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Guidelines For Buying A Fantastic Desktop Computer

Guidelines For Buying A Fantastic Desktop Computer

Investing in a new desktop may be pretty frightening for a few people. Don’t be worried, as the right information may help immensely. Continue reading to find out how experts on computers get what they need and require.

Make certain you provide an antivirus program. Running without antivirus support can leave you at risk of malicious software invading your body. This software will take fragile personal data. Plenty of programs are on the market to regularly scan and repair if you wish.

The interior gets dusty and needs to be dusted at least once weekly to be sure the computer operates optimally. Simply unscrew and remove the truth, and spray away the dust using a can of compressed air. Like that, the equipment stays clean and the fan stays functional.

It is recommended to make sure your brand new computer features a proper warranty. It will help if something messes up on your personal computer. Generally, it is possible to carry it to a store to be able to obtain it fixed or a replacement that’s the identical model.

Write a summary of items you do using the pc to start out this method. The sort of computer you will want is dependent upon how you will apply it. If you’re a gamer, the requirements will differ than from someone who only shops online or checks email.

Should you be a gamer and love playing on the desktop computer and you are interested in that ultimate gaming experience, then you need to consider some things. Your personal computer needs to have a display that is compatible with high resolutions, a minimum for 4 gigabytes of memory, as well as a strong video card. You can even buy special keyboards and controllers to boost your play.

Always get yourself a warranty with a new computer. This can be to your protection in case the computer includes a malfunction of some type rendering it useless. You may come back to a store and possess it fixed in cases like this.

People who don’t find out about computers find looking for them difficult. Now you have great computer buying tips readily available, there is no reason why you ought to be hesitant any further. So remove that dinosaur on the desk and locate the ideal desktop to fit your needs. www.hopenetconsulting.com/tips-and-tricks-for-using-your-…

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