Hallucination of withdrawal -[ HSS ]-

Hallucination of withdrawal -[ HSS ]-

The motherboard of my MacBook Pro, which I had to send in under a recall program for a potentially incendiary battery. An Apple-certified tech coordinating the recall opened up the unit, revealing four years of dust and cat fur sucked into the unit.

Unfortunately, without my primary computer, I cannot rely on Photoshop, so I had to try GIMP on the underpowered, low-end iMac in my office room. Even though the learning curve will be steep and the goings slow, I found some goodies to make the most of a picture I took of the motherboard before it was vacuumed up and the computer buttoned back up and sent away for the recall work.

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Kitty+disk setup

Kitty+disk setup

One SB600 in the silver umbrella, another on the right. Air canister (to clean the platters every few minutes – even a single dust particle shows up in this light), tripod for the camera.
All photos were taken with manual exposure and manual focus (autofocus didn’t quite cut it in the low ambient.)

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Mirror mirror…

Mirror mirror...

The disk platters are highly reflective. You can see the read/write head (the top one, anyway) accross it and the parts that move it to the right. On the far right, that’s an air filter / silicagel combination to, er, filter air and suck up humidity inside the disk. (Disks are NOT airtight, y’know, and dust and moisture are not their best friends.)

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