I’m standing on the YABUCHI ISLAND BRIDGE, looking due north to THE GREAT HENZA MID-OCEAN BRIDGE, just over a kilometer away.

The "string" of LED lights is 280 meters / 310 yards across.

Although this Bridge-to-Bridge image actually calls for a much higher quality camera, optics, and exposure controls, I’m amazed that my little point-and-shoot caught the jist of the scene as well as it did.

To the naked eye, the powerful LED "rainbow lights" were much sharper and more vibrant than seen here, with a much deeper range of color.

The LED illumination alternates between all white, and the rainbow. Perhaps 10 minutes each ?

Within 60 seconds of taking this photo, the entire bridge went dark. It was 11:00 pm, and the powers that be had decided that was the best time to start saving on the City’s electric bill — until tomorrow night.

I’M STANDING HERE : 26°19’17.31"N 127°54’59.58"E

BONUS PHOTO APPLICATION : It will reveal dirt and dust on your computer monitor.


It’s late at night on CHILDREN’S DAY EVE. The illuminated Pylon and Cable-Stays of the Great Henza Mid-Ocean Bridge rise into the moon-lit sky — although the moon is behind me for this shot.

The image is only a poor rendition of what the more sensitive eye can see, but, do I mind ? No. For me, these photos are good enough visual cues to release the absolutely perfect, high resolution images stored in my brain’s photographic memory — memories that include the cool sea breeze, and the sound of the water lapping at the bridge pillar beneath me.

If you are living on Okinawa, and never made this cross-ocean drive, by all means make an effort to do so. There are four different islands out here waiting to be explored, all connected by roads and bridges, and with enough Mama-san Stores scattered throughout the villages to prevent you from starving to death



HENZA BRIDGE, CENTRAL RED PYLON : 26°19’54.14"N 127°54’57.99"E


海中道路, 平安座海中大橋, 10号線, 沖縄県道10号伊計平良川線, 伊計平良川線, 沖縄県道10号伊計平良川線, 勝連半島, 平安座島, うるま市, 沖縄県, 沖縄.

"Henza Kai-chu Oohashi" 平安座海中大橋 Causeway Bridge Okinawa Okinawa-ken "Okinawa Prefecture" 海中道路 10号線 沖縄県道10号伊計平良川線 勝連半島 平安座島 うるま市 沖縄県 沖縄.





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Day 0 – I

Day 0 - I

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Day 0 – II

Day 0 - II

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Somewhere a faucet drips.

Somewhere a faucet drips.


Clearly I’m going through a black and white, earthy noir moment. This song plays through my head when I look at this. So does this one for some reason.

I’ve been doing a pretty decent job of staying off the computer, which explains unanswered messages. Sorry for that, but I really need to keep myself offline especially now that college is starting again in a couple of weeks. I’m not feeling that photographic at the moment though…once classes begin I’ll probably be more motivated. I feel really bad about not being able to follow the work of others as much and I hope I can catch up as much as possible when I can! I don’t like missing out on your beautiful photographs even though being off the internet has been really good for my peace of mind.

Yesterday I modeled for the amazing Andrea Pun and I can’t wait to see what she came up with! I got to play fashion model, which was absolutely nerve-wracking since I’m not in the least modelesque, but we had a wonderful stylist and make-up team and though I was nervous it was very fun. Check out one of the shots here!

TTV, Argus Super 75, shot with a 100mm macro lens. Wanna know how?

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Lights Last Kiss, Mesquite Dunes, Death Valley National Park

Lights Last Kiss, Mesquite Dunes, Death Valley National Park

****better on black****

Got a call from a great guy and great photographer a couple days ago about hitting up Lake Tahoe and Yosemite and it crushed me to not be able to go. I’ve been working double time at work as the year draws to an end and I had to shoot a senior and family portrait last night that just couldn’t be rescheduled.
Since I couldn’t head out to shoot, I figured I’d drop back into my spring break trip and pull out another shot. Sort of a …virtual… mental photo trip of sorts. Couple computer freezes (stupid macbook pro) later and here we have it. I hope you enjoy. I like the highlights on the dune ridges. Cheers

–jared r.

Canon 5DMKII
Canon 16-35mm @ 28mm
Iso 160
1.5 sec
Singh-Ray 2 stop SE GND
Singh-Ray 3 stop RE GND

Raw files handled in Lightroom
Final adjustments (luminosity/dust) in Photoshop CS5

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