Zodiacal Light

Zodiacal  Light

This panorama of 2016’s very first sighting of the Milky Way in the area was shot with a timeless beauty, a vintage Minolta lens, the MC Rokkor PG 58mm/f1.2 to be exact. I was skeptical about a vintage lens lacking all the modern lens coatings to perform the way it did. It is akin to using a 1968 slide ruler (Google it you, millennials!!) to perform a complex calculation that would require a computer now.

That is not what is special about this picture. What is special is the fact that I captured the more timeless beauty, the Zodiacal Light that is so coveted by astrophotographers.

Thanks to Wisanu Boonrawd for identifying it. Zodiacal light is a faint, roughly triangular, diffuse white glow seen in the night sky that appears to extend up from the vicinity of the Sun along the ecliptic or zodiac. In this picture you see the Zodiacal light right at the bottom center of the horizon. Zodiacal light is produced by sunlight reflecting off dust particles in the Solar System known as cosmic dust. (With help from Wikipedia)

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Test shot with Sony A7RM2 + Leica 21m Summilux-M

This is very surprising – with the Voigtlander close-focusing adapter, I can get the minimum focusing distance for the Leica 21 lux to less than 5 inches (~12cm) from the front end of the lens!

In the shot above, the camera was rested on my left hand, with my left forefinger pushing the dust jacket on the book to keep it flat, so I could focus on the letters.

The DoF is extremely shallow and the fall off from the center is very rapid. It doesn’t take much to go out of focus.

Still, it is amazing that I can get as close to the subject as this. The normal minimum focusing distance is something like 2+ feet (~0.7m).

Best seen on a color-corrected retina display. To see the image at its best, please download it at the highest available resolution and see it on your computer.

Posted by Roy Prasad on 2015-09-07 18:45:16

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Test shot with Sony A7RM2 + Voigtlander 125mm f/2.5 APO Macro Lanthar, shot at f/2.5.

The DOUBLED letters are 5mm high on the book. Below is an actual pixels crop. On my Macbook Pro, the letters appear about 33mm high, so a 6.6x magnification. They look razor sharp at and very clean at ISO 4000.

This was a hand-held shot from a close range of about 0.5m from the book. The DoF is less than 2mm. The dust jacket on the book has a play of over 2mm over the spine of the book, and that is enough to put the lettering on the adjacent black book out of focus.

Best seen on a retina display. To see the image at its best, please download it at the highest available resolution and see it on your computer.

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