Dirty laser printer

Dirty laser printer

Dusty and dirty laser printer in office
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Urban Hygiene Ltd Appoint A New Distributor In Cyprus.

Urban Hygiene Ltd Appoint A New Distributor In Cyprus.
At 100 years young Peratikos Construction Chemicals & Paints are Cyprus largest and oldest paint distributor, a Cyprus B&Q if you will. They have made a name for themselves by only stocking the very best paints sourced from around the World. In the last 10 years this commitment to quality and innovation has seen them expand their market share and open new stores across the island.

In July 2010 Peratikos approached Urban Hygiene to ask if they might distribute the easy-on protective coating range in Cyprus. Peratikos had heard of easy-ons success protecting highways structures in the UK and felt such a product would be invaluable to their countries own highways maintenance teams.

A dialogue quickly sprang up and by November 2010 Urban Hygiene Director Roy Johnson accompanied by Peratikos first 100 tin order arrived in Cyprus for a week of demonstrations, meetings and talks. There was no doubt upon my arrival at Peratikos Head Office that we had found the right people to work with said Roy Lakis (Likis Michaelides Executive Director) had arranged to introduce me to all sorts of influential people, all of whom were genuinely interested in easy-on and how it would benefit them. During my time in Cyprus I was introduced to representatives from the Municipalities of Limassol and Nicosia who were interested in using easy-on to reduce graffiti in their respective towns and to the Chief Engineer from the Ministry of Transport in Cyprus. Our meeting must have been a success as he has since called for easy-on to be used exclusively on the new Nicosia to Paphos highway – one of the countries largest engineering works. Roy also met with members of Peratikos sales and engineering teams to explain the broader reaching benefits of easy-on and demonstrate how it could be successfully used by schools to protect classrooms and in high rise blocks to protect stairwells.

The Peratikos and Urban Hygiene relationship got off to such a good start that it seems inevitable the two companies will continue to work closely together for many more years to come. Peratikos have taken up UHs offer for a free mini-site attached to UrbanHygiene.com so now the two companies websites are also reciprocally linked. Click here
Urban Hygiene are always on the look out for like minded companies. If you are interested in distributing easy-on or easy-of products please contact Roy Johnson directly for more information.

Urban Hygiene Ltd is one of the UKs most trusted suppliers of performance coatings and a leading provider of graffiti prevention and removal solutions. For more than 10 years, Urban Hygiene has provided award-winning solutions that protect walls from damage caused by fire, graffiti, pedestrian traffic, UV, bacteria, germs and much, much more, as well as formulating one of the most effective and environmentally friendly graffiti removal agents available today.

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An Oral Hygiene Reminder

An Oral Hygiene Reminder

Echoing a popular quote, a smile is the most important thing a person can wear. For some, it is the most noticed and appreciated deed one can do to someone. It is an asset, which helps a person improve not only his physical appearance but also his confidence and personality. Having a great smile is also important especially in creating first impressions. It conveys openness, friendliness, and confidence.

A smile can make any person’s day seem brighter. With the proven health benefits, smiling is a natural anti-depressant and mood lifter. It releases endorphins and serotonin, which are neurotransmitters which give the body a natural high. Therefore, smiling helps lower stress level and blood pressure, as well as improve cardiovascular health.

However, smiling, despite a simple gesture, may not be easy for everyone to do. People who have worn, gapped, chipped, misaligned, or stained teeth may feel unattractive about themselves, which made them too conscious to smile. They sometimes cover their mouth when speaking in order not to display their teeth in public.


With these problems, Colorado Springs cosmetic dentistry has got the solutions. These dental experts make sure that your concerns are given appropriate attention without giving false reassurance. They are equipped with the latest and most advanced dental technology to provide the highest quality of dental service to their patients. They are reliable dental experts which will surely make you smile with the professional services they offer.

Colorado Springs cosmetic dentistry offers procedures such as teeth whitening, teeth alignment using special invisible braces, laminates, and minimally invasive veneers. Other cosmetic periodontal plastic surgery procedures offered include ginivectomy, lip repositioning, and soft tissue or gum grafts. These procedures are done to give you that confident and great smile you have always wished.


Colorado Springs dental understand that every person has individual needs. That is why they provide cosmetic dental treatments according to specific dental problems. Their services assure you that you will gain a better smile, which will lead to a heightened confidence. With that said, your renewed smile can change you and your life to a happier one. You can have the greatest asset that you can use in your everyday life.

If you have questions, please visit us at www.PineCreekDental.com for complete details and answers.