HTPC build in a SilverStone ITX case.

HTPC build in a SilverStone ITX case.

What a pain in the butt to build with this.

If you have fat fingers ask your wife or girlfriend to help.
First of all if you are installing a 140mm fan in this case say goodbye to placing a mechanical hard drive in this build. It doesn’t say it in the manual. I’m not even sure if you can have two SSDS with a 140mm fan.

No dust filter for your PSU. I need to add a filter to the PSU fan.

Use a SFX PSU! I have an ATX PSU and the wires are taking so much space I’m having a hard time placing a reference 780 card in it.

Overall it is small and makes a great HTPC, but be warned of the limitations.

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Front Intake of ITX Case

Front Intake of ITX Case

The BitFenix Colossus is a great case but wished the front had a removable filter or grill. Behind this grill is a 230mm fan to suck in cool air. A simple burst of air from a can will not be able to remove the dust inside the grill. I will need to try to find other means of removing the dust.

With the door closed on this case the air is sucked in from the top but with the door open, obviously it takes in more air directly from the front. The dust in the hollow door is very hard to get to but with a good shot of air it cleaned it right up. There were some stubborn dust particles that needed an old fashioned Q-tip to move it along.

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HTPC (AZZA/CypberpowerPC Case) Short Review

HTPC (AZZA/CypberpowerPC Case) Short Review

I originally obtained this case from Cyberpower PC which they call it the Zeus Mini. It is a great small form factor case, but I feel that it does not do to well in cooling the components.

It looks cool with it’s exterior lights on the front with the brushed metal face.

Working with this case was very difficult due to my fat pudgy hands and inexperience. I had to remove all the fans that are placed over the components before installing a long 292mm Gigabyte GTX 770 Video Card. The power source for the video card were touching the ceiling of the case causing slight bending. Wire management was very difficult and it was very messy looking to my taste. The top of the case has some air holes but is not dust proof. The front IO has only one usb 2.0 and one 3.0.

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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

This little guy is my HTPC/server which is on year round for entertainment purposes. Every three to four months I try to open her up and clean her insides. It is a simple build that its main purpose is to hold and share files.

CPU: i3
C: 120GB SSD
OS: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

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Top Intake of ITX Case

Top Intake of ITX Case

I live in Hawaii so my windows are open 24 hours a day. I place the case in a book shelf approximately 3.5 feet high. Its three feet away from the window so I’m assuming a majority of this dust is from outside. Right after cleaning this I noticed my CPU is 5 degrees cooler.

Under this filter are two Corsair 120mm fans were very dusty, and I had to use a few Q-tips to get a very good lair of dust off the fan blades. The motherboard and the other components had a very little to no dust particles on them. However the stock CPU fan blades had some dust on it.

Overall it was a simple clean and I really wish the front grill was removable for easier cleaning. This being a large ITX case made it simple to clean for someone with pudgy fingers. I highly recommend this case from BitFenix.

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