Dolled Up

Dolled Up

In that small screen, I want to look the prettiest. But I’m still hiding these feelings in my heart.

– Jihyo

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Urban Survival With A Water Heater

Urban Survival With A Water Heater

So you’re all grown up and are now ready to move out. You finally found a place to call your own. You have the refrigerator and cooking appliances. You’ve scoured for some basic furniture like the tables, chairs, and a bed to outfit your pad. What else should you consider having?Now, unless you’ve any plans of enjoying the frostbite, you might consider investing on a water heater.

Chances are, you grew up in a home with a standard water heater. And you may have taken it for granted, which shouldn’t be the case anymore. Even if you’re alone and just starting out, a hot gas water heater is a must have for any home. But especially in the cooler months of the year leading up to the Christmas season, you’d definitely want to have it.
Simply put, a hot gas water heater works by putting in some unheated or cold water into the tank. The lower portion of the tank has a pipe where the natural gas is used to heat up the cold water. This causes the now-hot water to rise up the tank where it stays until you need it. In Physics, it’s a process known as convection.

But when do you experience the benefits of having a hot water heater? This happens even in the most mundane things you do. Washing your hands is one very common purpose for this. By extension, washing dishes with heated water also makes it easier to remove food stains. The same also goes for doing the laundry. If you’re a jeans type of person, then use warmer water for your jeans. White shirts also benefit from warmer water since it makes the heavy soil more loose, and thus, easier to clean. Just be sure not to overlook the instructions found on your clothes’ tags. Warmer water tends to shrink or fade more delicate clothes.

Taking a shower is another one of the most important uses of the water heater. Assuming you’re a yuppie, or not the morning person, then making sure you start the day right is important. Hot showers tend to “cushion” the shock of cold water in the even colder morning weather. This should allow you the luxury of a smoother transition from the “at home” mindset into the workday mode. Also, where else can you get a head start of hot water for some brewed coffee? It’s a good thing you don’t really need a Ph.D. in Physics to enjoy the benefits of a water heater.

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Quot;Cheetah” in the run 2007 Oulai Ke Facebook – Oulai Ke, water heater – appliances industry

Quot;Cheetah” in the run 2007 Oulai Ke Facebook – Oulai Ke, water heater – appliances industry

2007 to sum up the year-end, find Oulai Ke was 200% sales growth in its “Archery” theory has become the fast water heater industry, the classic marketing strategy. Electric water heater with fast within the industry compared to other categories, Oulai Ke undoubtedly successful, only a short time of three years sales have gone through their course of development in recent years.

“The world is something easy to move, things become easy to be prepared.” In the market changing Oulai Ke, only keep up with the market forecast of the market looking to go top of the tide; only understand the product development direction, the better the quality, accelerating the run rate, improve and meet consumer needs, make a healthy bath pioneer status, as representative of modern life.

“Cheetah” in the run

From the company set up to now, only a few years time, but Oulai Ke has been maintained 200% growth rate in growth, is becoming the fast water heater industry leader in the field of health bath. The end of 2007, Ou Laike more than 20 provinces and cities in the country has broken the 1000 terminal network structures. What is the reason for Oulai Ke success? What factors make Oulai Ke fast as cheetah-like in the dash?

From industry, environment, fast water heater for its smaller and sleeker, faster than the storage-type heating rate, more secure than the characteristics of gas water heaters, water heater represents the development direction of the industry! Oulai Ke timely in the domestic power grids step by step process, the increase of fast water heater efforts to promote the project more quickly has been specializing in the production of Oulai Ke water heater created favorable conditions for development.

“Business success is reflected not only on the external environment of the powerful grasp, but also because their own ideas for product and brand marketing, the exact location.” Oulai Ke Fang Zhong electrical marketing manager pointed out that the price positioning in the high-end, will target consumer groups for middle and high spending power of youth groups, the sales channels located in the large cities in high-end consumer groups and market new real estate projects, so that Oulai Ke gradually do young people based on the consumer in the field of “boutique brand” strategy.

Fang Zhong said, to business operations, sales run can be seen as a “shooting” process, first of all have a goal, that is to be “flak”; followed by even have enough power, that is a “good bow “; the last gap in the market should also be a tool for tearing, a seminal called” sharp arrow. ” Only in this way, Ou Laike to go faster and more robust. Of course, the company picked the right direction, product technology research direction set down correspondingly.

Present, Oulai Ke product use the international popularity of faster heating, “British Grameen 800 heater” heating devices, greatly improving the thermal efficiency of water heaters, by rapidly heating cold water to ensure that hot water in 5 seconds out. Without water, without preheat, without thermal insulation, water heaters, and all-weather continuous supply of hot water heaters to meet the needs of consumers, while greatly accelerating the speed of running Oulai Ke sales.

“The world is something easy to move, things become easy to be prepared.” Experts believe that the market is constantly changing, only keeping the market forecast of the market looking to go top of the trend. In the “Archery” theory, occupy an important position, “marketing” as the rapid run Oulai Ke played a decisive role. As long as there is a place Oulai Ke product sales, not only occupy a prominent position, with a unified counter the image of professional quality sound Purchasing Guide (promoters), and high-grade terminal image and quality services and brands to customers was value for money for, and have wide confidence.

“Security” ranked No. 1

Often hear consumers that reflect the use of water heater less than a year, on account of body heat by scaling, corrosion and bad, life is difficult to achieve the water heater manufacturer said warranty period, consumers security can not be guaranteed.

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