The Belt

The Belt

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30 Years Later, The Future Of Urban Life: “no Carbon” – Heat Pumps, Solar Energy, Science

30 Years Later, The Future Of Urban Life: “no Carbon” – Heat Pumps, Solar Energy, Science
Shanghai World Expo is set off a wave of low-carbon future is probably the way of urban life

Policy Expo The future of urban life from a delicate scene, used to see and hear around them, the Shanghai World Expo is a battle of “low carbon” tidal wave. The way of urban life into the future to solve the bottlenecks? Carbon Expo may be given a medicine. Pass through the park to experience a “carbon-free world” of course.

2015 Michael a low-carbon life 2015 years, which occurred in the global village is a family story.

Michael is an industrial designer living in Shanghai. His parents, Mr. and Pui Pui his wife lives in Beijing, and his sister Cindy home in Milan. Although separated by thousands of miles, green low-carbon technology allows family members living at your fingertips. Interestingly, we can visit with the perception of light shadowing these stories. Michael

went door, “invisible gate” in front. 007 visitors encountered a similar scene in the film, would automatically scan the main features of the face, after identification to enter. Today (2015), flying, and so do not go to the bank ID card, his face with anything. Features three-dimensional data, the unique identity of every person check information.

In the Michael home, there are three windmills power their communities. Michael garage with cars RufGreenster, first by the way lithium battery powered electric vehicles, it has a high power reserve and a series of charge-discharge capacity, but also the excess electricity to the public grid. As the “power”, Michael received the power company each month to pay his “electricity.”

Day, Michael received a modified design of the new electric car mandate, must be in the time and in Shanghai, Tokyo, New York and three other team members. Mai’s mission was not able to complete tasks faster and better. This is derived from the 3D co-

simulation and remote link system, it is no longer a simple multi-party video calls, but the scene of the docking site of life. Shanghai for the completion of body design, the New York people will be able to color it and then people from Tokyo to complete his process … …

Michael family had a fish tank, fish and sometimes less and sometimes be large, but also many bubbles that pop up; the fish swim to the shell side from time to time. Michael looked strange fish tank, I know all parents living in Beijing.

This is due to the remote link system, a soft landing. Is not only a piece of fish tank accessories, fish, or distant parents induction body. Parents living through changes in fish and fish tank reflected, so that geographic distance disappear.

These stories took place in the Park Beach Plaza, No. 8, after the door of “We Are the World” museum, these technologies are not dreams, Siemens advanced technology will be 13 of them scattered and local embeddedness. Role in the story played by people like artists, Betty played by actress Xi Meijuan, Mr. Tony Jiang Kun.

real practice “Carbon-free world”, 30 years after the real
If to say “We Are the World” Museum of the technology promotion, remaining a little “castles in the air” in the distance. In the Urban Best Practice Area, then copy the practice of the world have been cases of advanced low-carbon life.

Summer without air conditioning, roof of the “hood” device through the circulatory system cooling ventilation and humidity control; hot bath without power, roof Solar Energy Devices can provide the power you need.

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Intel Core 2 Quad – Q6600 Stepping G0

Intel Core 2 Quad - Q6600 Stepping G0

Upgraded my chip from Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 to a nice LGA 775 Quad!

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Heart of Display

Heart of Display

The Heart of my Display – Sapphire’s ATI Radeon HD 4850.
Coupled with a Thermal Right TRAD2 for Cooling.

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