Fitness Tracker Foero Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor and Blood Pressure Steps Tracker Bluetooth 4.0 Sports Wristband Pedometer IP67 Waterproof HD Touch Screen for Android and IOS

Fitness Tracker Foero Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor and Blood Pressure Steps Tracker Bluetooth 4.0 Sports Wristband Pedometer IP67 Waterproof HD Touch Screen for Android and IOS

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Key Features:
Tracks steps,heart rate,walking distance,calories burnt,sleep quality,Blood pressure.
-Call and message Reminder
-Turn the wrist light screen
-Recording the daily goals
-Camera Control
-Heart rate monitor

Detection of heart rate:
-Real-time testing and every 30 mins automatically save data to APP;
-Under the heart rate detecting interface,wait 6-7 seconds,will display real-time heart rate , it will keep this continuously track about 60 seconds,and the data will not save to APP.

Blood pressure:Normal and Personal
-Generally please select Normal model.
-If you are hypertension or hypotension,please select Personal mode,and select on My Device of Personal mode and set your data as well on settings at the same time.

Sleep Monitor:
-Automatic monitoring sleep duration and sleep quality, sleep can view the trend to improve sleep, and through the vibration alarm clock wake you quietly.
-The sleep monitor will start form 9:00 PM to 9:00 AM.

Sedentary reminder:
-Remind you to leave the seat for just the right amount of exercise.


CPU: Nordic N51822
Bluetooth Version: 4.0
Sensor: 3D Gravity Sensor
Trap Material: Silicone
Stand By: 5-7 days
Battery Capacity: 90mAh
Dust-proof &Waterproof: IP67
Battery: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
System Requirement: Android 4.3 And Above, IOS8.0 And Above

What You Get:
1 x Smart Bracelet
1 x Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

Kindly NOTE:This device not for medical use,test data just for reference.

If you have any questions for the product, please feel free to contact us. We will reply you ASAP.


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How To Pull Your Ex Boyfriend Back And Recapture His Heart – Effective Tips To Regain His Love

How To Pull Your Ex Boyfriend Back And Recapture His Heart – Effective Tips To Regain His Love

A breakup, does not have to spell the end of love. You can have the rosy future of which you have always dreamed . A home and family with the man you love. That might seem impossible to you right after you have seen him walk away, but it can be much easier than you think. You just need to learn how to pull your ex boyfriend back and recapture his heart. You can do that by using these effective tips to regain his love.

The first thing many women do when their boyfriend dumps them is run to their girlfriends and ask for their advice But, why would you go to another woman to learn how to get your ex boyfriend back? If I wanted advice to get a girlfriend back, I would consult a woman. She would know how a woman thinks about a breakup. But, to get a guy back, you have to know how he thinks.

That is where male psychology comes into play. Men think differently than women. For instance, right now you would like nothing better than to get your ex to sit down and talk. But, that is the last thing he wants to do. If you keep calling him, he will keep hanging up on you. That should tell you to leave him alone. The best way to pull your ex boyfriend back is to put distance between you. That might sound crazy to you, but it is not crazy to a man. If you respect his desires, you will recapture his heart.

Men fall in love from a distance. Being away from you will bring back the things that made him fall in love with you to begin with. Soon you will be desirable to him again and he will begin to miss you. This will only happen if you give him the time and space to think. Another trait of men, is the love of a challenge. Show him something he cannot have and he will fight to get it. To regain the love of your ex boyfriend you need to make him think he can no longer have you. Instead of telling him you love him, make him think you no longer care.

This is how to pull your ex boyfriend back and recapture his heart. Ignore him and make him feel that you are unattainable. Does that sound familiar? It should because that is the way you got his interest at the start. Becoming a challenge to him again, will make him start chasing you and you will soon be back in the arms of the man you love.

H L Archer is well versed in the field of romantic relations having helped many people over the years to solve problems of dating, strained marital relations, divorce, dating after divorce and surviving after a relationship breakup. He would like to extend a helpful hand to you and any others that may be struggling with a romantic relationship.

You are invited to visit his blog at to get some free information.

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Eptic loves America

Eptic loves America

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Healing A Broken Heart From Love – Take Time To Realize

Healing A Broken Heart From Love – Take Time To Realize
Healing a broken heart from love? Healing is a difficult process to attain because before it, you will be facing rough roads first. But, even if it seems to possible to do, things will fall into place and in time and sooner or later, you will be able to overcome all the pain and hurt from the break up. Remember, it will take time and in your part, you will be feeling better as you you will be getting to live your life once more.

I know that last sentence may sound odd. You may be saying to yourself, ‘Well that’s stupid, of course I want to get over my pain’. In a way though many people actually hold on to their pain. They do not actually mean it and may be even unaware about it, but really they do it more often than not. If you keep on doing such holding back of feelings without your awareness, you will not be able to successfully overcome it.

Make sure you are not so much hurt to the point of being afraid of committing again for something new. If you are, you really should consider finding some help. Life is always beautiful and living with hurt and fear can make you vain and bitter. You will never learn to live a happy and beautiful life if in your heart are grudges and pain.

A therapist can help you work through all your hurt and pain and help you find ways to heal them so that some day you can move on and find love again.

While learning to heal, take some time to live by your own. This time, forget about dating and all you have to do is to take time to be with your friends and do things that you enjoy when you are with them.

Do you still remember when you were still single? What are the things that you are interested in and what do you do that you enjoy a lot? Most of us put at least a little of ourselves on hold when we start dating someone else. That’s the way it really works. Our partner sometimes does not like what we are doing even if you love and like it, so when you are still together, you cannot do those things you love and enjoy. Now that you are single, take time to do all those things. Those things will make you know yourself more and they will give you great feeling of love and contentment which can be a great help on the process of healing a broken heart from love.

One thing also to work out is to be able to make things happen for you, those things that you selflessly desire to do. Actually, these are the things that you supposedly do but you have given up for the sake of the relationship. The best time to do them is now. Have you been meaning to take a class, learn a new language, or just rearrange your living room? This will be a good start for you, go for it and enjoy the time being. You might not think that you can have any fun quite yet but when you start doing the things you have always wanted to do you might just be surprised at how good you will start to feel. Keep in mind that when you always find every reason to be happy, it is one way of showing that you are on the process of healing a broken heart from love.

Johnny Wayne personally believes that all relationship can be saved but it all depends on how much effort is being put in. You can find out more about our Review of Second Chance Romance and the tips on How To Get Over Being Dumped.

Short Love Poems For The Passionate Lover’s Heart

Short Love Poems For The Passionate Lover’s Heart
I know many of you out there who love love. You know who you are. You are the ones who love when you see friends getting together. You love when people fall in love. You almost get a high when you experience love. You crave love words and romantic messages. You love surprises, chocolates and anything romantic. You probably have a lot of passion and flare.

Your relationships also may be fiery with highs and lows. You may find yourself madly in love one moment only to crash and burn the next. You may even be reading this article about short love poems to get your next fix of love. If this is you, you may not yet have the long-term relationship you’ve been looking for. Your relationships typically begin with a flare and then quickly fizzle out in fiery heat.

For you to have the relationship you want, you’ll first need to let go of your need to have your love fixes. It’s almost like an addiction. The addiction comes first before real love shows up. The high highs of love you experience are more due to the fix and the emotion of love rather than real love. And the high can only last so long. Once the fix is over comes the inevitable crash because the highs just aren’t sustainable.

Instead of seeking for fiery passion right off the bat, seek instead to connect with your partner. Seek to serve him. Seek for steadiness and a deep connection not based on the emotional highs. Seek on letting go of whatever you are seeking to be filled from those fiery highs. Let yourself be like the turtle, not the hare.

True love is in every moment. True love is noticing what your partner needs and serving him deeply – every moment. True love isn’t based on seeking for those highs. True love isn’t based on having a continuous string of highs from now until the end of time. True love is about commitment and repetitive moments of serving each other.

Anyway, let me end by giving you a short love poem for the passionate lover’s heart:

I remember the fire burning
I loved how the passion scorched me
Now I feel only a kindling
With no more fuel to ignite

If only I’d saved the logs
And didn’t burn them all at once
I’d have a sustainable fire
And a relationship everlasting

Read more love words, romantic messages, and other inspiring poems at For short love poems, visit

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How Do I Make My Husband Love Me Again? Ways to Win His Heart

How Do I Make My Husband Love Me Again? Ways to Win His Heart

Satirist, Mark Twain, once wrote, “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” It is impossible to make your husband love you again, when you don’t know how your actions might be part of the problem.

o Hold your tongue. Listen to how you communicate with one another. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes and ask yourself how you’d feel if the roles were reversed. What may have been cute when you were dating might be hurtful or inappropriate, at times. If you argue, don’t get into the habit of saying things you have to apologize for later. In all your interactions, be respectful and his love for you will begin to grow.

o Size matters. Don’t belittle him. Whether you’re the breadwinner, or the only thing keeping the family or relationship working resist the urge to throw it in his face. He may silently worry if he’s doing enough, if he’s keeping you happy and doing a good job providing for you so feed his ego. Let him know how much you appreciate his presence in your life and it will be even easier to make your husband love you again.

o Remember the past. Greek astronomer, Ptolemy, believed the sun revolved around the earth. Don’t repeat history. When you’re in a loving relationship, it can be easy to forget that you’re not the only person involved; the world doesn’t revolve around you. It’s also a good practice to act as though you’re still dating. Remember how scary it was when you weren’t sure of his feelings. Remember how great it felt when he said, “I love you.” Remember how liberating it was when you found out he liked you better without make-up or that you didn’t have to suck in your stomach anymore because he loves your belly. When you remember what made you fall in love, rather than harp on insignificant flaws, your love for him will be radiant and magnetic.

o Paper burns, rips, and can be shredded. Many women believe that the marriage certificate is a pair of shackles, instead of paper. Ever notice how we can treat our family, when we know they are stuck with us? We don’t call until we need something, we forget birthdays and important events, we can be flaky, needy, moody and immature and after all that, we still expect family to love us. If you adopt this attitude with your marriage, you will fail at making your husband love you again. Flirt with him, make him feel sexy and masculine, get him to open the pickle jar when you know you can do it yourself. Learn to need him and he will realize how much he needs you!

Whether you are still together and having problems or you are already seperated and want to save your marriage… the next step is absolutely crucial! Don’t make the mistake of saying or doing something that will kill your chances of getting back together with your spouse. Find out what you need to do to give your marriage a second chance and emotionally reconnect with your spouse again.

How To Pull Your Ex Boyfriend BacK After A Breakup – Effective Ways To Recapture His Heart

How To Pull Your Ex Boyfriend BacK After A Breakup – Effective Ways To Recapture His Heart

When is a breakup, not a breakup? It is when you know effective ways to recapture your ex boyfriends heart. If you do not allow your heart to rule your head, you can turn what could be the end of your relationship into a rosy future with the man you love. This will happen if you learn how to pull your ex boyfriend back after a breakup.

Notice I said pull him back after a breakup, not force him to come back. That is where so many women make a mistake. If you try to stay in his face so he won’t forget you and find someone else, you will be forcing him. If you constantly call, email and send text messages saying you cannot live with out him, you are forcing him.

But if you ignore him, accept the breakup and move on, you will be gradually pulling your ex boyfriend back. By not having any contact with him at all, you will show him your strength and maturity. This will gain a lot more respect from your ex than acting needy and desperate would do. By breaking up with you, he is saying he no longer needs you in his life. By ignoring him and moving on you are showing him you can live without him.

This might sound like you are creating a situation where nobody wins, but it will be a winner for you. Men cannot stand to be ignored or rejected. This is because of his huge ego and pride. By not chasing him and trying to get him back, you are telling him you are over him. When a man thinks he is not wanted, especially by an ex girlfriend it drives him crazy.

Male psychology will tell you that the fastest way to get a man to chase you is to act like you are not interested in him. If you spend more time with your family  and go out with your friends, he will see that you have other interests in your life. Hearing of you out having fun and other guys hitting on you will make him see he is close to losing you.

All of these actions will be pulling your ex boyfriend back, but to recapture his heart for good, you need to disappear. Take a trip and visit relatives and friends in another city. When he realizes that you are missing, he will think you might have run away with one of the guys that was hitting on you. This will make your ex boyfriend see how much he needs you in his life. Instead of pulling him back, your ex will come running back to you.

H L Archer is well versed in the field of romantic relations having helped many people over the years to solve problems of dating, strained marital relations, divorce, dating after divorce and surviving after a relationship breakup. He would like to extend a helpful hand to you and any others that may be struggling with a romantic relationship.

You are invited to visit his blog.

Is There Such Thing As A Remedy For A Broken Heart

Is There Such Thing As A Remedy For A Broken Heart

Being left alone with a broken heart is the saddest feeling anyone can experience. No one enjoys the pain that seems to accompany a break up. The more you cared for and loved the other person, the more a break up tends to hurt. Unfortunately, there is no simple solution or remedy for a broken heart. Does this mean you are destined to feel agony and hurt for the rest of your life? No, of course not. You will not be doomed to feel isolated, depressed, and not want to go anywhere or do anything. There are some steps that can help you get over your broken heart.  

The following are some of the steps which you should take to easily deal with all the pains and hurts that you are feeling deep within your heart. While they’re certainly not an instant remedy for a broke heart, if you keep them in mind and with the passage of some time, you should be able to feel better.

1. Control Your Emotions

It is just pretty normal that your emotions after the break up are so intense that you lose control of yourself. There are actually times when you curse the person whom you loved, especially if they were responsible for the break up. Thus, you have to learn how to control your emotions so that you can be sure that you can easily recover from the break up.  

It is to be expected that your emotions go on a roller coast ride for a while. There is nothing wrong with feeling sad, angry, depressed, etc…The problem comes when you let those emotions take control of your life. If you need to feel sad or cry, then do it; however, force yourself to stop after a few minutes. If you can take control of your emotions, you will be able to get over the break up, easier and faster.

2. Learn To Accept

Try to take an “Everything happens for a reason” attitude. You just have to accept the ending of your relationship with your significant other. Besides, God, fate, destiny, whichever you believe in; probably has a better plan for your love life that you don’t even know about. It may be hard to believe this now, but if this wasn’t your first relationship, then you know that you can find happiness again, because you’ve already done it at least once. If you don’t learn to accept that it is over, you will only keep re-opening the emotional wounds.   

3. Let Go and Move On

Letting go and moving on goes hand in hand. Hence, once you are certain that you have let go of the romantic bond with your significant other, you can move on and start your new better life. After all, breaking up with your significant other is not the end of your world.

Indeed, you can still get rid of the feeling of sadness after the break up even if there is no remedy for a broken heart. You simply have to put into action the aforementioned steps so that you can recover and start a new life. It may take some time, but don’t let it ruin your life.  Take the good from the relationship, learn from the bad, and move on. > Here you will find real expert relationship advive.

Proven Ways of Mending a Broken Heart

Proven Ways of Mending a Broken Heart

Unfortunately, relationships, even the ones you thought were going smoothly, can come to an abrupt end. While truly caring about someone and loving them is great and a source of pleasure, when the relationship is over it can be a huge source of pain, sorrow, and a broken heart. If the break up is recent, you may not believe it, but there are things you can do to begin mending a broken heart.

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill, potion, lotion, or method for instantly mending a broken heart. It is imperative that you understand this. After a break up, there will be times when your emotions are going to be up, down, sideways, diagonal, and every other way, but right.  

In fact, you’ll probably experience combination’s of emotions you never thought possible. One example is anger and sadness mixed together. You’ll find that sometimes your emotions can change at the drop of a hat. You’ll be feeling fine, laughing one minute, the next you’ll be really sad, even crying. The most important thing you have to realize is that it all seems bleak and dark now. However, as time presses on, things will get better.  

It is critical that you try to reign in your emotions. Does this mean you should bottle up your emotions? No, absolutely not. However, it does mean that you shouldn’t let your sadness, anger, depression, or any other emotion control you for long periods of time. If you’re feeling sad, allow yourself to have a “pity party” for a maximum of 15 minutes. Then, say to yourself “Okay, that’s enough. It’s time to stop.”

Mending a broken heart is also going to require you to try and stay busy. If you give your mind a lot of idle time to think, it will probably want to think about your break up. This isn’t good. Try to keep your mind and body active. You probably won’t feel like doing this very much, but its important.  Go somewhere, do something, try to drag friends along. Tell them to not let you talk about the break up. Try not to sit around the house and do nothing. That’s the worst thing you can do.

Falling in love is usually the easy part. Mending a broken heart is not. That’s just one of the cruel realities of life. Everything has an equal and an opposite. The wonderful, uplifting, feelings you get from being in love, are the exact opposite to the miserable, depression and sadness, that go along with a break up. Time, an active lifestyle, happy thoughts, and good friends will get you through this tough time. > More proven ways of mending a broken heart can be found right here.

How To Mend A Relationship, Heal A Broken Heart, And Rekindle Love

How To Mend A Relationship, Heal A Broken Heart, And Rekindle Love

Relationships fracture and fall apart for many reasons, but there are common denominators in all break ups. One or both of you feels that you have been misunderstood, hurt, betrayed or unappreciated. So to mend marriage, friendship, or any romantic relationship, you must have a willingness to step back, just for a time, from all the hurt and begin to look at things from a different perspective. Reacting to a broken heart with pure emotion is not going to help you when you are trying to figure out how to mend a relationship, rekindle your passion or how to mend a broken heart.

The place to start is with yourself! Taking a close look at your part in any break up is crucial to beginning the healing process, because you are the only one you can really change and seeing your part clearly is the first step to saving a relationship. Taking the time to focus on yourself may feel strange at first, but it’s not so difficult, you just have to put your ego aside and take a walk in the other persons shoes. Think back to the little things that happened in your relationship. How did you make the other person feel? Be as honest as you can and you will find that empathy and understanding for another person’s feelings is a very powerful thing. How to mend a relationship? You mend a relationship with love.

The next step is to reconnect. With a fresh perspective you can begin the process of rebuilding trust and intimacy. Not too fast, and not with pleading, begging or tears, but with the intent to build a better relationship. When working on how to mend a love that has been broken, it is best to start at the beginning so that you don’t jump back into the patterns that broke you up in the first place. Talk on the phone, but not for hours, meet for coffee and find common ground. If the spark is still there, then your passion will soon burst into flames!

There is always hope when you are sincerely trying to discover how to save a relationship because the passion that brought you together is usually only dimmed by hurt feelings and needs that weren’t met. That can all change where there is a willing heart, understanding, and desire. Never underestimate the power of forgiveness and understanding. Seek help, stay focused, and the chances very good that love can and will be saved. Mend it don’t end it!

You can mend your relationship! Find help and guidance and learn all you need to know about how to mend it, not end it at: Join the discussion at: